Mere Angne Mein 10th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 10th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti making Nimmi apologize to Sarla. Shanti sends her and asks Sarla what new thing did she do what she is so worried. Preeti tells her friend that she has 25000rs cash which her colleague gave her. She sees RJ Mohit there on the way and he goes. Sujeet blows balloons and Mata ji tries convincing him about marriage. Sujeet refuses and gets angry. She calls Mama. Mama asks Sujeet to marry and Sujeet asks Mama to marry too.

Kaushalya stops Riya from adding green chillies tadka. They have a talk. Riya says she will cook as Kaushalya says. Kaushalya says no, I will cook, everyone likes food made by me. Preeti comes home. Raghav calls Preeti and asks for Kaushalya. Kaushalya talks to Raghav and asks Preeti to cook. Riya gets upset. Sujeet says he will marry Mama and

makes Mata ji sit as havan kund. She gets troubled. Mata asks Mama to do something and gets tensed seeing Sujeet going to locked room.

Raghav talks to Kaushalya and flirts with her. She sees Nimmi crying and asks why is she crying. Raghav asks what happened. Shanti comes and scolds Kaushalysa. She takes Raghav’s call and says Nimmi is crying with happiness, as she got big order, get sweets. He says I came to take sweets. Shanti ends call and asks Kaushalya to get matchstick. Nimmi cries.

Sujeet comes to Mama and asks him to catch butterfly. He goes to the room and says the butterfly went inside, open this room. Mama and Mata ji ask Sujeet to stop and get shocked. Sujeet stands near the door. Mama takes Sujeet by making excuse and Mata ji gets relieved. Shanti ignites the firecrackers and taunts Nimmi.

Sarla calls Amit and tells about the wedding cd. She tells about Pari stealing cash and the man can get that CD at Shanti Sadan anytime. He asks her not to trouble him. She asks him to see the Cd at the shop. Amit asks her to manage on her own. Mama says he will show the butterfly. Sujeet says then I will be happy and not beat you. Mama does magic and brings butterfly over the flowers. Sujeet smiles and goes. Mata ji asks Mama to give double dose to Sujeet today.

Ashok cries recalling how he was beaten up by Amit’s friends. A biker pushes him and goes. Ashok gets wounded and Sonal sees him. She asks people to help. Sonal calls Sarla and tells about Ashok. Sarla tells this to Shanti. Shanti talks to Nimmi and Kaushalya, and waits for Raghav. Vyom calls Pari and asks her to go home, he will meet her tomorrow. She gets angry. Sarla cries and is worried. Shanti says she will pay bill for Ashok’s medical. Raghav comes and gets to know about Ashok. He says we should go and see Ashok. He sees Riya’s scooty and asks did any guest come. Shanti says Riya’s dad has sent for her. Raghav asks who has told this to Anupa,. Shanti says maybe Riya spoke to him, its bad to tell him every little thing. Pari tries taking auto and gets stunned seeing Sujeet. The dirt falls over Pari’s face while Mama is driving car rashly. Sujeet scolds Mama. Shanti talks to Riya and wants to hide about scooty and salary. Pari says Vyom lied to me about his brother gone to Paris, I will meet him now. The car leaves and she gets upset. Mama and Mata ji see Pari and find her a cheapster.

Shanti asks Kaushlya to make Preeti glow and she should look good, the guy should like her. Shanti asks Kaushalya to apply cream to Preeti’s face. Preeti gets tensed and goes. Shanti says she got shy. She scolds Nimmi. Nimmi leaves. Mata ji, Mama and Vyom talk about Pari, who can do anything for money, she loves herself, she will not take care of Sujeet. Sujeet hears them and asks Vyom what was he saying. He gets adamant and sits asking. Mata ji asks Mama to say any story.

Mama says I will show a story and does magic. He uses some mechanisms kept there and lifts the table to entertain Sujeet. Sujeet gets amazed seeing it. They all clap for Mama. Sujeet says Mama did great and asks for his gun. Mata ji asks why gun now. Sujeet goes to get gun. Mata ji asks Mama not to worry, the gun has fake bullets. Mama says I did not get time to change bullets and cries. Sujeet sits on the table and asks Mama to fly the table now. He asks Mata ji and Vyom to sit with him. Mama gets tensed and presses the machine. The table does not raise in air. He asks Mata ji to explain. Sujeet says I will shoot Mama. Preeti cries in her room. Nimmi asks her to sleep.

Kaushalya asks her friends to come in Navratri and keeps phone on speaker. The bhajan mandli lady says bad about Shanti, which Shanti hears and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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