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Mere Angne Mein 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohit telling Preeti that she had to pay for what she did with him. She cries. Pandit asks younger sister of bride to do ghatbandhan, as she will get nek. Pari says I will do. Sharmili says this nek is for Bhabhi or sister. Pari says I m also Preeti’s sister. Sharmili says you just took nek. She asks Raghav to call Riya or Nimmi, its their right to do rituals and get nek. Raghav says Sarla’s children are also like mine, they can also do rituals. Sharmili says but I want Riya or Nimmi to do this. Shanti calls out Riya and Nimmi.

Pari creates issue and says I will leave from here, everyone will be happy. Sujeev gets angry and scolds Sharmili to be after Pari always. Pari acts to cry. Nimmi gets worried. Riya tries to find Preeti. Mohit tells Preeti that she is

ruined, what will happen now. Sarla tells Shanti that I would have killed Pari for creating hurdles, where are Riya and Nimmi. Shanti asks Pari to silently do ghatbandhan and warns her not to do anything.

She says Sharmili is like mother, she has love in her anger. Sujeev asks Shanti did anyone ask her to give lecture. Shivam asks Sujeev not to insult Shanti. Sujeev argues and asks him not to interfere in his personal matter. Shivam says I m just saying I can’t see Shanti’s insult. Sujeev scolds him. Sharmili asks Shanti to explain Shivam. Shanti asks her to explain Sujeev. Shanti asks Shivam to let marriage happen peacefully, then we will see, lets do ghatbandhan now.

Riya calls out Preeti. Mohit says Riya is responsible for this. He shuts Preeti’s mouth and ties her hearing Riya. He takes Preeti inside temple and ties her with the ropes. He says we will give surprise to Riya now. Riya sees the havan kund and gets shocked seeing Preeti’s dupatta there. She shouts Preeti. Preeti tries to struggle. Bunty tells Kaushalya that she needs to talk and Kaushalya does not have time. Bunty worries and tells Nimmi that they will say truth now. Nimmi tells Bunty that they can’t say truth, else it will be insult of parents, just try that my ghunghat does not lift, let this happen.

Bunty says they will lift ghunghat at sindoor applying time. Nimmi asks her to take Pari’s name and manage. Riya sees Preeti tied and cries. She goes to Preeti and Mohit greets her. He says I was waiting for you, everything is over, sangeet is left. He claps and dances madly. He says I have done this too. Pandit says ghatbandhan is completed, now lets start kanyadaan. Raghav washes Vyom’s feet and does some rituals. Nimmi cries.

Sarla asks Shivam to not look at Sujee and see marriage rituals. Pandit asks groom and bride to stand for rounds. Nimmi and Vyom take the wedding rounds. Riya beats Mohit. He gets angry and ties Riya too. He scolds them.

Bunty tells Sarla that ghunghat can’t be lifted, its rituals of Sharmili. Pari asks Preeti to lift ghunghat. Sarla says no need, rituals will be done like this. Vyom makes Niummi wear mangalsutra and applies sindoor to her, with ghunghat on. Nimmi cries. Nandu gets shocked seeing Nimmi’s face reflection in water and thinks where is Preeti then. Nimmi touches sindoor and cries. Nandu goes to look after Preeti and says maybe Mohit has kidnapped Preeti. He calls Mohit.

Mohit says you called on right time. Nandu asks him to get Preeti back. Mohit asks whats happening there, tell me, did baraat go back. Nandu scolds him angrily and shouts. Riya and Preeti try to make noise. He asks how is Preeti, make me talk to her. Mohit says she is safe, if you want to meet her, come and meet her here. He ends call. Mohit tells Preeti that he is helpless to do this, your family insulted me, I had to take revenge. He says you can’t clean this stain now. He asks Riya to take care of Preeti and leaves from there. Preeti and Riya cry.

Raghav and Kaushalya get shocked seeing Riya bringing Preeti home. Everyone look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Feeling bad 4 both priti n nimmi?.there is no doubt santi will put all blame on riya..

  2. Is Mohit not going to return??? No way.

  3. eagerly waiting for the next episode

  4. Horrible episode. Shanti and her stupid drama will repeat . When will something new and positive happen in MAM? Will it continue with destruction of innocent lives?

  5. tomorrow riya will be thrown out

    1. yes u r right. riya must be out from santi sadan. bcose over all story have seen and get result that riya also told sivam and she help her.

  6. Very nice.Preeti deserves this. Senselelessly who the hell dis ask her to believe that psycho mohit despite so much of havoc being created by mohit.And Riya also deserves it. Does she think of herself as Superwoman to handle everything singlehandedly. What’s wrong if she tells Raghav or Shivam about it. At times I feel its moron khusiyas words are right for Riya..t stay away from her daughters..Poor on nimmi she got struck among all these..and lol ..I thought only Srivastavs blame Riya for any bad thing that happens.Now mohit also started blaming her. Rofl. Tomorrow even if sunami comes. I guess Riya will be blamed for it. Anyways as per spoiler Shanti tastes success in Throwing riya out of shanti sadan. Slag moron Khusi blames riya for all that happens and kicks her out of Shanti Sadan. and as always Riya literalla criesand begs for mercy.

  7. feeling bad for riya. ?? in shanti sadan every time start a new drama every one blame riya. Soo bad.

  8. Riya is a dumm…she shud.Be thrown out

  9. i have heard shanti will give poisoin’s bottle to nimmi and will call police as vyom won’t accept nimmi as his wife there will be a funny scene shanti did not let her son’s daughter to go out and see the out world which is opposite of sarla’s girl and shanti want’s only money and wants to be queen and for this she won’t hesitate to sacrife anyone but i am happy that nimmi got married to vyom as her jethani is pari who can only be conforted by nimmi not by priti and sharmila will have a problem to get a baby from nimmi and riya will be back after some time to support priti and will got her married to a rich and a lovely person who will accept priti and there will be a fight scequenve

  10. It seems Nandu will try to say that he will marry Priti even if ppl call her ‘mandap se bhaagi hui fulhan’. Pari will hv baf time so will Sarla.

  11. Well said about Riya. But that is the storyline in all star plus serials where the ladies are superwomen and males are dumbs. Preeti desrves to be Nandu’s wife for her stupidity. Til date Nimmi is shown as the only character with some logic sense. She should refuse Vyom. Sudip shd be exposed as mad person and Pari shd be forced to marry Vyom. Is it possible?

  12. Ohh God it seems nandu Will marry preethi… Preethi luks pretty…don’t match her with nandu….nandu don’t deserves preethi…plz writer don’t show unmatch couple…

  13. You made mohit a bad person even though it was sarla and nandu who played all the games . Now don’t get priti married to stupid nandu . He is way too ugly for priti. She deserves someone nice or we will stop watching this stupid drama .

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