Mere Angne Mein 10th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 10th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari saying it was a mistake. Riya says fine, I will not tell anyone, do you know doing makeup. Pari says yes, I can do it very well. Riya asks her to do Pinky’s makeup. Nimmi makes the blouse ready and shows Pinky. Pinky thanks and hugs her, saying it looks new, I will go and get ready. The man tells Shivam that he has to lose in the game sometimes, this is business, you have to lose and earn money. Shivam recalls Riya, Shanti and Raghav’s words.

He cries and says thanks for offer, I can’t cheat my team. The man says I know you want money, think well. He says my family will die of hunger, but will not eat food by money earned by cheating, don’t give such bad offers to me again. He goes. The man calls him foolish. Pari does makeup to Pinky. Riya compliments

Pinky. She asks Pari to apply dark shad lipstick. Pari applies the lipstick to Pinky. Riya thinks this is mine, how low will Pari fall, she has stolen this. Maasi gets glad seeing Pinky and takes her. Riya asks Pari to give her lipstick, why did she steal it. Pari lies and says I have bought this lipstick, I m rich house bahu.

Riya says I remember what else are you. Nimmi comes and scolds Pari for keeping plastic ring, Kaushalya would have got insulted, you think we are mad and won’t know. Pari lies again and says maybe it got changed in shop, I helped and did makeup for free, you both are blaming me, you are bad. Riya says we are bad, keep this lipstick with you, thanks for help.

Shivam goes to temple and thanks Lord for showing him the way. Amit gets angry on Rani and asks why did she lie to himt hat they will get money, they have come here and danced, still did not get anything. Rani says Riya asked for help, I lied so that you agree, we all are family, I could not say no to Riya. He asks her to help anyone in the world, but not Shanti Sadan members. She says don’t get annoyed, we will see engagement. He says I won’t attend engagement, I will have food.

Pinky and the guy get engaged. Everyone clap. Maasi tells Kaushalya that groom’s mum wants to talk to you, come. Kaushalya worries and asks why did they call me. Groom’s mum says we are very happy that you have did all the arrangements in such less time, it looks like you are doing this work since long, give us any work, we can give you work to plan wedding. Nimmi says its new company. Pari says I m manager of the company. Nimmi says company name is Shashikala company. Maasi asks who is she. Kaushalya says Shashikala is actress, Nimmi likes her.

Kaushalya says they likes our work. Maasi gives money to Kaushalya and asks her not to refuse to this. Kaushalya says no, you are my sister, Pinky is like my daughter. Maasi says please keep this, all the girls worked hard, Pinky’s engagement got possible because of you. Pari asks for share. Kaushalya asks her to keep total amount. Rani and Pari argue for the money. Nimmi also argues for her share. Kaushalya asks did they get mad to fight for money like cats and dogs. Riya asks Pari for money. She asks Kaushalya to keep money and distribute to everyone. She thanks to Rani for coming. She says I would have not touched money if our house did not need it. Kaushalya gives money to everyone. Riya says we are one family, and does not take money from Kaushalya. Preeti comes and asks for her share. Rani says we will leave, call me if you need help. They all leave. Kaushalya and Riya smile. Kaushalya says I m proud of you.

Nirmala sees the lock at the door, and calls Sarla for getting home locked. She scolds Sarla for getting door locked and says I will come there and see you. Sarla says I did not ask anyone to lock house, don’t threaten me. She ends call and worries did Rani go out with Amit. She thinks what to do. Rani asks Amit to drive slow. He says I have work, I m going. She asks how can you leave your wife here. He goes. She goes home by walk. Sarla calls her.

Rani teases Sarla. Rani says I was sure you will win. Sarla asks did you eat bhaang, where are you, Nirmala has gone home and doing tandav outside house. Rani says we went to party and danced, talk to me well, I have become rich. Sarla asks where is Pari. Rani says Kaushalya invited us in party, Pari was also there. Sarla says Kaushalya made me sit here to guard house. Rani asks why did you not come, did Kaushalya not invite you. Sarla asks her to go home and manage Nirmala. Sarla asks Ashok to stay upstairs, Nirmala can come back again. Ashok nods and goes upstairs.

Sarla is angry and throws the purse. Tomatoes and potatoes fall off of Sarla’s purse. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this sarla & her daughter is very cheap………

    1. I don’t understand the over love affair of writers with sarla-pari. Why hide her bad deeds for such a long time. This is pulling the whole show.

  2. Sarla and her daughter are only interested in money, however or whatever they have to do to get it doesn’t matter to them. I hope shanti realises that it was her own daughter that complained against raghav.

  3. Yaar is bakwas show ka end karna tha…diya bati ko kyun end kiya…plz is serial ko band karo….

  4. sarla and her daughter are very cheap have only eyes for money money

  5. I am sick of this show due to thief duo sarla-pari

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