Mere Angne Mein 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti counting money and thinking of the situation. Shivam calls his friend to ask for help. Shanti comes out and asks Shivam to find a job. He says I was asking my friend to help me, once this case ends, I will find job. She says if Raghav retires, what will happen, doing job is important, you think what you want to do, election campaign, Riya’s identity proof and your job, I m tensed. He says I understood, don’t worry, I will make everything fine. She goes.

Riya comes to Sarla’s house. Sarla asks why did you come here, Shanti would have sent you, she never trusts me. Riya says Shanti trusts you, but I don’t. Sarla asks what happened, go and find proof of your existence. Riya says I got proof, so I came here. She confronts Sarla about Amit and Bansi. Bansi

talks to some ladies and does election campaign. Pari asks him is he looting poor people by lying. She scolds him.

Sarla says I don’t know what anyone does, don’t blame me and my son, I did not do anything bad with you. Riya says its strange, why is Bansi taking disguise. Sarla says do I run Ramleela, why are you asking me, who is he. Riya shows Bansi’s other pic and says its same man who met me outside house and ration card. Sarla says its different name. Riya asks are you not worried that someone wants to send your family at home. Sarla says I m worried, I m not getting sleep at night.

Bansi waits for Sarla. Pari and Preeti have a talk at stall and hug. Amit looks on. Riya asks Sarla to stop acting. Sarla says you stop your acting and keeps knife pointed at Riya. She says I will tell Shanti and complain. Riya asks her to stop it. Sarla scolds her. Sarla blames Riya for hiring Bansi. Riya argues with her. Sarla does her drama. Riya says please stop your planning, that man accepted all truth. Sarla thinks why did Bansi confess, fool. Riya thinks this plan should work now. She asks what happened, shall I make you talk to him. Sarla sits crying.

Kaushalya asks where did Shanti go. Shanti comes home. Kaushalya asks her to get ready, you have to fill form. Shanti says Sarla gave sacrifice for me, so I got earrings for her, if you don’t feel bad, shall I give her. Kaushalya says why will I feel bad, give it to Sarla. Shanti calls Sarla. Sarla cries and does not answer. Kaushalya says maybe she is busy. Shanti says did she change mind. Kaushalya says no, get ready. Kaushalya gives her new saree. Shanti goes.

Sarla says I did not know this man is planning such big thing, he used to trouble me and threaten me, saying he will ruin my family, don’t know why is he taking revenge, I will tell Shanti. Riya stops her and asks what are you saying, why do you call Shanti for every problem, why don’t you stand on your feet. Sarla asks what. Riya says if any man tells Shanti that you did all that, what will happen.

She asks Sarla to stand in elections. Sarla says no, I promised Shanti. Riya says I will handle Shanti. Sarla asks what’s your profit in this. Riya says I want my papers, ask that man about my documents. Sarla asks what papers. Riya says all my documents that proves I m Riya. Sarla says oh, if that man denies to know anything. Riya says this won’t happen, I know you have power, when you become politics, I will give you advice, I will say how to get votes, I will hide from family and do this, you have to find my proofs before court hearing. Sarla imagines and smiles. She says I can try, I can’t promise. Riya says try, you will succeed. Riya asks her to promise to stand in elections and win, and give all my documents, don’t tell this to Shanti.

Sarla says you want me to hide this. Riya says I have seen you wishing to prosper, this time you got big chance, see how your life changes, you can’t tell this to anyone. Sarla says I will think and tell. She goes to her room and thinks. Bansi calls Sarla and asks are you not fighting elections, what about my dreams of becoming party worker. Sarla scolds him for telling everything to Riya. She says Riya has seen you, if she gives you to police, I will refuse to know you. Riya comes there and asks did you think, hurry up. Sarla says no, wait outside.

Sarla stands in elections against Shanti. Preeti joins Sarla. Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is Riya trying to do by making sarla stand in elections? What will shanti say?

  2. Such a crap Sarla keep doing her plots stupid serial nonsense no story

  3. Sarla’s overacting is tremendously irritating and horrendous! How come the writer, producer & director are favouring her and allowing Sarla the maximum role? MAM is becoming boring day by day and having Sarla all the time will drown the whole serial and eventually lead to MAM’s sudden death! It’s high time common sense should prevail and Sarla, Pari,Amit and Preeti to be exposed! Or are the writer , director & producer planning to drag the story of Riya’s loss identity some more and irritate and bore the audience with stupid Sarla?

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