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The Episode starts with the ladies asking Kaushalya about Pari’s eloping. Shanti gets angry and scolds them. Shanti says Pari married in a rich home, what they are taunting, they can ask directly. They ask Sarla how did she get Pari married all of a sudden, they have seen the world. Sarla asks them to manage their homes. Shanti says guy is going abroad, so we got Pari married soon. The ladies argue. Sarla gets angry and beats them. Shanti asks Sarla to leave them.

The lady still taunts them. Nimmi throws laddoos to beat them. Shanti asks them to come inside. The lady asks Kaushalya to control Nimmi, else she has to make her sit at home all their life. Nimmi gets angry. Pari grinds chillies. Sharmili opens fan towards her. Pari coughs by the chilli powder effect and washes face. Sarla

tells Amit that same thing is happening since morning, we will leave. Shanti asks Sarla does she really did not know what her children are doing, Ashok blamed you for spoiling Pari, it means Ashok was saying right, you are responsible for all this.

Sarla leaves. Shanti stops Amit and says Ashok has blamed Sarla for wrong upbringing, he blamed you too, I m not a fool, I know who is what, even then I m telling you, don’t do anything that disappoint me and ruin my respect. Amit says I will be careful, I won’t do anything. Amit gets a phone and says I will arrange money. Amit sits in rickshaw and tells Sarla that he has to talk something imp.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi to talk with manners, the ladies did not say wrong, if you behave such, how will your marriage happen in right home, Pari did not do wrong, Shanti said she made Pari marry. Nimmi says Pari really eloped, Shanti and Sarla told a fake story, and making us distribute laddoos. Kaushalya asks her not to bother and just mind her work.

Shanti gets angry as nothing is cooked and calls out Riya. Prabha tells the neighbor ladies about uniting and protesting against Sarla, to make her leave our society. Shanti asks Riya why did she cook daal this way, it got spoiled. Riya says I told Kaushalya. I came to know about Pari and forgot in tension. Shanti gets angry and asks Kaushalya is she doing to taunt her for Pari’s sudden marriage. Shanti asks Riya to cook now. Riya asks now? Shanti asks her to start soon. Kaushalya says I will cook, Riya has to go office in morning. Shanti says I want to have food cooked by Riya. Kaushalya says I will help her. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and says I will have it only if Riya makes it.

Riya gets her boss’ call. The boss says I came to know you left for home without asking me, how can you be so irresponsible. Riya says I finished work and then came at home, don’t involve my family, my family is my priority, work comes later. He asks her to then manage family, why does she come office. She says she took leave from allotted leaves, she is not wrong. She will complain at head office about him, if she is right, she is not afraid of anyone. Shanti looks on. Riya asks boss to do anything and ends call. Shanti says you scolded your boss. Kaushalya pacifies Riya and helps her in kitchen.

Sarla and Amit come to their locality. The neighbors throw potatoes at them. Sarla lies and says Rani gave her bridal dress to Pari, and denies Pari’s eloping. Prabha calls her shameless to lie. Ashok worries seeing the arguments. Amit brings Rani inside and says if you love me, tell them we made Pari marry by our wish, she did not run. Rani says fine, but I have a condition, you have to hold my hand infront of everyone, if you leave my hand, I will tell the truth.

Sarla and Prabha argue. Rani asks them to listen to her, Prabha is lying and Sarla is right. Sarla gets worried seeing Rani and Amit holding hands. Sarla asks her to leave hand, and Amit asks Sarla to stop. He says he is doing this for Sarla, and asks Sarla to wait. Rani says I will show photo of Pari, she has worn my bridal dress, she married by our wish. Sarla says see Prabha is lying, she ruins everyone’s daughters’ name, she is very bad, don’t trust her. Sarla asks them to beat Prabha. They throw potatoes at Prabha.

Shanti asks Nimmi and Preeti to help in kitchen. Shanti asks Preeti will there be no problem if she does not go. Preeti says no, my boss is very good, he treats me as friend, he is very understanding. Riya says good. Shanti asks Preeti to resign tomorrow. Preeti asks what. Riya says why will Preeti resign, its wrong. Shanti gets angry and asks Riya will she teach her whats right and wrong, what to decide for her grandchildren.

Nimmi says why should we be punished for Pari’s mistake. Shanti says you are young, don’t question me, Preeti can do mistake too, she is innocent. Riya says if you feel Preeti may do mistake, you will end her career. Kaushalya looks on. Riya says Preeti is mature, she did not give you chance to complain. Kaushalya says stop Riya, if Shanti is saying, Preeti will leave job. Riya asks why. Shanti says see what happened today, if anything wrong happens with Preeti, we will lose respect, will Riya come to save Srivastav family respect. Riya says yes, I will come, we will find a solution for this, someone will drop and pick Preeti from office, I will take this responsibility. Shanti asks really? If anything happens in between, what will you do, I told Preeti and that’s final. Preeti will not go office. Preeti cries.

Ashok welcomes Sarla at home, and says its good rotten tomatoes and eggs did not hit you. Sarla argues with him. Ashok asks why did she not inform him. Sonal says yes, you should have called us. Rani says yes, its not good. Amit asks Rani not to add petrol in fire. Ashok says I know Sarla well, you slipped seeing the rich home. Sarla says yes right, I thought the same, I m troubled by marrying you, Pari will be happy. Ashok says don’t forget she is your daughter and will not give you a penny.

Pari goes to the locked room. Sharmili sees her and gets tensed. Sharmili stops her and asks what was she doing there. Pari says I was seeing why is that room door locked. Sharmili asks her not to spy and not go near that room. She asks Pari to get to work. Shanti tells her husband’s pic that she was told she is wrong for the first time in her life, she worries for Raghav, if his daughters do this, Raghav will die, I can’t do anything then. Kaushalya comes and says I told Preeti to leave the job, she will not go from tomorrow. Shanti says I m worried for Raghav, he can’t bear if Preeti does anything wrong, Riya is taking responsibility from me, did she make snacks, ask her to cook. Kaushalya goes seeing Shanti angry.

Sharmili asks Mama to sit on sofa, Pari will wipe the floor, its her Pocha ritual. Mama throws his shoes. Sharmili says Pari has to pay price of dreaming of a palace. Pari cries. She says she won’t do this, she just married, she did not come here to work, she knows her husband is house owner and his command rules here. Sharmili says oho, wives of husbands, listen carefully, just I rule in this house.

Sujeev comes there. Sharmili says good you came Sujeev, did you hear what she said. He asks what. Sharmili says Pari is saying you are this house owner, just you will rule. Sujeev asks Pari did she say this, he married her as he did a mistake, but remember just mummy is the sole owner of this house and everyone obey her command, you will also obey her.

Sharmili says I will explain her, you go. He goes. Sharmili asks Pari is she thinking she came in wrong house. Pari says no, I know I came in right house, my husbands love me. Sharmili laughs and asks does she know what is meaning of love, get to work now. Pari cleans the floor.

Preeti cries and talks to Nimmi. Nimmi says Sarla will be dancing happily as Pari married in rich home. Kaushalya comes and apologizes to them, saying they will understand her when they become mother. Nimmi says no, I will give freedom to my children and trust them. Kaushalya says its not that, world is bad and I m worried. She asks Preeti to leave job and hugs her. Nimmi says she feels she was exchanged in hospital after birth, as I m not getting tears like you both. Kaushalya asks them to marry where Shanti says, and not take step like Pari. Shivam says I believe them, they won’t do anything wrong. Kaushalya says you both are Raghav’s pride. Nimmi says we will not do anything. Kaushalya asks them to help Riya in making Badi/grains snacks. Nimmi and Preeti go to help Riya. Riya says no, I will do myself. Nimmi says she wants the badis to be made good. Riya says I don’t know making badis.

Nimmi and Preeti help Riya. Riya thanks them. Riya asks Preeti why did she not say anything to Dadi, how will she leave job like this without any mistake, being silent always and not discussing rights is not a good thing. Preeti says let things go on as it is, if you try to change the system, you will have problem. Nimmi says we are habituated to this, welcome to Shanti Sadan. Riya says this is wrong, to punish someone else for one’s mistake. Nimmi says this goes on always. Preeti says you will get habitual too. Riya gets thinking.

Mohit holds Preeti’s hand and pulls her. He says he did not come as Rj Mohit, he came as just Mohit, he loves her a lot. Shanti sees them and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wonderfully directed and edited serial. Depicts typical Asian family culture of a bygone era. Or in some parts of Asia present era. Very entertaining. Hope it will continue its standard till end. Many serials loose its standard when they try to drag on to make the serial last long by jumping generations.

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