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Mere Angne Mein 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu making Preeti wear garlands. She takes his and Preeti’s pic and asks her to stand close as wife, and smile. He clicks pics and says there is another gift for you. He gets a stick and shows her. She screams. Sarla and Pari like the big bungalow. Bua asks their names. Sarla says I m Sarla, and she is Pari. Bua asks them to sit, she will get snacks. Bua calls Pramod and praises him. She introduces Pramod to Sarla and Pari. Sarla and Pari get glad meeting him. Kaushalya cries. Shanti asks what happened, why are you crying. Kaushalya says I felt bad seeing Preeti. Shanti says its not easy to become tough, see Shivam has come, he has much money these things, he got 2500rs, he said Riya gave it for Anupam’s medicines, si I thought to go and meet Anupam. Shivam stops

her and says I will go there. Shanti doubts on him.

Sarla compliments Pramod for house. He says I will arrange car to drop you. He says Pari is beautiful, you have maintained yourself and you don’t look like her mother. Sarla laughs and asks why did you get in politics when you are so good. He says its not bad, I want to serve society. Sarla says you talk so good, and acts sweet. She says we will leave now, this is my card. She shows the sweet piece she got from her purse.

Shanti says Nimmi always defends, we should have made her a lawyer, she argues well, I will go and meet Anupam. Nimmi says no. Riya comes home. Shanti says Riya has come herself. Riya says my dad is better now. Nimmi asks how are you. Riya says I m fine. She sees Shivam’s wound and asks whom did you meet now. Shanti says he is your Majnu and fought with someone, but these days he has money, why did you give him money. Shivam gets a call from Amit. Amit says match is fixed today evening, reach there. Shivam says I will just come. Shanti asks where are you going. He says I have imp work. Shanti thinks how did he get work, I have to find what work is he doing, I feel Riya knows it.

Sarla says oh, this is sweets, I got this to give it to poor, anyways I forgot my card, I will call you and give my number. Pari gives her number and says Pramod can call her, she will help him anytime. Pramod saves the number. Pari gets shy. Sarla says we know the way to home, we will leave. Sarla and Pari leave. Pramod and Bua smile. Sarla says why were you in hurry. Pari says I want to marry Pramod, he is handsome. Sarla asks her to remember, Sujeev is still alive. Pari says he is mad, I don’t want to remember him. Sarla says fine, you are unmarried by today, you have to change your look. Sarla says we will think well and do things.

Amit as Amita asks Lallan to get some things for her from market. Amit asks him to go Banaras. Lallan says its far. Amit says fine, no need to go now. Lallan says don’t get angry, else I will do shayari. Amit asks him to take Babloo, he will enjoy the trip. Lallan praises her for the big heart. Rani looks on. Amit says I m shy to say something. Lallan says don’t be shy, tell me. Amit says give me some money, I did not get cash from ATM, I need money.

Lallan says my money is yours, I will give you. Amit says no, I will return you. Rani thinks Amit is greedy. Lallan says I have just 2000rs. Amit takes it and says I will return it. Lallan goes. Amit says I got some peace. Rani argues and asks did you have an affair. Amit says no, I did not marry that lady. Rani asks again. Amit says yes, I had an affair, every man has affairs. He defends himself and says Babloo is not my son, I attended that lady’s marriage. Rani says fine, I will find out who is planning against you, if its your plan, I will not leave you. He says fine, if you find out, I will give you gift. He goes. She thinks to find out now.

Nandu applies ointment to his hand and says did you think I will beat you Preeti, I love you more than me, I will hurt myself, I will see till when you avoid me. Preeti argues and asks him not to think she will love him. He says I will try to make you mine. She says you can’t do this, this is my challenge. He accepts challenge.

Sarla says I understood that Pramod likes you Pari, but we need him to ruin Shanti Sadan’s peace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Preeti❤Nandu

    well done Nandu! show that spoiled brat her manners.

  2. where is today’s episode…15 mints passed and its not yet updated..

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