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Mere Angne Mein 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya saying I will give Agnipariksha to come inside the house. She says Shanti wants her to do this, so she will do it, but she wants to ask Shivam does he trust her. Shivam says yes, I trust you. He tells Shanti that she can take Riya’s test, he trusts Riya as equal as he trusts Kaushalya and his sisters. Riya tells Sarla that you had to keep your arthi to come inside this house, I will do similar thing. She brings hot burning coal and throws them on the ground. Shivam shouts Riya… they all look on.

Riya removes her slippers. Kaushalya cries. Shanti and Sarla look on. Riya says I know I did not do anything wrong, its big thing that my husband trusts me. Shivam goes to her and stops her, saying this is not needed, I promised you I will stand with you always.

He says Dadi, I will also walk with Riya in this agnipariksha, if you are doubting on Riya, it means you are doubting on my love and my relation. Sarla gets a call from Amit and says its big drama here, Riya will not be in Shanti Sadan. Amit says its good news, we will celebrate. Sarla ends call. Shanti says its not happening right, we just wanted to kick her out. Riya walks on the coal. Sarla tells Shanti that I did not know Riya will agree. Shivam stops Riya and says I should have not married Riya, everyone is her enemy is this house. Riya says I don’t want to stay here, where I have no respect. Everyone think I m wrong.

Shivam lifts her and takes her to the room. Kaushalya puts water on the coal and cries. Shivam pacifies Riya. She says my self esteem is hurt, do you have any medicine for it, I don’t want to stay here. She packs her bags. She says I tried a lot, but failed. Kaushalya asks Shanti to stop Riya, Riya loves Shivam a lot, why don’t you trust Riya. She begs to Shanti to stop Riya and cries. Riya comes downstairs. Kaushalya requests her not to leave this house, this is her inlaws, her house, don’t go. Riya cries and says I also regarded this as my house. Kaushalya asks Shivam to explain Riya. Sarla leaves. Shivam asks Riya to think again. Raghav comes home and looks on shocked. Riya cries and hugs him.

Raghav asks what happened. Riya says today I was asked to give proof of my purity. They all cry. Riya says my purity was questioned, that’s why I had to give Agnipariksha to prove it. Raghav asks who took your Agnipariksha. Shanti says tell Riya, I took your Agnipariksha. Raghav gets shocked. He says since Riya came, I know Shanti does not like Riya, I felt its age difference and clashes will be get fine. Not matter has gone much ahead. How can you test a woman, bring a woman yourself, how can you do this Amma? This is big test for a woman, in which generation are you living, I gave everything in your hands thinking you will take right decisions, but this very wrong, if anything happened to Riya, what would we tell her family, think something. Shanti fumes as he scolds her. Raghav tells Riya that you are respect of this house, you won’t go anywhere, you are daughter of this house, I m sorry, you had to do this when I m still alive here. He sends everyone to the rooms.

Raghav asks Shanti whats all this. Shanti stops Raghav and goes to her room. She says leave me alone, I don’t want to hear anything. He says I will stand here till you open the door. She says if you respect me, then leave me alone for some time. He coughs and says I will sit here. Shanti calls Sarla. Sarla says how can Raghav change, I will not come in Shanti Sadan for few days. Shanti says I will come to your house if I don’t get respect here. Sarla asks what, no, you stay there in your house, make your respect back again, I m with you. She ends call and thinks she can’t get Shanti in her house, what to do, she does not have money to cook her food. She buys some vegs. She says Kaushalya used to cook all these vegs and I used to have it. Prabha taunts Sarla. Rani hears them. Prabha says Ashok is earning well, he is distributing sarees. Rani worries that Ashok’s secret will come out. Sarla asks Prabha what she means. Prabha says Ashok gave saree to Nirmala, and your saree looks new too. Rani asks Prabha not to say in between. Sarla gets angry.

Pari thinks to shock Sharmili. Sharmili talks to her friend and says everyone is not lucky like you. Pari comes and says I m fainting. Sharmili ends call and asks did you have food Pari. Pari says yes, and acts to vomit. Sharmili worries and says no… Sarla asks Sonal where is Ashok, he is distributing sarees to everyone. Ashok is changing, I m afraid Ashok leaves us. Sonal says nothing will happen. Sarla says I will see Ashok and leaves. Rani says Sarla will do some big drama, I have to see and leaves.

Sharmili asks Pari not to have anything much. Pari says its that vomiting. Sharmili asks are you mad, it maybe acidity. Pari says I m pregnant. Sharmili scolds her and asks her not to do this drama. She sends Pari and says this can’t happen.

Sarla goes to Ashok’s stall and scolds Nirmala for wearing saree gifted by Ashok. Rani and Prabha come and look on. Sarla asks Nirmala to remove saree and give it. Nirmala says I don’t have extra saree. Sarla scolds her. Rani is glad. Sarla asks Rani to leave and scolds her.

Ashok comes and Sarla scolds him for having affair with Nirmala. Ashok explains her and asks who told you. Sarla says Prabha told me. Ashok scolds Prabha and Sarla, for blaming him if he helped a helpless woman, I did not tell you as I knew you will make an issue. Raghav talks to Kaushalya and says its first time I spoke to Amma in high tone, did I do wrong by supporting Riya, it was imp to support Riya, I felt it was wrong happening, I trust family and strangers use our trust, why did Shanti make Riya give Agnipariksha.

Sarla tells everyone that Ashok forget her. She cries and says you will leave me and my children. He says it means you did not understand me, I can’t stay without you, where will I go if I leave you, I will ask Nirmala to leave stall if you say. Sarla says yes, tell her. Nirmala says I will leave this stall. Sarla thinks if Nirmala leaves, then Ashok can’t work alone. She says no, its fine, she can work here, but stay in limits. Prabha taunts Sarla. Sarla asks her to get lost. She scolds Rani. Ashok promises Sarla that he will tell her everything from now on. Sarla takes money from the box and leaves.

Shivam takes care of Riya’s feet and apologizes. She says I m sorry too, I did not do anything wrong. He says no need to explain me, I know you can’t do this, but I have a complain, how did you get alone, how did you think you will leave this house, you did not think about me. She hugs him.

Shanti gets shocked seeing Riya in her room. Riya asks what happened, you challenged me, I will make this family do your Visarjan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. porky sarla should be kicked out of sadan house,and shanti should retire in an old people home,good ridance

  2. Sarala should be punished for playing everyone’s life. Rani is the biggest selfish and nosy. She can stoop any low to get closure to her husband. DIR don’t make Preeti married to that Vyom wierdo. Let her marry Mohit and continue her studies. But the serial will end soon once everything and everyone is on track

  3. Rani is a b*t*h

  4. Weird family drama.

  5. Good that Raghav supported Riya

  6. pratikshya subedi

    Nicc episode. plzzz mohit & preeti ki sadi karwadige .superb episode Dino maa-beti ki vayand baggaee.

  7. Nice episode shivam life me pheli bar acha kaam kiya hai riya ka saat de kar..sarla n shanti just hate u ..telly updates bht late kiya updates

  8. Episodewatcher

    So the serial had reached 200 episodes and I don’t know why I see it on hotstar everyday.The characters portrayed look real life esp everyone in Shanthi Sadan. Kudos to all the actors!!

  9. What a beautiful emotional scene of Raghav and Riya. Father in law ho to aisa. I had tears in my eyes. Varun you are a good actor, HEADS of you. Tu hi to ek hi samajdaar ho pura serial mein. Ate ho bahut hi kaam par kya entry marte ho hardam.
    I hope that Raani will also support the shrivastav family not only Amit. Let her handle Sarla in the way Sarla does it to her family.

  10. Superb episodes … Just loved the scene when Riya hugged her FIL and cried ..too emotional made me cry … Thanks for the upsation Amena.

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