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The Episode starts with Shivam and Riya spending time together. Sarla sees Rani resting in her room and scolds her. Rani says you will get my curse, you forgot its my wedding night today, I have done arrangements. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get up. Kaushalya asks her is she fine and gives her water. Shanti says I don’t want water, I can have heart attack and asks her to be awake. Kaushalya says nothing will happen, I will sit here. Shanti thinks Kaushalya will have heart attack in morning.

Rani puts flower petals and decorates the balcony. Amit comes and she says she was waiting for him. She says she has decorated their room and shows him the balcony, as its their first night. Amit scolds her. Sarla says Rani is so shameless and asks Pari to go from there. She tells Amit to have control

on Rani. Amit asks Sarla to go. He asks Rani not to do drama. Rani says she did not have food till now. Amit says clean all this and go to sleep. He rests in his room. Rani looks at him. Amit shuts the window and asks her not to come to him. She gets sad and sits crying.

Its morning, Kaushalya comes to Shanti to tell about Rakshabandhan. She does not find Shanti and asks Nimmi and Preeti. She says I have given her tea and now she is not here. Nimmi says its dangerous that Shanti goes like this, just pray she does not come back. Kaushalya scolds her and asks her to look for Shanti in neighbors. Shivam and Riya are sleeping while sitting in the lawn. Bunty wakes up and says where did Riya go. Bua asks someone to wake up Riya and Bunty. Anupam and Sahil’s dad talk about Sahil. Anupam supports Sahil and laughs. Suman looks on and asks them to come for breakfast. Bunty sees Riya and Shivam sleeping and says if anyone sees them… Anupam asks Bunty to call Riya. Bunty makes excuse.

Bunty goes out and wakes up Riya. Riya wakes up Shivam, and asks him to get up, Bua will bring puja plate now. Shivam says relax, I m going and hugs her. He leaves. Anupam comes to take paper and Bunty comes in between. Anupam and Bua see Shivam. The inspector comes and says this is the thief. Shivam leaves. Anupam says Shivam is my son in law. The inspector apologizes and leaves. Anupam and Bua laugh. Suman asks her husband to see Riya is so modern, they are married, but not meet like this. Sahil asks what is she saying about Riya, he won’t hear against Riya. Suman argues. Bua asks Suman why is she scolding Sahil. Suman gets annoyed.

Sarla tells Rani to make food just for Ashok, they all are going to Shanti’s home. Rani gives tea to Amit. Amit says he will have tea by Sarla’s hand. Sarla makes Amit have the tea. Rani asks how is the tea. Sarla remarks on it. She asks Rani to go in kitchen and cook. Nimmi says uncle said Shanti went to market, but where is Shivam. Kaushalya says Shanti would have gone to station, did she feel bad and left home? Nimmi asks did she tell her anything. Kaushalya says no, she never goes to market, where did she go.

Sarla calls out Prabha and they talk standing in opposite balconies. Sarla says its raksha bandhan today. Prabha asks shall I dance. Sarla asks her to take Rani home and give her nek. Prabha asks does Rani has any brother. She asks Sarla not to shout in morning and scolds her. Sarla says Lord has written my fate in pass time and is upset seeing Rani as her bahu.

Kaushalya is worried and says Raghav will come now, what will I tell him. She asks Nimmi to go and see. Shanti comes home. They all get shocked seeing Shanti coming from market. Kaushalya asks where did she go, she did not say. Shanti says we shall go inside and talk. Bunty hugs Riya and teases her about Shivam. Bunty asks when did Shivam come. Riya says don’t know. Bunty says tell me. Riya says at night, I was dreaming about him, when my opened eyes, he was infront of me, I told him to go, but he was hungry. Then we had food and lots of talk, we did not when we fell asleep.

Bunty says I will not sleep here tonight, you kiss at night. Riya says don’t tease me. Bunty laughs. Shanti asks the man to keep all the things in her room. Nimmi and Preeti think what happened yesterday. They think Shanti has planned this at night, and booked the items.

Rani makes breakfast for everyone. Ashok and Sonal like the food. Rani serves parathas to Amit. Sarla says he will eat by my hands. Ashok asks Sarla why is she insulting Rani. Sarla says I know Rani, I m leaving now. She asks Sonal, Pari and Amit to get ready. Pari asks Sarla to ask for extra nek from Shanti. Ashok taunts Pari. Sarla argues with Ashok. Rani asks shall I come along. Sarla refuses. Ashok asks Sarla to take Rani. Sarla asks him to go to his sister’s house, and tells him not to give more than 100rs nek. Ashok asks Sarla to take 100rs from Raghav. Ashok says its useless to talk to Sarla.

Kaushalya asks Shanti whats all this, are you cooking for someone. Shanti says now I will be cooking for myself. Kaushalya asks what, did I do any mistake, forgive me, whats all this. Shanti creates a scene. Nimmi defends Kaushalya. Shanti argues with her. She acts like crying and leaves. Kaushalya asks what did I do now and cries. Sarla asks Amit to go to Shanti Sadan, its raksha bandhan. Amit refuses and asks for money. Sarla says I want money, where will we get.

Pari and Sonal get ready. Amit asks them to tie rakhi here at home itself. Pari says yes, it will save time. Shanti waits for everyone to see her. She starts acting. Shanti asks Kaushalya to sit on the swing, you would be wishing to sit. Kaushalya says yes, but…. Shanti says no but, I knew this, permit me to keep my belongings in my room. Kaushalya asks what, you always permit me to do things. Kaushalya asks what did I tell you. Shanti says lie, you always say round words.

Shanti cries and does much drama. Kaushalya cries and does not understand why Shanti is doing this. Nimmi says I knew Dadi will do some drama, and asks Preeti not to go office. Preeti says no, I have to go, else I will lose my job. Sonal and Pari tie rakhi to Amit and do the rituals. Sonal asks for nek. Amit says he will give, he is not running anywhere. Amit gives 50 rs as nek. Pari asks whats this and throws it on Amit being angry.

Raghav comes home and asks about Shanti. Kaushalya says Shanti is fine, but… Raghav goes to room and gets shocked seeing Shanti cooking food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I find it difficult to understand Indian culture. In sister Sarala,s family the wife is dominating. Then in brother Raghav,s family the husband is dominating and the wife is just a puppet. Does this means there is no proper culture and things depend on as per each persons character?. I personally detest weak females and unfair males who do not allow children to speak to defend their mother. it sickens me to watch such characters. Raghav can respect his mother but his children cannot respect theirs. What a story !.

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