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Mere Angne Mein 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya and Rani doing aarti of Vyom. They ask him to come for rituals. Riya worries. Mohit forces Preeti to marry him, and says I will not let you go. Preeti asks him to leave her. He drags her back to temple, after she attempts to run. Rani asks Riya why is she worried. Riya makes excuses and leaves to find Preeti, while Shanti attends the guests.

Riya tries to find Preeti and calls her. Mohit scolds Preeti and throws her phone, saying we have to marry here and Riya is coming before our work, we would have got married that day itself when Riya made me leave from your work. Riya gets tired of finding Preeti. Sharmili asks for bride as Jaimala time is commencing. Bunty worries. Shivam and Rani say they will go and get Preeti. Bunty rushes to room and asks Nimmi not

to take tension, they will come soon, manage for some time. Nimmi cries and asks Bunty not to leave her. Bunty says everyone is going out for puja, so we will get some time. Nimmi says call Preeti and Riya fast, else I will faint by tension. Riya tries finding Preeti. Riya cries and requests auto drivers to drop her. A driver agrees and Riya leaves.

Rani and Shivam come to Nimmi, and ask Bunty about Nimmi. They assume Nimmi is Preeti. Bunty makes excuse. Shivam asks Amit to come, they will take Preeti for jaimala. Bunty asks will you take now. Shivam jokes that we have much time, we will take tomorrow. Bunty says fine. Shivam says we will take her now. Bunty asks Shivam to take Nimmi. She corrects that this bride is Preeti, and Riya and Nimmi will come till marriage rounds. Rani asks what do you mean, why is Preeti with long ghunghat, I will remove it. Bunty says Shanti said no one can see her face till jaimala. Rani says maybe any of the rituals, fine. Nandu looks on.

Mohit says you should have come to me when I called you. He says I hate you now. She asks why don’t you let me go then. Shivam and Rani take Nimmi for jaimala. Riya thanks the driver for taking her to destination at this time. Mohit tells Preeti that he will present his new show, that’s their marriage. He takes rounds with her and says two rounds with her. Vyom and everyone smile seeing the bride coming. Raghav hugs Nimmi and says you are our respect, always remember this, this decision to marry Vyom is your life’s best decision, be happy. He assumes her to be Preeti and talks to her. Nimmi cries.

Pandit chants mantras. Nimmi thinks I can’t snatch their happiness, and wishes Riya comes soon with Preeti. Vyom makes her wear the garlands. Nimmi cries. Pandit asks bride to make groom wear the garland. Nimmi gets tensed. Nimmi makes Vyom wear the garland. Everyone clap and smile. Bunty gets worried. Pandit asks them to take bride and groom to mandap, to do kanyadaan and start seven rounds.

Preeti asks Mohit to let her go. He says just one round is left now. We will cut short this round, we will talk about sindoor now. She resists and he applied sindoor to her. He leaves her and says I have left you, I will not marry you, my plan cancelled seeing you cry. He asks don’t you understand what happened, I did not wish to marry you, this accident and wound was just to trap fish in the net. He says you are such woman who missed two marriages in one day, its record. She cries. He says no one will marry you now, you left mandap and came here, you broke my heart, I ruined your life, world knows you are with me, lets see who marries you now, but no sorry, you had to pay for what you did with me. She cries.

Pandit asks bride to stand for rounds. Riya spots Preeti in the temple and gets shocked. Nimmi gets tensed being in mandap in Preeti’s place.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will this marriage ceremony drag on for another year? It’s boring as ever! No proper solution is coming on! How much more is Preeti going to suffer?

  2. I think nandu will marry preeti now
    Mohit character is turninv bad

  3. Mujhe laga ki yeh show hatke hoga but isme to or shows ki story rept horahi h

  4. Yeh kyaa twist hai story mein. Hamein aacha nahin lagaa.

  5. The whole think about Mohit is ridiculous! He and his parents know that it was Sarla who created the problem they should have taken up with Raghav! This was very bad track.

  6. kya hai bhai,writers drag kar rahe hai
    no story line ,all mess

  7. I hate this track.preeti & Nandu pairs ohhh god.tooo much disgusting. now I hate this serial.nonsense drama.

  8. It will be very uppsetting if nandu marry preety

  9. Nandu bhi tho bad hai. Now preeti the shaadi Lyon karegaa ? Bachaa tho makdimama ;-)…. Yeah pagal preeti shaadi chod kar chale gayi ? Aisa hotha hai kya ? N do they have any other entrance where people can come n go ….. Lol… Anybody can p n come in shantisadan.

  10. Very poor story .. Sarla aur nandu ne mil ker saara mohit Ka scene kharab Kia . Ab lagta hai nandu Se hi ker dein ge priti ki Shadi … Kya bakwas hai .. Nandu should have been thrown out … He is ugly inside out … Very poor track

  11. It is so weird situation that is telecasts. Preety should reach @ her wedding . Otherwise it will b very bad 2 watch in future.

  12. for goodness sake I hope preeti marries mohit other whys this drama will be boring

  13. Why mohit marry preety.she is a disgrace to her family.

  14. what a twist. Poor Priti and Nimmi.

  15. Don’t match nandu n preeti…. It is ridiculous…

  16. Bakwass!!!!
    Stupid preeti..!
    Why riya hide least she should tell to shivam…

  17. Shasmeen Amatullah

    Cba watching shit..last time I watch this now..
    U guys only kill the show..u dnt make it interesting jus too depressing and too predictable..hope this show stops airing soon and I hope everyone boycotts it nd stops watching it..
    Riya nd Shivers wedding was an embarrassment on Shivam and Riyas family (eventhough it was the right thing) now this..people are going to say this is what Kaushayala taught her children..why is it Sarla and Shanti never get caught with their upbringing being disgusting (Sarlas daughter is a slag and just keeps acting like a pr*stitute and never gets caught)..Shanti and Sarla’s evilness never gets exposed..

    This show is the most disturbing and disgusting show I have ever seen..I actually thought atleast Vyom and Preeti will make a nice married couple and he didn judge her nd was soooo sweet nd she’s just being sooooo stupid..Where’s the Husband and Wife bond and partnership between Riya and Shivam??..
    This is teaching youngsters to lie to their spouse nd hide things nd etc..

  18. Please riya bring preeti home before Nimmi gets married to Vyom.preeti is stupid,never happy..always crying but I want her to get married to Vyom..Riya should have told shivam..

  19. It’s time to reveal the truth about what Sarla did to Mohit and Preeti. She is soooo dumb just like her Mother. She should fight and trust her lover. Mohit is but bad, he had to be because of Sarla and the dumb Preeti did’t support her. This is not love.
    I hope they show that love is beautiful en Preeti and Mohit will married.

  20. thanks a lot

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