Mere Angne Mein 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya saying she will give food to Shanti and Sarla. Sarla thinks she won’t go from here till Raghav comes. The cart stops by jerk. Shivam was sleeping and falls on Raghav. Raghav holds him and puts his hand below Shivam’s head. He asks driver to drive slow. Riya smiles seeing them. Sujeev asks Sharmili about them cheque. Pari hears them. Sujeev makes another cheque as Sharmili lies to him. Pari goes and says I want moneys. Sujeev asks how much you want. Pari says 10-15 thousand. Sharmili asks what, so much, I will give you.

Preeti helps Kaushalya in kitchen. Pari tells Sharmili that she is Sujeev’s wife, I want to do something for him. She cries. Sujeev asks her to keep puja, and asks Sharmili to give her money. Sharmili says I will give later. Pari

says no, I want moneys from Sujeev’s hands, else puja will not be complete. Sujeev says fine and takes money from Sharmili. He gives money to Pari and asks her to do puja well. She thanks him. Sharmili asks Pari from which pandit will she call for puja, take me along, I will also come for puja. Sujeev says yes, take mummy. Pari says no, I kept special puja for Sujeev, I have to do it alone, I will take mummy next time. Sharmili reminds the morning puja they did, she got good Prasad, take me along. She leaves.

Shanti feeds Kaushalya to make Sarla jealous. Sarla cries and tells ladies that mum is making her jealous. Kaushalya does not eat and says Sarla did not eat till now. Shanti says do anything, you can give food to anyone. Sarla hears her and cries. She says she is here to meet Raghav, she will see him once and go, then she will not come again. Sarla tells Shanti that Riya can show her the same day too. Mama and Sharmili see the train accident news. Pari hears this and thinks was Mama ji in that train, I have to go out but how, as Sharmili is here. Ashok calls to know about Raghav and thanks the man knowing Raghav is alive. He cries happily and tells Sonal. Sarla gets hungry and buys guavas. She eats and Shanti looks on.

Sujeev gets romantic with Pari. Vyom comes there and sees them. He gets angry and leaves. Pari says I have to go for puja and asks Sujeev to leave her. Kaushalya shows the dished to Shanti. Shanti asks what happened to you. Kaushalya says I m cooking happily. Shanti says you are blushing. Kaushalya smiles. Shanti laughs teasing her and says you look beautiful. Kaushalya says its enough for today. Pari goes to stop Vyom and falls down. Vyom holds her and Sujeev comes. Sujeev holds her and asks Vyom to call doctor. Pari says I m fine, you carry on your work. Vyom goes. Pari says strange people here, they both are mad in my love, I have to find some solution.

Riya, Shivam and Raghav come home. Raghav sees Sarla sitting on the road. Kaushalya cries seeing him and hugs him. Everyone cry happily and hug him. Riya tells Shivam that we should do something to unite Sarla with family. Shivam asks her not to do anything and come. Shanti welcomes Raghav. Kashaula does his aarti. Shivam says Riya helped in finding Raghav. Raghav asks Shanti to call pandit. Shanti says yes, we will keep puja. He says not for puja, ask pandit to find proposals for Nimmi and Preeti, I have seen death closely, I won’t get same chance again. Shanti says nothing will happen, forget it. fine I will call pandit and find nice guys. They cry.

Kaushalya gets a call and man asks for Raghav. She gives phone to Raghav. The man says I m from HR department, there is enquiry on you, you were not with train staff at the accident spot, you have to come here. Raghav says I will come. He tells this to family. Shanti asks will they put this on your head. Raghav says nothing will happen, I did my work well, I will go. Shanti asks him to go. Amit comes home and goes to Sonal. He sees Rani getting ready and she gets hurt. He applies the ointment cream to her hand and she looks at him. Rani gets close to him. music plays……………

Amit moves her away. Rani says you are my husband, whats wrong. Sarla cries and they rush out to see. Amit asks Sarla why is she crying for her brother. Ashok scolds Amit a lot, and blames him. Amit argues and says I will not forget this, I have always supported Sarla, you have hurt her more. Shanti tells pandit that she has no problem in doing marriage early, if guy is nice. Riya says I will manage everything and tells Shanti that guy should be educated and have good job, if Preeti likes him, she will be happy. Shanti taunts Riya.

Preeti goes to room and cries. Nimmi pacifies her and says your marriage will not be so soon. Preeti worries. Mohit calls her and Nimmi talks to him. She says Preeti is sensitive and she is crying as Raghav came home. Preeti asks why did you not let me say. Nimmi says he will come outside our house now itself if you tell him. Riya goes to them and tells them not to worry, as Preeti’s marriage will happen only if Preeti likes the guy, and reminds her marriage. She says when dad knows you don’t like the guy, he will agree to your decision, stop crying and smile. Dad loves all of us a lot. Preeti hugs her and cries. Shanti looks on and thinks Riya is again with them, even after I did so much.

Raghav talks to Shati about Preeti’s marriage to keep it soon, and not wait for him. Preeti worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode……I like Riya ans preeti’s bond.Nice episode…..

  2. Preeti, I luv u so much from the depth of my heart…..
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