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Mere Angne Mein 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi and Preeti coming to Shivam and Riya. Nimmi tells Riya that bad happened with her, but Raghav did not go against Shanti till now, its big thing. Preeti asks her not to feel guilty and come. Nimmi says Raghav is worried and sitting outside Shanti’s room. Riya says I will try to make things fine my way.

Shanti sees Riya in her room. Riya asks what happened, you challenged me, you lost. Like I made you do Sarla’s visarjan, I will get your visarjan done too, you can’t do anything. Your son did not support you and made you stay in this room all alone. Riya disappears. Shanti gets restless and tensed. She cries.

Shanti comes out of her room and sees her family. She scolds Riya and asks her to run the house as per her wish. As Raghav does not like me

running home, I did all mistakes in Shanti Sadan, look what Shivam wanted to do, I did not allow Shivam to run sports shop, I did mistake to make him work in office, I ruined his life, Kaushalya is under my control, I did not let Nimmi become fashion designer, I felt she is smart and can become lecturer, Preeti did not like studies and stammers, she is scared, I felt to make her work and she can go ahead, but she went ahead in love, and my biggest mistake is I got Riya in this house, Riya changed her groom infront of the world, I made her marry Shivam. Raghav says I did not say all this, you always took right decisions. Shanti argues angrily.

She says no drama happened before Riya coming, everyone made this Shanti Sadan, forgive me Raghav, I ruined your children’s lives. Raghav asks her not to say this. Shanti says I did mistakes always, when my husband died, I did not cry on his dead body, I had two little children, I had to raise them. She says I did not fulfill anyone’s dreams and cries. She says I did Sarla’s visarjan and did not let her come inside home, I supported Preeti, I made Riya give Agnipariksha to tell world that Riya is right and won our trust, I did not doubt on her character, Riya has seen world more than me, so Riya will manage this house from today. She throws the keys to Riya and says she will be responsible for this Angne. She will sit on this swing and pushes Riya on the swing. They all look on shocked.

Shanti tells Riya that you will be fed up managing the house, you will come back to return keys to me, but I won’t take it. Riya says I don’t want this. Raghav says she is immature, she did not do this to take keys. Shanti says she is not a kid, I have seen her smartness. Kaushalya tells Shanti that you are doing wrong, and cries. Shanti says its time for change, Kaushalya will go to Riya to take money. Riya will give answers to every question on Shanti Sadan from today. Raghav says listen Amma… Shanti says now I don’t have strength to fight with you, I don’t need anyone. She goes.

Sharmili asks Pari to come for checkup. Pari makes excuse and refuses. Sharmili says fine, we will go to Sujeev to give this good news to him, he will be happy. Pari says yes, but I heard we should not say anyone till 3 months, I will rest. She goes. Sharmili tells Mama that Pari is doing drama. Mama asks what if she is really pregnant. Sharmili says no, it will be big problem if she has Vyom’s child. Mama says what will we tell Sujeev, I m scared. She says we have to bring out the truth, come.

Kaushalya asks Shanti to open the door and cries. Riya says I can’t take these keys, keep it, I m not capable. Kaushalya gives it back to her and says you are given this responsibility, run the house as per your wish, and be happy. Raghav asks Kaushalya what are you saying. She says let women solve this matter. I m not accepting Amma’s decision, and asks Shivam not to tell anything. Riya says I just wanted everyone to live freely. Kaushalya says what freedom, ask everyone, we all are free. She scolds Riya for not understanding Shanti. She tells Shivam that his wife always raised questions on this house, now Riya has to run this house. She asks her not to sit on the swing, just Shanti will sit on it. She cries and leaves. Shivam thinks Maa respects and loves Dadi a lot, she is still supporting Dadi.

Sharmili and Mama are worried. Mama cries missing his wife. Sharmili scolds him. Shivam tells Nimmi that mum and Dadi love each other. Nimmi says I m happy that Riya got the keys. He says I don’t know whats happening, right or wrong, I know one thing, what Maa did is not wrong. Nimmi says I think its all perfect now, Riya Bhabhi should be glad, mummy always feels Shanti is right, don’t take her tension, now Dadi gave you keys, take it as challenge and prove to everyone that you can run home well. Riya says whats the need of this challenge, everyone is upset all because of me, I did not wish this to happen.

Riya asks Shivam to return keys to Dadi. Nimmi says no need, we are all are with you, we will help you, I trust you, you will manage home better than Dadi. Shivam gives the keys back to Riya. Shanti cries and says Riya will not be able to manage house, no one stopped me, its just Kaushalya who is supporting me, she feels I m Lord and can’t be wrong, I will see how Riya manages house, I will see how her modern thinking stands infront of my old mindset.

Raghav comes to room and talks to Kaushalya. He asks her to help Riya. She says no, let her run house as Amma wants this. He asks why is she dragging this issue. She says I m not angry on Riya, Amma and I won’t get insulted any more. He asks will you not be hurt if Riya fails. She says I know what to do, I will take care of Riya, but not stand with her. He asks her to keep family united, else house will break, I request. She says I know what to do.

Sarla and Rani wait for Amit. Amit comes home. Sarla asks Rani to be away. Rani says I should know everything about Amit. Sarla scolds her and takes Amit to talk. Sarla tells everything to Amit, what happened at Shanti Sadan and how Raghav supported Riya.

Nimmi tells Riya that dinner should be cooked before 8pm, make a schedule as drama can start again. Shivam asks Riya to please Shanti, so that things get fine, Dadi is hurt and crying. Riya agrees. Nimmi tells Riya that I will help you, I know everything about Shanti. Riya thanks her. Nimmi says you make Dadi’s fav food, and things will get normal. Riya says I m scared of Dadi, don’t know how will she react, when she gave me these keys, she said its crown of thorns, I will regret and return the keys to her. Shivam asks did Dadi say this. Riya says yes. Nimmi says Dadi says such lines always, be normal always. Shanti hears them.

Nimmi asks Riya to take Kaushalya’s help. Riya says fine, I will talk to Kaushalya. They all see Shanti behind and get tensed. Shanti asks Shivam will you be in kitchen as your wife is running home. He says no Dadi and leaves. Shanti asks why did you all get quiet seeing me, you all want me to leave house, tell me, I will go. Nimmi says no. Shanti says Nimmi will be happy, sing and dance. Shanti asks for water and goes. Riya goes after Shanti and stops her. She says sorry, why are you angry, I was thinking to make your fav food. Shanti gets angry and says you took keys from me, cook anything, get water Preeti, else I will ask neighbors. Preeti says I m getting it.

Shivam, Riya, Nimmi and Preeti see Shanti crying. Nimmi wishes Shanti comes out of room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The most irritating character ever: kaushalya:p

  2. Kaushalya khota donkey

  3. That moron. Lifeless donkey..senseless lady…worstest charecter in daily soaps is Kaushalya ..yaaak…sarla ans shanti are ipen villans..but this kushalya..pig is a hidden villan…all that she knows is to blame Riya for everything happening..n nonsense…Riya is blamed for changing groom and Sarla is forgiven for her conspiracy of making Amit superb.. Shivam not allowed to run sports shop..nimmi not allowed to become fashion designer and forced to get I to another profession or career and Shrivastavs call it as freedom..Wow bow I get to know the new meaning of FREEDOM…and Khushi pig says eveeyone is free..senseless mad creature…all that she wants is her nanad Sarla and her husband and her mothe in law Shanti to be happy…so that she can get a ggod name as good bahu….what a selfish charecter..serioulsy..I feel like putting hot boling water on kushis face for her sadism

  4. The hilarious part of this whole bs story is how people are so brainwashed that they cannot see anything else other than what they are brainwashed about. This ‘running the house’ crap, what is that all about. It is a house with 3 people earning and 7 people living. How hard can it be? What is the difficulty in “running this house”? How stupid people are. Forget about Kaushalya, at least she is brainwashed since she was so young. How can Shivam be that stupid. But at the end of the day no matter how stupid this show is, these kind of people, Kaushalya, Raghav, Shivam, Sarla etc are everywhere in India creating this kind of situation. I saw it with my own eyes.

  5. Riya akhir kar tume maoka mila hai ghar ka mahol change karne ka….shanti bebas lag rahi thi..sarla kab sudhrogi…kaushliya sab se morakh mahila hai

  6. What nonsense serial. This serial should make changes to the story or end the serial.
    This is 21 st Centurary these things are happening in india. These things never happened in Mahabharat time why now.
    Older people should be respected. To get respect who have to give respect others as well.. Whether you are old or young.
    my grandparents never behaved like this . They lived in India. Where are these stories coming from?

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