Mere Angne Mein 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav doing aid to his hand. Kaushalya comes to him and apologizes. He gets angry and says you did much wrong, you doubted on me. She says forgive me. He says I did not see any other woman, as I loved you, shall I make your doubt true, then you will get sense. She apologizes to him and cries. He scolds her and asks what would you do if I did this mistake, I would give Agni pariksha if you said, you created this drama. She says I did not see you with any woman, you got Charni home. He says so you thought this, you ruined my respect in front of everyone, Mannu is my senior, how will I meet her eyes.

She says I will explain everyone. He asks her to first understand, Shivam got job because of Mannu, she spoke to seniors, else who will keep Shivam on job. He gets angry

on her. She gets jealous when he tells about Mannu. She says I will forgive Mannu. He asks what, whom will you forgive. She says I will apologize to Mannu. He scolds her for showing attitude.

Aarti runs after Mannu and stops her. She says Kaushalya has clean heart, she is going through pain, come home and talk to them, they think I m your daughter, you have to explain them, please come with me. Mannu agrees to go with her. Shanti scolds Nimmi for filling Kaushalya’s ears.

Aarti gets Mannu home. Shanti says its good you came home, I want to know truth. Mannu says there is nothing like that. Shanti says Kaushalya is misunderstanding, it happens sometimes. She calls Kaushalya. She says Charni got her back. Mannu says I made Charni here and then she met me in market, I have no relation with her. Kaushalya apologizes to her. Shanti asks her to apologize to Charni also, you did her insult also. Kaushalya apologizes and says Nimmi showed me video and made me doubt. Nimmi says you have sent me to spy. Shanti thinks Kaushalya is proving herself a fool in front of Mannu.

She says Kaushalya is very simple, she has calm nature, sometimes it happens, Nimmi has seen you and misunderstood, sorry. Mannu says Kaushalya scared me, when any simple person gets angry, he gets much angry, its like that. Kaushalya apologizes. Mannu says its okay and hugs Kaushalya. Aarti says Lord made everything fine and smiles. Shanti says Charni smiled today, its good thing done by Kaushalya’s drama.

Nimmi says we will celebrate Raghav and Kaushalya’s anniversary. Shanti says yes, we will party and invites Mannu. Kaushalya looks on. Amit and his friends meet Shivam at the bar. Amit says we will celebrate every day, this is my area, tell me if you want anything. He orders wine. They all drink. Shivam sits sad. Amit asks him to drink. He asks what’s the use to be sad, your wife had to go, and is gone, don’t stare at me, I m trying to make your sorrow away.

Shivam says you won’t understand my sorrow. Amit says why, my wife also went to Maayka and left me. Shivam asks him to get Rani back home. Amit says you don’t know these girls. Shivam says I know Rani, she is sensible, explain her with love, she will agree. Amit says I explained her by love, you tell me, you love Riya and she went. Shivam says she loved me more than I loved her. Amit says then stay happy with love, why did you become Devdas. Shivam asks him to leave him alone. Amit says you are getting angry on me. Shivam says you are also sad, so you come here. Amit says no, I m happy to get free of Rani.

Shivam says you did not fall in true love, you won’t understand. Riya did not leave me, she is in my heart. Kaushalya goes to room and sees Raghav sleeping on ground. She apologizes and asks him not to do this. He stays annoyed. She asks him to forgive her. He says you have blamed me badly, you should have better hanged me. She cries and says enough now, I will have poison. He says you can’t do this drama, else I will do this, I get angry less, but when I get angry, I don’t get calm. She asks him to sleep on bed, I m hurt seeing this.

He says you are still not thinking about me, leave it now. She cries. She switches off lights and goes. He stays worried. Amit gets Shivam home and asks about Charni, who is she. Shivam says just Riya will be there in my life. Kaushalya sees them. Shivam says Amit takes care of me, he will take me. Amit asks for money.

He asks about Charni, is she guest. Kaushalya says no, she is a problem, do anything, but help me in making Shivam’s drinking end. Shanti hears them and asks what help is she asking. Amit says nothing. She asks them to say what happened. Aarti comes. Amit stares at her. She thinks why is he staring at me. Shanti sees Amit staring at Aarti. Aarti goes. Shanti asks what are you seeing. Amit says nothing, I was just saying, Shivam is unwell, I will leave him to room. Kaushalya worries for Shivam. Shanti says how to explain him. Amit drops Shivam. He says Sarla is going abroad for party work, I will come later, don’t worry, I will take care of Shivam.

Nimmi says I took Shivam’s promise that he won’t touch wine and will attend anniversary party. Shanti says we will see him today. Aarti asks Nimmi to get Shivam from office. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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