Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Riya to come with him on a date, he wants to give her treat for her victory in competition and he is missing her. Sarla calls Ashok and asks him to come home fast. Nimmi thinks what story is Pari telling to Dadi. She gets tensed. Kaushalya asks her to go and take rest. Nimmi goes to Shanti’s room and hears Pari telling lie about Vyom’s death, happened because of Nimmi. Nimmi gets inside the room and says Pari is lying, the truth is Pari and Vyom had an affair, Sujeev got to know this and angrily shot Vyom. Pari asks her why is she lying. Nimmi says I m saying just the truth. Shanti looks at them.

Ashok comes home and asks Sarla what was so imp that she called him. Sarla gets nervous and laughs. She says I had to talk about marriage. She asks him to

marry Nirmala. He asks what. She say I have given you to Nirmala and taken money from her, I did the deal. He asks her how could she do this, you have such small thinking, I will not marry Nirmala. Nirmala, Amit and Rani hear all the conversation. Ashok leaves.

Shanti asks Pari is Nimmi saying true. Pari says why would I marry Sujeev if I loved Vyom, Nimmi is lying. Shanti says yes I know, Pari loved Sujeev, else she would have run away with Vyom, not Sujeev. She asks Nimmi not to have enmity in heart against Pari. Nimmi says I m saying right. Shanti says all children are equal for me, I can’t bear all this, there can’t be anything between Vyom and Pari, how will Vyom get soul peace. Nimmi cries and leaves. Shanti stops Riya and asks her not to go after Nimmi, I know very well how to handle all this, go and work. Riya and Kaushalya leave.

Shanti asks Pari to keep some money till she finds a job. Pari acts and says I don’t want. Shanti says don’t be hesitant, take it. Pari says mummy did not get any clothes for me. Shanti says these clothes are also fine, and asks her to buy clothes from roadside. Pari thinks Shanti is also miser. She says I think I should get job, mummy said right, all are not lucky. Shanti says don’t say this, Nimmi and you have good fate, don’t go, have food and take food for Sarla too. Pari hugs Shanti.

Nirmala packs her bag. Sarla and Amit stop Nirmala. Nirmala says I would have got married till now. Sarla promises Nirmala that she will get her married to Ashok in any way, if he refuses, I will break my marriage, I promise. Rani asks Sarla what are you doing. Sarla takes kerosene with her and locks the room. Rani asks Amit to save Sarla, if she does anything then. Sarla says I will sit inside fire round and make Ashok agree to marry Nirmala. Rani asks Amit to break the door. Amit takes it light. Rani asks Amit did he go mad. Sarla says when Ashok comes, tell him I died taking his name.

Pari goes to Preeti and asks why did you not come in competition, I missed you, I asked Nimmi, she did not reply, I wanted you to marry Vyom, I heard Nimmi telling her friend that she was in love with Vyom and wanted to marry him, so she helped you run away. Preeti asks why will Nimmi do this. Pari lies to her. Preeti cries. Pari acts sweet and says don’t cry, Shanti gave me money, keep 100 rs. Riya looks on and thinks is Pari brainwashing Preeti. She asks them to come and have food. Pari says come Preeti, lets see everyone loves Nimmi or you.

Nirmala asks Rani to call Ashok, Sarla is great lady and doing all this for you both, to give you a good life. Sarla says I will blame Ashok and Rani for my death. Nirmala says open the door. Sarla asks her to take care of her family after her death. Kaushalya asks Riya not to keep her plate, I m not hungry. Riya asks why, I have a solution. She gives Nimmi’s plate and says your way is always wrong, but thinking is good, I can’t cheat Shanti. Riya says its not cheating, we can give simple food and good food to Nimmi. Kaushalya refuses. Riya thinks I will do anything, but not let Nimmi eat simple food.

Shivam calls Riya and talks sweetly. She tells him that she can’t see Nimmi’s state, and she will steal food to give to Nimmi. He thanks Riya for doing this for Nimmi. He talks romantic. She says I have to say something imp, Pari was giving money to Preeti, so I decided something.


Shanti cries and feeds Nimmi the plain food with her hands. Preeti and Paru look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amit ko sirf paiso se matlab hai. Ab pari preeti ke dimaag mein zeher bharegi. Precap mein dadi ka nimmi ke liye pyaar is quite emotional.

  2. i am ashwariya khare from vishkanya in laast episode of vishkanya i will not die iwill kill veda and then malay will with me and we will live happily ever and that chipkali will go to hell

  3. Hi roz how are you dear friend I’m really miss you so much I miss noori also

    1. Hai Jaz,,,,,,,, 😀 Happy to see ur comment after a long tym,,,,I too missed u…….

  4. I think right now its pari track and I hope this time she will be exposed or else it will be useless to watch this show and sarla too she is so stupid now ashok gona marry nirmala and she loose him hahahahaha I hope it happen

  5. Bad cvs, bad, director,bad ph, bad writers, bad SERIAL, bad,STAR PLUS,

  6. I see they’re back with the crap again. Wtf is wrong with Shanti? she says she loves Raghav then why can’t she love her own grandkids? I could partly understand her not liking Riya because she felt Riya was an outsider or something but how can you want to destroy the lives of your own grandkids? The same kids you saw and probably helped grow up?

  7. Is vyom dead? Why hasn’t anyone gone to hospital to find out and about sujeev. Why are they showing as if he’s died without even showing his body? At least end the track properly if vyom is dead instead of believing pari. Only sujeev, vyom and nimmi know the truth.

    1. it can’t be possible for sujeeve to help nimmi as he quite but this time I hope Riya will help nimmi to expose pari as she has stated to suspect her

    2. May be like some stupid serals this bakwaas serial will also bring back Vyom after 6 months.

      Like that they will bring back tge so called dumbo father Raghav from the busy streets of Delhi.
      Who knows what those idiotic director and story writers thinking. Why dont thwy show some progress in Ria, Shivam, Nimmi’s life..and teach some lessons to Preeti and Pari.

  8. i thing pari ko kuch jiyada hi smart dekh jata hai but wo is show ko aur down kar rahi hai

  9. Nice episode. Always giving food to Sarla…..LOL!

  10. If u all do not like this show then why are u all watching it..?? Atleast if u all do not like this show then at least don’t say bad things about the directors and writers

  11. Salley145

    Hi jaz, can we be friends

    1. Hi salley yeah of course but I left the show I’m not watching this crap show some time I read update bcuz heroin ki koyi value nahi hain is show mein ek dam bakwas story hain srif shanthi sarla pari ku hi focus dethe hain is liye mein ye show dekh na ban kar dya salley come to yhm show update comments par you can join us a friend

  12. It’s time the makers show that gud prevail over can’t always show pari,sarla Ashanti some spirit in kaushalya,and where is raghav? Also what happened to the sharmili twin locked in the house? The writers forget the tracks

  13. You cannot ask those some of the logical questions like. Keep your brain away while watching the serials. They should add it to the Disclaimer :-O
    1. why no one go and look for Vyom’s body, even brilliant Shanthi didn’t go and look for it.
    2. Where is Papa ji (Raghav)
    3. Not even a single call from him, don’t know whether they informed their SIL’s death.
    4. Where is the locked women.
    5. What’s Sujeev’s condition currently.
    Between the good message from Kousalya to Ria was awesome. We always pray god to Give others. Not for begging. It was indeed a good message, that’s what I wish from my childhood and my wish fulfilled.

  14. Where is the head of the house raghav???? how come the house is running without him? wedding of shivam is organized and nimmi husband dies, still the family head is missing. If raghav is not available atleast put a replacement in his place or kill him too and make kushia a widow. Three widows in a house running Shanti Sadan

    How come no one is involved in doing the rituals of vyom death??? Is vyom really dead? And no one bothered to go to Nimmi inlaw’s house and check what really has happened. No police investigation is done.

    Shanti always gives importance to her daughter family. she never trust / believe her son family. The show should go in a balancing way not always inclining towards the negative end.
    Very disappointing to see the most famous dramatic show going down.


    Can we ever get to see the this. Its been one year that the serial has begun…it is not Riya who would bring change in Srivastavs but Riya heraelf has changed like Donkey Kusiyaa..

    Shame on directors who can’t show the actual theme of the serial.

  16. Ashima Bansal

    Its all bullshit.I have never seen such boring,useless and story less,meaningless serial before.really the writer should put himself in garbage bin.

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