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Mere Angne Mein 11th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla being shocked seeing Shivam and Riya. Shivam gives the good news to Riya that she got her job back along with him, he has spoken to boss. She gets glad and wants him to say about their marriage fixing. Shivam leaves from there and Sarla sees him. Riya thinks he is too shy, he did not say anything, he had called me here to give good news of job. She talks to herself and Sarla comes to her. Sarla confronts Riya and says I have come to do shopping for you. Riya says she has come to meet Sarla’s son. Sarla gets stunned. Riya says Shivam and I work together, we came here to give demo, is he always like this, now our marriage is fixed and he does not talk to me, e is always quiet. Sarla thinks Riya thinks Shivam is my son, she is mistaken, what shall I do. She asks Riya

not to worry, her son loves her a lot. Riya says strange, I don’t know whats in his heart. Sarla says yes, what to do now. She asks did her dad meet Shivam. Riya says yes, dad and Sahil met him. Sarla says if Shivam knows this, it will be big problem. She asks her not to feel bad, and asks her to not to meet Shivam before marriage. Riya agrees and hugs Sarla. Sarla worries.

Shanti is making men work at home and arranging things being excited for Amit’t marriage. Kaushalya and Nimmi help her out. Shanti says she wants everything ready at the time of marriage and scolds her. Anupam talks to his bua ji to take advice. Riya comes and asks about her Nani bua, she missed her. Anupam says I m scared of her. Riya asks the reason. He says she is very scolding one. Riya says she will pull everyone’s ears and make them work. He shows the list of things he wants to give her. She says she will not take it, she will take few dresses as shagun, the family is good and they will not accept it.

She cuts many things from the list. He smiles seeing her tearing the list at last. Nimmi makes some designs from laptop, and Shanti comes. Nimmi shuts the screen and says she was just studying. Shanti asks her to on the laptop and show her.

Nimmi shows the dresses and Shanti thinks dresses are bought online too. Shanti gets fooled. Sarla comes home and says Riya is bad character, how can she love someone, not my son. Amit asks what, who, I m not your son. She says she loves your brother. He asks which brother, I don’t have any brother. She says she loves Shivam. Amit is shocked. He gets angry and says he will kill Shivam, he always come in our way. Sarla stops him. Amit says now I understand everything, Kaushalya and Shivam did this to show me down. She says but Riya loves Shivam. He says Riya is just mine. She cries and says now she has said like my son, I will see how Kaushalya stops Riya from becoming my bahu, I will not let Shivam know that Riya is going to marry you. Sarla says once marriage happens, nothing can happen. He asks how will he hide the truth in mandap. She says no one will see and plans with him.

Shivam calls Nimmi and asks her about her work. She says she is making few designs and dresses. Shivam asks her to come for shopping, he needs his help. She asks for a gift and he agrees. She thinks something is fishy. Sarla meets pandit and asks him to prepone the mahurat, she knows his history and he agrees to her. Sarla manages to bring pandit to Shanti Sadan, and she sees ladies dancing on Kaushalya’s dhol. Kaushalya asks her friends to leave. They say Shanti and Sarla are big drama queens. Sarla comes there and Kaushalya gets tensed. Pari meets her BF at the café. She sees Shivam, and tells her BF that if her brother sees her, it will be problem. She hides her face and leaves. Shivam catches a glimpse of her and thinks. Sarla asks Kaushalya to manage work at home, then talk to friends. The ladies praise Amit and congratulate Sarla. Sarla thanks them.

Bunty talks to Riya and laughs that Shanti’s name is Shashikala. She talks to Riya. Riya rehearses to talk to Nani. Sarla tells Shanti that she got the pandit. The pandit is unwell and gets dizzy. Sarla says he is big pandit. Shanti asks him to sit, he is not even walking well. She asks the problem that Sarla is worried. He says you are going to die and points Sarla. Sarla thinks she told him about Shanti and tells him to say well, its Shanti, tell in detail. Shanti gets tensed. Sarla starts crying. Shanti says she is getting wine smell. Sarla says no, I will take him, he is dizzy and leaves with him.

Sarla scolds pandit and she asks him to go, she will give money later. She comes back to Shanti and does acting. Ashok comes and asks Sarla about her joke. Shanti says she can get Amit marriage done in 4 days. He says how can girl’s family do all arrangements. Sarla argues. Shanti asks Sarla to call Anupam and tell everything. Sarla sees Kaushalya and says how will she arrange money. She cries and Shanti says she will manage. Shanti looks at Kaushalya.

Shanti tells Raghav that marriage is fixed in 4 days and Kaushalya did all shopping as Shivam got commission. Raghav asks Kaushalya whats this new matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Both ekta n karan r doin great job as shivam n ria!! Missed ekta a lot!!! Loved her in balh n here too:)

  3. Interesting ep…
    Wait for Riya know about amit…..

  4. Oh god.. When this misunderstanding will get cleared.. Hope before marriage riya gets to know abt it!!

  5. rajnandini singhania

    good one

  6. My only favorite show at present except zindagi’s .Love it

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