Mere Angne Mein 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla and Pari coming to the house. Ashok goes not see her. Riya tells Shanti and Kaushalya to manage Sarla, as she can’t stop Sarla. Nandu gets the papers for Nirmala and Chamanlal. Shanti and Kaushalya stop Sarla and Pari, and try to take them away. Shivam asks Nandu to read papers. Nandu says its divorce papers, Nirmala will get free to marry. Shivam asks Nirmala to sign on it. She gets thinking. She says I will sign after we take rounds, don’t feel bad Chummi ji, I want to experience this new relation transformation. Shivam asks what. She says come, I know how to marry. He thinks I will get sacrificed while saving Sarla’s life. Riya asks him to go. Nirmala asks Shivam to come. Riya gets worried and sends Nimmi to call everyone.

Nimmi looks for Shanti

and Kaushalya. Ashok waits outside. Shivam and Nirmala exchange garlands. Sarla asks where did you get us. Shanti tries to bear Sarla. Pari beats Shanti and Kaushalya, and makes them faint. Nimmi looks for them. She sees Sarla and Pari. Sarla says I have to see what is happening here. Nimmi calls Riya and asks her to come to storeroom fast, Sarla has tied Shanti and Kaushalya. Sarla beats Nimmi and faints her. They tie Nimmi also.

Nirmala asks Shivam to come. Shivam worries. Riya runs. Shivam worries. Riya looks for everyone. Ashok thinks I should go inside now, Riya asked me not to come till she calls, but its late now. Sarla and Pari see Sardar and hit Riya also. Ashok calls Riya and worries.

Sarla says Pari, I think Ashok and Nirmala are here, lets see them. Ashok sees them and says what are they doing here, they can spoil everything. He stops Sarla and asks what are you doing here. She asks what is he doing, I will not leave anyone. He worries Sarla will ruin the plan.

Nirmala asks Chummi ji to take wedding rounds. Nandu worries seeing this. Riya gets conscious. She worries. Shivam signs Nandu to do something. Riya frees herself from the ropes. She makes Nimmi conscious and asks her to get up fast, else pheras will complete. Shivam tries making excuse. Shanti says Pari has hit me. They all rush to stop marriage.

Shivam asks Nirmala to sign on divorce document first and then they will take last round. She signs on the papers. Sarla and Pari come there and see this. Riya, Ashok and others also come. Nandu says congrats. Shivam claps. Nirmala says divorce happened, now we will complete marriage. Shivam shows his face by removing the moustache. Nirmala gets shocked and says Shivam. Sarla and Pari laugh seeing Shanti, Riya and others. Nirmala gets shocked seeing Riya.

Riya tells Nirmala that this was their answer, as she did wrong and cheated Ashok, so they cheated her. She says this is my family, my life, if anyone sees towards my family, I will not leave anyone. Shanti looks on. Riya asks Nirmala to pack her bags and go. Nirmala says I will not leave anyone for this cheat. Shanti scolds her. She asks them to tie Nirmala and take her video, to show how she ruins families.

Police comes there. Riya asks police to arrest Nirmala. Nirmala curses Shanti. They all laugh. Shanti says now we will go home, Sarla and Ashok’s marriage will be null. Riy says whats the problem, the mandap is ready, get them married again. Sarla happily goes and marries Ashok. Everyone smile. Kaushalya says we will go and change first. Shanti says I m tired, Sarla come with us.

Everyone come home. Sarla says I felt you all are planning against me. Shanti says you are bearing for your mistakes, you were going to spoil our plan, you have hit it with stick. She runs to beat Sarla. Nimmi enjoys. Shanti says I had to do this work which Sarla could not, and Sarla did this. She asks Sarla to thank everyone for help. Sarla says yes, you helped me. Kaushalya says don’t do this again. Nimmi says Sarla failed in challenge to make Nirmala away. She taunts Sarla.

Kaushalya and Nimmi argue over their efforts to make Nirmala away. Shanti tells Sarla that you failed, you did not do what you said, stop doing such things, till when will I save you. Sarla says I will not do this again. Shanti says its good if you don’t do this.

Nimmi asks Shanti to have food and decide. She serves food to Shanti. She asks who is going to become the heir. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sarla shouldnt have judged her own family wen they was helping her

  2. I agree Simmy. But at least the plan didn’t fail. Maybe she’ll think twice next time.

  3. Yay finally nirmala is out..

  4. No I don’t think that sarla will change she still gonna take revenge form her family because we can still look her face on today episode no change in sarla still think bad for family

  5. thank God nirmala is gone

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