Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti taunting Aarti. Kaushalya cries and says I wish Shivam comes and makes us rid of her. Shanti says its your mistake, Shivam filled sindoor in her maang as you were after his marriage, Amit had left her, we would have got rid of her before itself. She calls Amit. She sees him in Golu’s house balcony and asks him to come down fast. Amit comes and greets her. She asks are you staying in Golu’s house. He says you made me leave, Ashok kicked me out, so I had to stay here. She slaps him and says Golu broke your marriage, he is dangerous. He says yes, he threatened me about my job. Shanti says how dare he making you servant, I will see him.

Amit says wait, don’t do this. She says you have to do my work. Amit asks what. She says find Charni’s first husband. Amit

asks him to ask her. She slaps him and says she was telling me, she changed mind and burnt the paper. She gives him note and says you have to find out. He asks the name. She says Ajay, I heard her saying this. He asks what, tell me surname. She says I don’t know. He says fine, I will find out. She says I can’t tolerate this girl now. He says I will find out fast. She says I will wait for your call and goes. He says I have to find this Ajay, Preeti and Shanti want info, I will give them info for money and buy a gift for Rani.

Preeti waits for someone. A man comes and asks do I look hero. She laughs. She shows Aarti’s pic and asks him to tease her. Preeti fools Aarti by acting to talk to pandit. She tells Pari that coconut chadava at some temple will fulfill wishes. Pari says I will come tomorrow. Preeti says pandit said today’s mahurat is good. Pari says we will go tomorrow. Aarti thinks maybe Lord helps me. Shanti gets angry seeing Pari and Preeti. She asks them to go and help Kaushalya.

Golu comes to police station. Amit says I m finding about Charni’s ex husband. Golu asks what did you say. Amit says my family is worried and want to know why did Charni’s ex husband leave her. Golu says its good if past is past, if you try to find anything, I will not leave you, we have no right to dig her past. Amit says I explained family, they don’t understand, I will go.

Amit calls Shanti and says I could not find anything, I think we should hire private detective, I need money. Shanti says fine, I will give you money. He says fine. He calls Preeti and asks for money to do her work. Preeti agrees to get info about Charni. She sees Charni going out and says it will be fun now.

Aarti prays in temple and wishes her devotion does not break. The ladies taunt her for cheating Shanti’s family. Aarti stays silent. Pari and Preeti come to the temple and see Aarti. Preeti calls the man Rajender and asks him to tease Aarti. Rajender stops Aarti and teases her. Preeti and Pari look on. Aarti says leave my hand. Chandra comes there. He sees Aarti in trouble. He makes him away. He scolds Rajendra. He says you were teasing a woman, who is like Devi, she is Durga and Kaali too, Sati and Sita too. He takes Aarti home.

Pari and Preeti come home. Pari tells about Aarti meeting her old lover. Shanti sees the pics and prays Charni gets out of home. Chandra gets Aarti nd says its not her mistake, a bad man was misbehaving with her, I reached there on time and saved her, women are not safe even in temples. Preeti thinks from where did he come there. He goes for dhyaan. Shanti asks Pari and Preeti to go and do dhyaan as well. She says if Chandra knows anything, he will surely tell Tau ji, he will send me to mental asylum. Kaushalya says do something fast. Shanti says Amit will find her husband, Charni won’t be here for much days. Amit talks to constable about finding Aarti’s husband. They leave. Aarti tells Nimmi that everything is happening because of her. Preeti sees them together and runs downstairs. She hides and whistles. Shanti sees Preeti and asks why are you whistling. Preeti says no, I came to see who is whistling, that man was whistling. Shanti sees Aarti and Nimmi in balcony and gets angry.

A man comes and says I m Aarti’s husband Ajay. Aarti gets shocked. Shanti asks Aarti to see her husband has come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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