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Mere Angne Mein 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and everyone getting kumkum in Sarla’s purse, when Sarla blames Kaushalya to lose it. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and then gets numb seeing Sarla having it. Kaushalya says she has kept it in Sarla’s purse by mistake and takes blame on her, to end the matter. Bua says she will check the sweetdish. Nimmi talks to Bua and asks about Priya’s sister, its jaimala happening now. Bua asks who Priya? Nimmi says Amit is marrying Priya, Riya’s twin sister. Bua says what is she saying. Nimmi says Riya is Priya’s twin sister. Bua says Priya is my grand daughter, and calls her. Nimmi sees Priya a little girl. Sahil calls Bua for work and they go. Nimmi gets stunned and looks for Preeti.

Sarla looks at her. Shivam tries calling Nimmi. He calls her and she asks where

is he, Riya’s story is confusing. He says there is no twin sisters, Amit is marrying Riya. Nimmi says but Riya is your GF, we have to stop this marriage. He says yes. She says I told you before, I will tell dad. He says no, don’t tell anyone or dad. Sarla comes there and Nimmi stops talking. Amit asks Sarla to see Nimmi, there is something wrong. Sarla says I think I should shut Kaushalya and her daughters.

Nimmi asks where are you. Shivam says I did not go anywhere, I was kidnapped. She says I have to tell dad. He says don’t tell him, no one will hear you, swear on you, just stop Jaimala, if you tell mum, Bua and Dadi will scold mum. She asks what shall I do. He says stop Riya from reaching for jaimala, I will reach soon. Sarla comes to Nimmi and looks at her. Sarla asks Nimmi what is the matter. Nimmi lies to her.

Sarla says you are master in making story, tell me what are you cooking. Nimmi says why will I lie. Sarla taunts her. Nimmi goes. Sarla thinks she has to do something about Nimmi.

The pandit asks Shanti to start rituals. Kaushalya sees Bindu crying. Bindu says about Sarla’s taunts. Kaushalya pacifies her. Sarla looks on and asks Pari to come with her. Sarla asks Pari to keep an eye on Nimmi, she is hiding anything. Pari says fine, I will stick to her like leech. Raghav asks Kaushalya where is Shivam. She defends Shivam. Nimmi tells Preeti everything about the Riya, there are no twin sisters. Riya thinks she is marrying Shivam. Preeti says we will tell Riya, the marriage will stop. Nimmi says Shivam stopped me, he was kidnapped. Preeti asks what. Pari tries to hear them. Nimmi says we have to stop Jaimala till Shivam comes.

Shivam runs on the road. Pari talks to her ex BF and flirts with him. Sarla comes and says she is fed up by Pari. She scolds Pari and asks her to do the work, find out what is Nimmi and Preeti planning. Nimmi asks Preeti to lock Riya’s room. Pari comes there and asks them what are they planning. She punches them and asks them not to do drama. Nimmi says there is nothing. Pari says clever cat, you won’t tell me. Nimmi says do anything, I will tell dad. Pari taunts her and asks what will she do, she has heard them talking.

Nimmi says she came to know about Pari’s theft stories and wants to tell others. Pari stops her. Sarla calls the men and asks about Shivam. The men says he is inside caught by us. Sarla asks them not to do anything wrong. She says make me hear his voice. Bansi says we have beaten him a lot, he is unconscious. She says fine, don’t let him free.

Bua says they will take Riya after making others wait. She says they will take Riya under the dupatta. Bunty asks is she doing this to show Shanti. Bua laughs and says think anything. Bunty takes selfie with Riya. Bunty says she has forgot Riya’s sandal at home, and Riya asks her to go with Sahil. Anupam comes and asks Riya to come. Riya says there is small problem. Bunty forgot my sandal at home. He asks her to come soon. Shivam tries taking lift and does not get. He gets on a truck’s back and his phone falls.

Bunty tells Sahil to get Riya’s sandals. He says he will go for Riya’s sake. The pandit asks Sarla to call the bride and get groom on the stage for Jaimala. Shanti asks how can groom so soon, will he wait alone. She asks Anupam to call the bride. Anupam says I will get her. Pari goes after Nimmi. Nimmi sees her and fools Pari saying what a rich and handsome guy. Pari asks where is the guy. Nimmi says there, go there. Pari asks why should I go, you go. Sarla says she will take Amit on stage. Shanti stops her and says Amit won’t go there. Sarla cries and asks why is she scolding her.

Nimmi argues with Pari and tries to send her. Nimmi fools Pari telling about the money envelops. Sarla and Shanti cry and argue. Sarla thinks Shanti is doing emotional drama, she is her mum. Nimmi asks Preeti to go to Riya and she will divert Pari. Sarla tells Kaushalya that Shanti scolded her. Raghav and Ashok look on. Ashok asks Sarla not to cry. Raghav asks Sarla to wait and obey Shanti, hurry is not good in marriage. Amit says he wants to go on stage. Shanti says fine, end this drama Sarla, take your son, I will not tell anything. Shanti asks videographer to end the footage of her crying.

Sarla asks Shanti shall I take Amit on stage. Shanti says yes, take him soon. They get this recorded and act. Sarla takes Amit. Ashok asks Anupam to get Riya. Nimmi and Preeti think to do anything. Sarla sees Rani and asks Shanti to see her. Shanti sees Rani crying and fumes seeing her. Rani tells her aunty that Amit will have jaimala now. Shanti asks Rani why did she come. Riya says Sarla invited her. Shanti jokes and then says this marriage can’t happen, and threatens her to leave. Sarla holds her head.

Nimmi goes here and there and makes Pari follow her. Pari says what is Nimmi doing. Shanti hurts her own hands and Rani asks what did she do. Shanti asks why is she asking after doing this ad cries. Sarla looks on. Shanti says she will kill herself and then blame on Rani, then she will go to her inlaws jail. Shanti asks Rani to leave and scolds Rani’s aunty for giving 11rs envelop. She takes 100rs from them. Shivam tells the truck man why did he stop the truck, he wanted to go Moghalsarai, its urgent. The truck driver says the truck is not working. Shivam asks for the man’s phone. The man says it has low balance, and asks him to end talk soon. Pari misses Nimmi. Shivam calls Nimmi and says his phone fell, and asks is everything fine there. Nimmi says yes come soon. The call ends by low balance. Nimmi fools Pari. Bunty tells Riya that Sahil has gone to get her sandals and they hope he comes on time.

Sahil tells Bua that someone locked Riya’s room. Bua and Sarla get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its too much dragging………..

  2. how many days will this take?

  3. [email protected] riya noo use of 1 hr episode nothing changes here ..half hr airing shows would finish earlier than this………..:P 😛 …………seriously.they hav got kkb dragging disease……

    1. I agree as well this problem has taken like a month already what are the editors of Star Plus doing?

  4. what a waste of 1 hour ,the storyline stinks,so are the production team shame on them to produce this type of crap

  5. always change the channel,very poor rating

  6. OMG… seriously how long will it take… I can’t wait any longer!! the suspense is killing me.. come Shivam… get ur a$$ down there! LOL

  7. I thought today they will end this story of wedding but not i think for this week also wedding chapter wont be finished they are just dragging it 2 much.really shame on the production team.

  8. I love riya and shivum

  9. Lavneeta Gukhool

    AHHHH…… this serial is taking a lot of time and its becoming boring… Its like 1 hour wasted!!!!! Started to hate this serial now… SERIOUSLY!

  10. Lovely episode.

  11. I think the story line and suspense are superb. Hats off to the writers. I understand it’s taking too long, but none of us can predict how this is gonna end and that makes it worth it. We all know Shivam and Riya will marry, but HOW? That is what makes a good story. Not being able to predict what’s gonna happen.

  12. The story is taking very long time to unite the true couple ? (Riya & shivam). But this is the trick to attract its audience. We don’t wanna waste time by watching this , but we watch it everyday! ?

  13. aba atleast shivam and nimmi came to know the truth that there no twins sister and now nimmi will help him and shivam and Riya will get married but how need to see its very interesting … now to see?

  14. The timing of the serial is very early at 5.30 pm. The serial should be aired once again at 9.30 pm or 10 pm. Other serials are repeated so many times. This serial has odd times. There should be a slot either from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm.

    The suspense of Riya and Shivam is attracting a lot of viewers. Love the serial.

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