Mere Angne Mein 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam and everyone getting shocked seeing the tiger. Shivam is taken by the men. Shanti and Riya say they will not let this happen. Riya asks shall we call police. Shanti says no need, I have my weapon. She shows the red chilli powder and asks Riya to talk as foreigner, put this chilli in their eyes. Riya goes to the guard and greets him. He aims gun at her and asks her to go. Riya puts chilli powder in his eyes. Shanti and Pari beat him. Shanti asks Riya to go and find Shivam. Riya runs to Shivam and sees him caged. Riya cries seeing him.

Shivam gets shocked seeing Shanti there. Shanti says you came to fight with tiger, I will take you home and take your class. She asks Pari to signal them if there is danger. Shanti gets the keys. Shivam says if you touch this

door, alarm will ring, they will catch us, this watch has tracking device, they will find my location. Shanti says throw it. He says its not easy, we have to cut this watch.

Shanti tells her plan. She asks Shivam to make alarm ring many times, and then people will stop coming getting irritated of fake alarms, then open the bars and come out, we are waiting outside. He likes the idea. Riya gives him the keys. Shanti asks Shivam to come, and take care.

Tilu asks Kaushalya why is she running before marriage. Shanti Prasad says you have to tie her after marriage, Raghav’s wife is running away. Sarla smiles. Shanti Prasad asks his goons to keep an eye on everyone. He asks Rani and Nimmi to make Kaushalya ready. Kaushalya cries. She folds hands. Shanti Prasad asks her to do what she says. Shivam raises fake alarms again and again, as per Shanti’s idea. He then uses the key to get freed. Nimmi and Rani take Kaushalya. Sarla asks why are you crying. Nimmi says you and Amit are responsible for all this, you got Pramod’s proposal and then got big order, Amit framed Shivam in fight, you are doing this intentionally. Sarla asks why will I want this. Nimmi says you always want bad for us, you are big grahan of this house. Sarla slaps Nimmi and says you are saying a lot.

The men see Shivam gone and look for him. Shanti, Shivam, Riya and Pari run away. Shivam says they can trace me by this watch. Shanti cuts the watch by using coconut cutter. The manager asks his men to find Shivam in any way. Shanti asks Shivam to come fast. Pari asks what will we do of Pramod. Shanti says we will save him for our family sake. She calls kidnappers and asks where to come to get the guy. Shivam says I know that market. Shanti and everyone leave.

Sarla says Nimmi is frustrated as her relation did not happen with Pramod, and is Shivam small kid, he made contract with Shanti Prasad and went with his wife, I m not Grahan, these three children of this house are are grahan, Preeti did acting again and again, Nimmi and Shivam snatched the peace, what did I do. Kaushalya asks Sarla to stop it now, don’t curse us more, pray that everything gets fine. Sarla says what will get fine now, if Shanti does not get Pramod, don’t know what will Shanti Prasad do. Kaushalya and Nimmi cry. Kaushalya asks Rani to do makeup to her fast.
Shanti, Riya, Pari and Shivam reach the market to save Pramod. Dhoom machale….plays……. Shanti takes the money bag for kidnappers. The kidnappers leave Pramod. They hear police siren. Shanti takes the bag back. They all run. Goon fools them. Shanti falls down. Shivam holds her. Pari sees some foreigner similar to Shanti, and calls her Nani. She says Nani is in disguise. The lady says this little girl needs help and goes. Pari gets caught by the goons and asks them to leave her. She shouts for help. Shanti and everyone get caught. Shanti pays the money and gets Pari freed. She holds Pramod and takes him aside. She says you cheated me a lot, even then I saved you from the goons, go to your father now. Riya says I want to go Moghalsarai soon, come, where is Dadi ji. The goons aim gun at Shanti. Shanti curses the goons.

The manager asks Shivam to get ready for the fight, else the old woman will be dead. Shivam goes to fight with the tiger. Riya screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what how cruel A man fighting with Tiger aisa kabhi hota hein kya.Nonsense!!!!

  2. I think now shanti will ask Riya to leave Shivam as per spoiler.

  3. I think they have no other story that why they doing this Hong Kong track which in unbearable because shant free shant Prasad son and he even didn’t thank her what kind of person he is and she trapped in to it and shant Prasad crossings all the limit he can what a bullshit and sarla is happy wow the enemy’s is the house so why need outsiders, stange this whole kidnapping track is boring I hope soon they end this boring track and get normal livings track

  4. Think when shanti comes back she’ll know what her daughters really like and how much she thinks of her family. Hopefully she’ll be back before this so-called wedding takes place. If only the tiger fight didn’t happen as Shivam saved the Cubs of the tiger.

    Show sarla her place once and for all shanti.

  5. Looks like a grim fairy tale for children, not a story for intelligent adults. Fighting with a tiger? Death Contract? Really? Does Shiva know how to read? Did he read his contract before signing it? Or is he supposed to be a complete moron who knows how to sign his name but nothing else? And the portrayal of Raghab as an impotent onlooker while his wife is being grabbed for pleasure simply destroys any credibility for the storyline. Please, please, keep the story somewhat rational, not totally bizarre.

  6. Can anyone tell me in which episode shivam saved tiger’s cubs in Zoo I guess I have missed that episode.Please!!!!!

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