Mere Angne Mein 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Bunty calling Sahil and asking him to come back with sandal soon. Preeti comes to shop and asks for lock. The man says he does not have lock. Preeti thinks to buy lock secretly. Anupam says we will wait for Sahil. Preeti tells Nimmi that she did not get the lock and shows her the safe lock. Nimmi agrees. Amit asks his friends to wait for Jaimala. They give him gifts and envelops as they are getting late. Pari asks Amit for the envelops and keeps it. Amit argues. Pari sends Sonal to call Sarla. Nimmi and Preeti think about Shivam. Nimmi asks her fav song and sends Preeti. She sees the lock and smiles.

Shivam takes lift from a toy seller and sits on his cycle. The man says he knows Moghalsarai and takes him by shortcut. He asks Shivam whats his urgency. Shivam tells him

everything. Preeti talks to DJ and plays a song. Amit and Pari think why is music needed. Nimmi asks Pari to dance and starts dancing. Preeti goes to steal the lock. Raghav and Kaushalya see girls dancing and smile. Shanti is glad and asks Kaushalya to see. Ashok says let them dance. Shanti asks did I stop them. Nimmi sees Preeti got the lock and says I m tired now. Shanti stops Nimmi and says I know what you look you are not such.

Bua asks the man to arrange food well. Nimmi asks Preeti to go fast. Bunty calls Sahil and asks him to come fast. She asks Radha to handle by any excuse. Riya gets tensed. Shanti comes to Bua and hears Bua backbiting about her family. She argues with Bua and taunts that Riya did not come till now. Sarla gets worried seeing them fight. Kaushalya asks Sarla to stop them, as its about Amit’s marriage. Sarla says yes I forgot this, thanks. Shivam asks help from that man and the man says he will unite the lovers. Preeti goes to Riya’s room. Riya talks to Bunty. Preeti locks the room.

Sahil gets the sandal and Preeti leaves. Anupam says mahurat is passing, and they see the lock. Riya asks what happened. Anupam says its lock here. Riya says what and checks. She asks how did this happen. He says don’t worry, I will do something. Bua says she will get Riya. Sahil tells her that Riya’s room is locked. Nimmi smiles and lies to Shanti. Sarla asks anyone to open the lock. Preeti asks the next plan. Nimmi says let Shivam come. Preeti says Sarla is going on the stage and worry that she can see the safe lock missing.

Rani’s aunty tells her why is bride not coming, did she refuse. Rani hugs her. Amit asks Pari to find out whats happening and sends her. Bunty says its suspense in this marriage. Riya asks is she joking, its her marriage. Radha asks Anupam to do anything. Anupam tries breaking the lock. Shanti and Bua come there. Shanti laughs and says Bua did this joke. Bua says I did not do this. Shanti says Bua wants to insult me. Shivam and the man fall down the cycle losing balance. The man apologizes to him for not being able to fulfill his promise. Shivam says its fine, you get up and helps him.

Sarla scolds Rani and says she knows Rani has locked Riya’s room, and asks for keys. Rani denies it. Amit calls Sarla to come to him. Pari talks to Rani. Sarla tells Amit that someone locked Riya’s room. He says we will open it. She says if anyone sees your face, they will beat you, stay here. Raghav asks Kaushalya about Shivam. He asks her to smile. Shivam asks someone to help. The car man says he can help just one man. Shivam asks the man to go. The man says you have to reach urgently. Shivam says someone else will be sent by Lord to help me, you go first. He sends the man and runs on the road.

Sarla comes and sees the lock. She says she knows this lock and knows who has done this. She says she will get the keys. Nimmi worries and wishes Shivam comes fast. Shivam runs on the road and reaches Moghal sarai. Sarla brings a stone and breaks the lock. She opens the door. Nimmi calls Preeti and asks about Shivam. She says come soon Shivam. Sarla asks Riya to come. Shanti asks Sarla to go, Bua will get Riya. Shivam sees a horse and asks the man to give the horse. The man asks for advance.

Shivam asks does he have phone, and gives money to make a call. He calls Nimmi and Nimmi asks where is he. He says he reached Moghal sarai. Preeti asks him to come soon, its hard to stop jaimala. He says I will come on time. The man says one min ended and takes phone. Nimmi says she will wait for Shivam outside. Shivam says someone else will take my bride, I have to reach on time. He says he does not have advance, but sorry. He sits on the horse and says sorry, I m helpless, come to city marriage hall and take horse and money.

Sarla tells Amit that Riya is coming, stand here, your face should not be seen. Preeti says I think we should tell the truth to Riya. Nimmi says no, Shivam stopped us from doing so, when will he come. They go inside the venue. Riya is brought there by Bunty and Radha. Kaushalya asks about Shivam. Nimmi says he is coming. Kaushalya asks where did he go. Nimmi says we are also waiting. Kaushalya asks did they talk to Shivam. Nimmi says yes. Kaushalya asks them to say where is he. Preeti says don’t take tension, he will come on time. Preeti says if Shivam does not come, we can’t do anything. They see Riya coming downstairs and get tensed.

Nimmi pushes the water fountain statue over Riya. Everyone get shocked. Riya screams and all her clothes get spoiled. Sarla gets angry and slaps Nimmi. Nimmi cries. Shanti asks Nimmi why did she do this. Raghav asks Nimmi can’t she see and walk. Nimmi says I m sorry, it happened by mistake. Sarla gets angry. Riya says let is be, she did mistake. Bua scolds Nimmi. Shanti asks Riya to dry clothes and do her makeup well. Bua takes Riya back. Rani’s aunty tells her that drama is good, its all hurdles, this marriage will stop. Rani says my fate is not good. Shivam is riding the horse and is on the way.

Shanti asks Nimmi does she want to stop Amit’s marriage. Sarla cries and says Nimmi and Preeti are doing something. Raghav and Kaushalya look on. Sarla asks Raghav to see Nimmi is jealous of Amit. She cries and says Kaushalya and her children do not like me coming in Shanti Sadan. Kaushalya asks what is she saying. Sarla says I know Kaushalya made Nimmi do this, I know everything. She does her drama. Shanti says Nimmi will stand here and not coming inside, till marriage happens. Nimmi cries. Shanti blames Kaushalya and says let this marriage happen peacefully. Raghav asks Nimmi why did she do this to ruin their respect. Shanti sends Raghav. Shanti takes Nimmi out.

Riya and Amit’s jai mala is happening. Riya smiles. Shanti asks them to exchange garlands, as its mahurat time.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Asfa

    I really like this show but I think this wedding is dragging now they really need to show Shivam marrying Riya I do hope that tomorrows episode will put an end to the suspense!!!!!!!!

  2. I know Shivam will come on time! Today episode was mast…full on drama!! Hopefully Preeti does something as well but to Amit not Riya

  3. And guys, calm down as this is just one track and it is a complicated wedding, if they rushed it then you would’ve complained that it was to fast an didn’t look nice, this way there is suspense if you didn’t read the spoilers. And anyway, after this it will be a very interesting story, just put aside your annoying ness and support ShivYa.

    • Hello its nearly a month they showing this shaddi drama.just think if this serial was for half an hour than?shaddi drama would have run for 2 months.may b u hve alot of time to watch time pass shit

      • I guess your username doesn’t suit you – love, because some tracks are longer than 2 months an this is just 1 month, if it were half an hour then they wouldn’t add small little details and would be rushed, if you do not like this show and is not made for you then you do not need to watch it, we have a lot of ShivYa supporters.

  4. john

    sorry to say it again ,the production team are only good for one thing which cannot be mentioned here,you all may just guess.this series stink.

  5. richa

    ah. so much dragging…………. i thought shivam would enter today but they drag it sooo much…..horrible ???? 😛 😛 😛

  6. Anisha

    Yaay tomorrow Shivam will come!!!! He will make a heroic entry during the jai mala. Can’t wait!!!

  7. harsha

    This the best serial with the worst dragging,I had never seen,waste of one hour I think by Saturday their mrg will or may be happen.

  8. Vidyala

    Love to see Shivam exposing Amit to Riya and Riya slapping idiot Amit,Riya’s dad throwing him out of mandap,cannot wait for that scenario.

  9. Hope raghav Ko jab Pata chale Ki Uski behan ne itna drama kiya hai to vo Usko gusa dikhaya jo Pura time shivam pe dikhata hai .sarla pe to Bht gusa aa raha hai ??

  10. Riya

    I know it’s too much dragging but am excited to watch the. Shivam and riya marriage function.
    . just guess friends when shivam marry riya at that time sarla,amit,&pari what are they doing?????

  11. I loved this show…but everyone is right too much dragging…he cudn’t cover 20 kms in two shows and dt for the suspense which we already know dt they both will marry…if this goes to the show makers…plz do not fool audience if u dnt wanna loose them!!

  12. Amaya Mathur

    This is so stupid don’t the people who write this serial have anything else to do.. If this keeps going on then this serial is going to end in like two months

  13. avanthika

    Can anyone plz tell me do North Indian marriages have these much rituals??? OMG how can one drag the marriage to more than 2 weeks making fool of the viewers…First time in my life seeing a serial going ahead with tons of lies…this one is not even worth for time pass…

  14. Asmi

    I luv to watch dt serial but nt dragging. I wanna watch to unite ShivYa soon. otherwise it’ll be a dumb boring show.

  15. See

    If they dragged this week too much people would not watch anymore so slow seral I hate two week for just married track I hope peole who are working are tried till now riya and shuvam marriage gonna happend till monday not saturday to much drragging now I like this seral but don’t dragged too much

  16. It was said shaadi should be done soon within 4 days but this shaddi is not finished yet its been 1 month now.oh common dont make people fools..people will stop watching this serial.its really boring.otherwise make it for half an hour then you people vil make proper use of time how to finish on time

  17. cookiedough

    God this is just getting stupid now.
    At first it was just like WOW and now its like ‘when is this going to end?!
    By the end of it people are just like FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

  18. cookiedough

    God this is just getting stupid now.

    At the beginning it was just like WOW but now its just like urgh how long do we have to wait until shaadi.
    Lol ?…….
    By the end of it people are just like YES, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  19. hey guys .draggi g is true u see the content they have .all the chracters got chance to show their talen unlike other serials.

  20. Saima

    Seriously…. It’s one hour show and still it’s going slow.. Lagha tha ke shayad kuch jaldi hoga lekin idhar toh shivam koh pura ek week laghe ga to reach the wedding, chalo saturday ka wait kar leteh hain, agar tab tak kuch na hoa Phir toh yeh show bakwas big time

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