Mere Angne Mein 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu asking Preeti to come with him. He says Preeti does not want to live without me. He lies to everyone about their outing. He asks Preeti to take Shanti’s blessings. Kaushalya says you have become son in law now, if you are explaining us the rules, we can’t take anything from son in law, you did a lot for us, take this back. Sarla asks why are you saying this, he got this by love. Shanti says keep it, don’t break his heart. Nandu says yes, keep it thinking me as your son, I know you love Preeti a lot, so you thought to get her divorced from me and make Lucky your son in law, I did not see this avatar of you before. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Lallan sees Amita alone and flirts. Amit says leave me alone, I had headache. Lallan says I will get medicine for

you and goes. Amit goes to Rani. He tells Rani about his night shift job, and asks her to manage Lallan. Rani says you manage him. Amit says Babloo is not my son. She says then come to police station to file complaint. Babloo comes and says I forgot to know this envelope to Rani. Rani checks it and gets shocked.

Pari stops Nandu and Preeti. She claps and asks Nandu what are you doing here, you should try in films, you do good acting. She says this man is acting good here, he was threatening Preeti at home that he will kill her. They all get shocked. Preeti starts crying. Nandu looks at her. Pari asks Shanti to stop Preeti, Nandu told her that he will spoil her face and defame her, her life is in risk.

Rani cries and shows pics to Amit. Amit gets shocked seeing the pics. He says she is Uma, she got married and went Delhi. Rani asks you know her, you had many affairs, you cheated me, I regret that I married you. Preeti says Nandu has threatened to kill me, don’t send me with him. Shanti asks Preeti did you lose shame. She asks Pari why is she supporting Preeti. She says I know Preeti plans all this, you gave him divorce and even then he married you, now you are saying this, shut up, and even if Nandu said this, its right, I would have killed you being in his place. Pari says sorry, Preeti called me. Shanti says shut up. Nimmi says Pari makes Preeti against Nandu. Pari says why does Nimmi do this with me, I will not come here, none loves me. She cries. Sarla scolds Kaushalya.

Pari says Preeti called me, I m not lying. Kaushalya asks Preeti to leave, you will face problems as you have left house, it will not be easy, you are not kid, you know to make life heaven or hell, don’t come here. Nandu asks Preeti to come, you won’t get respect here, and I will not let you come here and you won’t talk to anyone on phone, its about my respect too, will I say about killing you, I can’t imagine that in dream. Shanti says leave it, Preeti keep the marriage, I can’t do anything for you now. Nandu takes Preeti and leaves.

Sarla says I want to say one thing, I have no annoyance for anyone, I m glad things got clear, Pari is not wrong, Preeti was wrong, she did all this. Kaushalya says I understood, its my bad fate, I will not meet her. Sarla says leave it, I will meet her sometimes, I m her Bua. Shanti says no, you won’t go there, no one will go there, let Preeti live as she wants. Sarla and Pari leave.

Sarla says we will think of something new. They collide with Pramod’s Bua and argue. Sarla gets shocked seeing the jewelry box fallen and picks it. She gets friendly with Bua by seeing gold. Bua says we recently shifted here, we stay in that bungalow. Pari asks is that bungalow yours. Bua says yes, its my nephew’s house. Pari smiles. Preeti says I did not wish to do this. Nandu says I thought to welcome you by any rituals, its fine if you don’t want to, I will force you to become my wife. He takes her home and does her grahpravesh.

Sarla and Pari get more details from Bua about Pramod. She says Pramod told me about Shivam, who fought with his men, do you stay in Shanti Sadan. Sarla refuses and says no, they are my relatives. Preeti enters the house. Nandu says now you have become my wife, I will give you such wedding gift that you always remember. He gets flowers. Sarla says I have high standard, I stay abroad, Pari talks good english. Pari talks in english to show her. Sarla lies that she is very rich. Bua says we had tea here, come to my bungalow, I will make you have breakfast. Sarla says no, I m busy. Bua insists. She makes Bua pay for tea. Bua takes them home. Sarla and Pari smile. Nandu makes Preeti wear gajra. He makes her wear garlands and wears one himself. She looks at him.

Amit calls Shivam and says match is fixed today evening. Shivam says I will just come. Shanti asks Shivam where is he going. Shanti thinks to find out whats the story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Let’s c what’s happening next

  2. This serial was so interesting someday but looks like writers have no story left . Shivam is doing boxing, riya always make mistakes, sarla is always smart, shanti is partial , raghav is no more ( looks like)
    Bunch of Neighbour always taunting, never suppportive. All ladies serial …
    No story line just good actors wasting their talent in this serial .

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