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Mere Angne Mein 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti talking Sarla to her home, to make a list. She makes her note the list, about 10 tola gold chain, and many more gold gifts of 10 tola necklaces. She writes for 50 tola for Riya to wear gold, and few lakhs of money. Sarla thinks she will take 5 lakhs and tell 3 lakhs to Shanti. Shanti asks her to tell Anupam to print the cards. Sarla laughs. Sarla hides about Amit and Shivam’s confusion. Shanti gets Raghav’s call and says I will go home. She leaves. Pari’s BF drops her and she asks him to call her tomorrow. Rani sees her and gets shocked. She smiles and Pari turns to her. Pari gets stunned. Rani taunts her about the rich guy. Pari says he is just friend.

Pari goes to her home. Rani smiles. Kaushalya asks Preeti to take leave from office, as its Amit’s

marriage and she can’t do all work alone. Shivam comes with many gifts and clothes for Kaushalya and sisters. Kaushalya cries and says its best saree for her, as its from his earnings. He gives his sister’s gifts and says he got clothes for Raghav and Shanti too. He gives her the commission money and she cries. She asks him to give it to Dadi, she will be more happy than me. He asks her to keep it for once. She takes it and says Raghav will be very happy. He gets a call and says he will go and come in some time. She smiles seeing the saree.

Anupam brings his wife’s bridal dress for Riya and cries recalling his wife. Riya consoles him and talks about her mum. She says love is very imp and I will take you with me, I m sure no one will have problem there, else I will fight with everyone. She makes him laugh and hugs him. Shanti comes home and sees Kaushalya with the new saree. Preeti and Nimmi come wearing new dresses. Shanti gets angry and throws the saree Shivam got for her, asking for Sarla’s saree. Raghav comes home and the saree falls in his feet. He looks at them.

Shanti says Shivam gave his commission to Kaushalya ad she did all the shopping. Raghav asks Kaushalya. Kaushalya says he gave me commission to give it to Shanti. Nimmi says he has got designer sarees for Sarla too. Shanti takes Kaushalya’s saree and says she will give it to Sarla. Kaushalya says Shivam got this saree foe the first time. Shanti gives her the saree and says she will buy one for Sarla. Raghav says no, take this one and asks Kaushalya to give it. Raghav gives the commission to Shanti. Kaushalya keeps the empty envelope and hugs it, being happy. Shanti takes all the money and gives one note to Kaushalya, asking Nimmi to take pic.

Sarla calls Anupam and asks him to come and meet her, she is worried and wants to discuss something. He says he will come. Riya gets roses at office and tells Bunty that Shivam loves her a lot. Bunty gets confused. Riya reminds that she will prove Shivam’s love today. She asks Bunty to dial her number. Riya acts like talking to some Jai, and makes him jealous, saying she got his roses and she likes it. Shivam asks Bunty about Jai, is he just friend. She asks is he jealous, after their connection now. He says he is not jealous and goes to his seat. Bunty smiles.

Shanti asks Preeti to iron clothes well. Kaushalya asks her can she get any matching set for her. Shanti allows her. Nimmi brings her list and Shanti laughs. She makes Nimmi wear a saree and asks her to see how it looks, and will her slipper be seen if she wears saree, and cuts the sandal request from the list. Bunty asks Riya to end acting now, Shivam is jealous. Riya says please some what more, and acts infront of Shivam. She asks Bunty to come with her in evening, she wants to buy flowers and a blue shirt for Jai. They smile. Shivam looks on.

Nimmi asks Shanti for some money to make a saree for Kaushalya and Shanti refuses. She asks Kaushalya to get saree from her maayka. Riya says Bunty, Shivam has got upset, I m feeling bad. Bunty laughs on her love story. Sarla welcomes Anupam and says she is worried, the marriage mahurat is in 4 days. He says how will we manage so soon. She says it will be done, and convinces him. She sees Ashok coming home. Ashok sits with them. Sarla says Ashok is my husband and Anupam is Riya’s dad. Ashok greets Anupam. Sarla asks Ashok to sit inside, he will get unwell. Ashok asks what happened to me. Sarla says his Bp get high. Ashok says BP…. Sarla says yes, come with me and takes him in room. He asks when did I get BP, let me talk to Anupam. She asks him not to talk and save respect. He says he will not come in marriage if she says.

Shivam recalls Riya’s words and gets jealous of Jai. He goes to the roses and tries seeing the name. Riya and Bunty look on and smile. He throws the roses in bin and Riya laughs. They hide from Shivam’s sight. Bunty says Riya’s idea was super hit. Riya says few things can just be felt and smiles.

Shivam comes to Riya’s home at night, while it rains. She feels his presence and goes out to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivam get jealous……
    It’s interesting

  2. shanti is so irritating

  3. Whats Shanti’s secret? She’s so slim and in shape after eating so much and not doing any work, only part she moves in her body is her mouth. Probably all the venom inside burns up all food.

  4. Horrible show…cancel it please its not only depressing to watch a show with spineless characters but even worse to see something like this get any positive reviews

  5. This must be the longest wedding peeparation ever with sarla robbing shivams parents moneywise n jewellary, taking over his room n in the end this will backfire as shivam will be the groom n shanti will be sorted by buaji

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