Mere Angne Mein 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ammaji and Pari come to the new hotel. Ammaji receives a call from Sarla. She tells Ammaji to find Pramod fast, Shanti Prasad has kept them as prisoners. She then asks for Pari. She asks Pari whether she did work that she had asked. Pari says yes and then hangs up. Ammaji says they will have to do something. She says they will go to a mandir there.

A hotel staff is with Riya and helping her. Riya asks her to go back for her safety. Riya sees a mandir and gets out of car to pray.

Nimmi comes to Kaushalya and says Shanti Prasad said to get bride ready. Kaushalya asks what she is saying and asks her to go. She cries. Nimmi says nothing will happen and takes her.

In mandir, Riya prays to the God to return Shivam to her. She doesn’t know where he is, what he’s doing,

but whatever he is doing is for his family and his family needs him. She cries and asks to return Shivam. She wishes she could call Ammaji there. Ammaji and Pari are also in the mandir, praying. They were leaving and they bump into each other. Amaaji taunts Riya about her and Shivam. Riya cries and asks Ammaji to save Shivam. She tells everything to Ammaji. Ammaji says she knew her bringing up couldn’t be wrong. She tells Riya not to worry, nothing will happen to Shivam. They go to save Shivam. Pari says but what about Pramod? Shanti Prasad will kill their family. Ammaji says first they will save Shivam and then see about Pramod. A paper comes flying to them which has contact number of same people with whom Shivam signed the death contract. Riya thanks the God.

Kaushalya is continuously crying. Nimmi says she can’t see all this anymore, so she will have to do what she tells her. Kaushalya asks what she is doing. Nimmi says she will make her run. Kaushalya says how she will do that. Shanti Prasad will kill her and Raghav. Nimmi says then get married to Tillu. Kaushalya goes with Nimmi.

Shanti Prasad’s man gives Sarla a gajra to give it to Kaushalya and get her ready.

Riya suggests to inform police, but Ammaji and Pari oppose that idea. Ammaji asks Riya to call on that number and asks for the location. They change Riya’s look so those people don’t recognise her.

Sarla comes to the room and doesn’t find Kaushalya there. She is afraid that Kaushalya ran away or what. Now she will be in trouble. Nimmi almost succeeds in making Kaushalya escape, but Sarla sees them on last moment and she spoils everything. Kaushalya is caught by Shanti Prasad’s men and brought back in the house.

Riya, Ammaji, Pari come to the fight location. They are happy seeing Shivam, but then get shocked when a tiger comes in the cage with whom Shivam will fight.

Precap: Mission save Pramod by the trio.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Read in spoiler that ammaji will ask Riya to leave Shivam and go from shanti sadan in return for money to save him, think he’ll get hurt in a fight. Then police arrests family for Riya’s death. Is Riya really dead?

  2. Oh, my God where is this serial heading? Some family members in Bangkok and the rest in shanghai sadan under house arrest. Raghav kept chained, his wife kaushalya to get married to some person. What is Next?

  3. nonsense Story

  4. Just hope shanti comes back before shanti prasad succeeds in his evil plans. Hope shanti finds out what sarla’s really like too.

  5. Sarla has gotten away with her evil deeds for too long. Its high time the makers think about exposing her and being punished.

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