Mere Angne Mein 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit misbehaving with Ashok. Sarla beats Amit and says Ashok is your dad, I will not bear this. Ashok smiles. Amit asks Sarla did Shanti forgive her. Ashok says yes, that’s why Sarla is happy. Sarla says I promised Shanti, that I will never fight with Ashok. Amit says this promise won’t go for long. Shanti prays. Raghav gets ready for work. Everyone cough by the smoke. Shanti burns some coal on stove. Nimmi says your love for Papa will kill us. Riya says bad sight and such things do not exist. Shanti says I will do this, I believe in these things, what will you do. Riya says nothing.

Sarla tells Nirmala that there is a good news for her, I promised Amma, I will kick you out of this house till Navratri ends. Nirmala says I challenge you, I will make you leave.

She thinks divorce papers will come and then Sarla can’t do anything. Kaushalya has pain in her legs. Riya comes and gives her tea. Kaushalya asks did you do for what you came. Riya asks are you angry and holds her legs to massage. Kaushalya shouts to Nimmi. Riya and Nimmi apologize to Kaushalya. Kaushala says did I say anything. Riya says don’t slap me, fine slap me light. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to open cupboard. Riya says I did not do that intentionally. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to check under sarees. Nimmi gets chocolates and asks what is this for? Kaushalya thanks them for not telling them and running away from home to help Raghav and Ashok, they got their jobs back and Ashok got respect in this house, you both brought happiness, I m proud of you both, you both are tigress, I m very happy.

Riya asks how did you get leg ache. Kaushalya says Shanti told me to stand on one leg and do jap for Raghav’s job, I have to do arrangements for Navratri now. Riya sees the chocolate wrapper and says you were having it by hiding. Kaushalya says yes. Riya asks will you share with us. Riya, Nimmi and Kaushalya eat chocolate together and smile.

Nirmala thinks to talk to lawyer. Sarla comes to her. She asks Nirmala are you seeking help from someone. Amit hears them. Sarla asks Nirmala to be ready to leave the house. Amit tells Rani about the fight and asks who will stay here. Rani scolds him and says I will not leave you if you are the father of that boy. He goes.

Shanti counts money and keeps. Kaushalya comes and asks for money. Shanti asks for what. Kaushalya says all money is spent. Shanti asks her to think before spending money, how will your mind get sharp you should have said you want money for ghatpuja. Kaushalya apologizes. Shanti gives some money.

She asks why do you want money, I know you very well and can read your face, tell me, why do you want money for yourself. Kaushalya says I have to gift Raghav. Shanti gives her 500rs and says you can give gift to Raghav. Kaushalya smiles and gets gad. Shanti smiles seeing Kaushalya and Raghav’s relation.

Kaushalya goes to Riya and gives money for ghatpuja. She asks her to go to market and get good items for puja. Riya asks is there anything else to get. Kaushalya says keep this 500rs and get a tshirt like Shivam wears. Riya asks for me? Kaushalya asks what. Riya says its big day, you are getting tshirt for son and nothing for me, am I like your daughter. Kaushalya says you are my daughter. Riya says I also want new saree. Kaushalya says its not for Shivam.

Riya asks then for whom. Kaushalya says just do what I said. Riya says I felt bad, fine I will get it. Kaushalya says don’t feel bad, I m asking you to get it for Raghav. Riya asks for Papa. Kaushalya gets shy. Riya teases Kaushalya. Kaushalya tells about her old days. Riya tickles her. Shivam comes. Kaushalya asks Riya to get such round neck tshirt and goes. Shivam asks what happened to mummy. Riya says she wanted to get shirt for Raghav.

Shivam says she thinks a lot for Papa. Riya asks what, you mean I don’t think for you. He says you just give me lecture. She says you are angry with me. He asks can’t I get annoyed with you. She says its all fine, keep mood good, forget everything. He says on one condition, like mummy is getting gift for Papa, you also get a gift for me. They smile. She says don’t lie, I just gave gift, punching bag. He asks is that any gift. She says gift is gift, its your turn to give me gift. He says I gave myself to you, shall I give my life. He says we will go like a good couple. They talk and smile. They hug.

Preeti dances as Shanti on the song Banni tera swagger….. Shanti also dances with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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