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Mere Angne Mein 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam and Riya finding Raghav. Sarla gets up and sees neighbors looking at her. Shanti calls Shivam and asks what happened. Riya takes the phone and says we just reached here, we will inform you. Shanti tells Kaushalya not to worry. Sharmili thinks how to get rid of Pari and goes to Sujeev. She praises Pari and says Pari made kheer for you. Pari comes. Sujeev asks Pari that mummy praised you and said you made breakfast and my fav kheer, I m so lucky to get a loving wife like you. Pari thinks whats Sharmili’s plan. Pari says she did not make kheer.

Sujeev gets angry and asks did you lie to mummy. Pari says I mean kheer is cooking, mummy spoiled my surprise. Sharmili says sorry. Sujeev says don’t get disappointed, complete the kheer and we all will have it.

Pari and Sujeev go. Sharmili says now I will prepare for my next hit.

Bindu comes and asks Sarla did she stay outside all night. Sarla gets angry. Shanti look on. Bindu taunts Sarla and asks Shanti can I come inside house. Mama asks Sharmili how can you do this with Pari, her mum will be upset. Sharmili asks Mama did his heart slip seeing Sarla. Mama smiles and says I was just saying. She asks him to be quiet, his smile is showing everything, just do the work. She scolds him. He leaves.

Riya asks Shivam to come, everything is fine, I have seen it. He turns his face away. She checks more bodies. He cries. They get relieved on not finding Raghav among dead. He sees a body away and shows Riya, saying that’s dad’s shoes. Riya goes to see and holds his hand. He prays. She moves the white sheet and sees its someone else. She tells Shivam its not Papa. They cry.

Sharmili puts something in the water bucket in the bathroom. She says now it will be fine. Mama tells Pari that kheer’s good smell is coming, your mum would have taught you, give me your mum’s number, I will call her here for you. She asks him not to disturb her and leave. He puts flour on her. She says now I have to bath and goes being irritated. He says Sharmili’s work is done. Pari goes to water. Shanti tells Kasuhalya that Raghav will come. Renu and Bindu argue. Mohit is sending someone to find Raghav. Sarla sees him and thinks who is this new guy in Shanti Sadan.

Riya and Shivam try finding Raghav. Riya sees Raghav wounded and fallen at the river bay. She runs to him and asks him to get up. She calls for help and shouts Shivam, Papa is here. Shivam comes there and sees Raghav lying on the rocks. Shivam wakes up Raghav and asks is he fine. Raghav opens eyes and sees Riya and Shivam. Shivam cries and says I m Shivam, are you fine. He hugs Raghav. Raghav is in shock. Shivam and Riya take Raghav. They call Shanti and inform her that they found Raghav, he is fine. Shanti tells this to everyone. Kaushalya thanks Lord and cries. Mohit says he will leave you. Preeti thanks him. He leaves.

Renu asks Kaushalya to prepare to welcome Raghav. Shanti happily cries. Sarla is glad to hear Raghav is fine. Renu says she will go home, as she came urgently. She sees Sarla sitting outside. Pari comes from bath and tells Sharmili that its itching, and asks did you add any powder in it. Sharmili says yes, I added it, just go out and bath with cold water, I showed I can do anything. Pari goes. Mama taunts Sharmili. Sharmili asks shall I add this powder for you too.

Kaushalya cries and thanks Shanti for her strength. Pari tells Sharmili that you are not doing this right. Sharmili asks her to bath with cold water. Pari shivers putting cold water on her. Sharmili says I m also feeling cold, I will have ginger tea.

Shivam cleans Raghav’s clothes. Riya says we will take him home. The guard says car is arranged for your travel, come. They leave. Vyom sees Pari putting cold water and shivering. He asks Sharmili why are you doing this, we trapped her for marriage, what did she do. Sharmili gets angry and says she thinks our property is hers. She asks why do you care. He says Sujeev will see this and get on Pari’s side, then he will give property to Pari. She says that day, I will kill Pari, I m worried for you. He says nothing and hugs her. He says I m doing as you said. She warns him to be away from Pari.

Sharmili goes to Pari and gives her a shawl. She asks her to apply medicine, then itching will go, but first apologize and beg to me. Pari apologizes. Pari begs to her. Sharmili says fine, now I got peace, take this ointment. She goes. Pari says she will make Sharmili beg to her. Preeti says I will tell Sarla. Shanti stops her and says Sarla is not my daughter. Sarla says I will see how long you do this Amma, you ended relations with me for Riya, I will not come even if you beg. Shanti asks her to get lost. Sarla says your love calls me here, I m not stone hearted like you. I will not go till I see Raghav.

Bindu says I have come leaving everything as soon I got news. Shanti asks her to go. Bindu leaves. Bindu taunts Sarla and Sarla argues. Sarla thinks just Raghav can help her in getting inside home. Vyom talks to his friend about business. Pari comes to him and says she is very sad, why does he not explain his mummy, he asks what can I do. She asks him to fight with his mummy for her. He says you do nothing for me, better I become Sujeev’s. Vyom says I will kill you if you go close to Sujeev, give me some time, please Pari. She agrees and leaves.

Riya calls Shanti and makes Raghav talk to Shanti and Kaushalya. Shanti and Kaushalya are glad hearing his voice. Raghav says their prayers have saved him, I will come home and talk and ends call. Shanti and Kaushalya thank Lord. Shanti asks her not to cry now. Kaushalya says I can’t stay without Raghav. She goes to cook something for him. Shanti says I will go and give good news to Raghav’s dad. Kaushalya says she will tell Sarla, as promised to Raghav to unite Sarla and Shanti. She goes to Sarla and tells her that Raghav is coming home, he is fine, you also go home. Sarla argues with her and says I will not go. Shanti brings a stick to beat Sarla. Kaushalya stops Shanti. Shanti says move, Sarla is creating a scene here. A boy says see the live telecast of fight in Shanti Sadan. Sarla cries and says she won’t go till she meets Raghav. Sarla thinks she will not forget this.

Raghav tells Shanti that he has seen death from close, call pandit for Preeti and Nimmi’s marriage, so that I get free of my responsibility. Everyone cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very happy that ragav came back. was very worried. hoping to see the drama to follow up in MAM. love u rhagav kaushalya.

  2. Nice episode……hope preeti ‘marriage happen with Mohit only….They are so cute together….

  3. Happy they didn’t make kusia a widow to give power to Riya, now Raghav not dead or loose memory, it will be interesting to see what else witches Shanti,Sarla do to Riya.

  4. Nice episode. Good that Raghav is found. Love Riya, Preeti, Sonal and Nimmi.

  5. pratikshya subedi

    woww raghav is safe.plz plz plz don’t seperate mohit & preeti.sunahai ki preeti ki sadi air guy kee sath fixed hogaega.plz don’t seperate them they r prefect each other.

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