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The Episode starts with Shanti and Nimmi seeing Kaushalya. They wonder where is Riya, and Shanti says its all a race for the swing. Riya calls Nandu and asks him to come as advocate. Shivam and Riya worry if Nirmala does not come, all plan will fail. Shivam says calm down, I will call her. He calls Nirmala and she cries. He says my shoulder is always there. She thanks him for support. He says I m there for you, I have a surprise, I love you a lot. She asks can I ask something, will you marry me. Shivam gets shocked.

Preeti sees Shanti’s room locked and calls out Kaushalya and Shanti. Shivam says she is asking me to marry. Riya says yes, do it. Nirmala says you can refuse to me, I will not force you. Shivam says I will marry you even now if you say. She asks now? He says yes, why not.

She says but I m married. He says yes, but if one loves someone, does he know the person is married or not, we will see that, you just come.

Pari makes special tea for Sarla. Preeti calls Sarla and asks did anyone come there. Sarla says no, what happened. Preeti says there is no one at home. Sarla asks where did you go. Preeti says they don’t tell me anything. Sarla asks her to come home. Sarla sees Nirmala leaving. Ashok tells Riya that Nirmala left, I m also leaving now. Sarla says where did they go now. Pari says Ashok was telling Nirmala’s name, he is acting, don’t trust him. Sarla says yes, we should follow him.

Everyone wait for Nirmala. Shanti and Nimmi stare at Shivam and Riya. Nirmala reaches there. She likes the beautiful house and says am I dreaming, I have to take Chummi’s test. Riya talks to Shivam and holds him. Shanti shuts Nimmi’s eyes. Shivam asks Pappi Singh not to do this. Nirmala comes inside house. Shanti and Nimmi cover faces with ghunghats, and talk to Nirmala as maids. Nirmala says tell your boss that Nirmalu has come to meet him. Shivam comes and welcomes Nirmala. He compliments her.

He asks the maids to get tea and snacks for Nirmala. He asks them to shower flowers on them. They throw flowers angrily. Shivam acts sweet to Nirmala. Riya talks to Ashok on call and asks him to come fast. Sarla follows Ashok and says where is he going. Shivam tells about the maids and says you are not able to identify my family. He laughs. Riya calls Nandu and asks where are you. He says on the way. She asks him to get divorce papers and come fast. Shivam asks the maids to dance and show. Nimmi asks what. Shanti says we will dance. They all dance. Nirmala says stop them, I don’t want to see their dance. He says fine, what happened, why are you sad.

Nirmala tells about Ashok. He asks her not to worry. He asks her to come and see. He shows mandap and says I got pandit here also. She gets shy. He calls her cute and says I was waiting for my dream princess, I will marry you. She asks will you leave me. Riya says no, he supported me and will support you too. Riya says I will take madam, advocate did not come. She asks maids to take Nirmala. Shanti and Nimmi ask Nirmala to come. Nirmala goes to get ready. Shanti asks Riya when did he become Sardar. Riya says I m Sardar, what is your problem, you work. Nimmi asks where are Shivam and Riya. Riya says they are coming. Shanti asks them why do they hug like husband and wife. Riya jokes and laughs with Shivam. Shanti goes to beat Riya. Shivam stops Shanti.

Riya removes her moustache and shows her face. Shanti, Nimmi and Kaushalya get shocked. Ashok reaches there and sees the house. He thinks to go inside when Riya calls. Shanti says this is Riya, that’s why Riya looks think Sardar. Riya says this is Shivam. Shanti says you did good acting, you chose bad names, Chummi and Pappi Singh. Riya says sorry. Kaushalya shouts and says help, how can Riya make Shivam marry Nirmala. Riya says its small drama. Riya says its small drama, see Nandu has also come. Kaushalya asks did Nandu become lawyer. Riya says now divorce will happen. Nandu says I have seen Sarla and Pari coming here. They all get worried.

Sarla and Pari beat Riya and tie Shanti, Nimmi and Kaushalya too. Shivam takes wedding round with Nirmala and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So has Riya’s plan failed? It’s not that easy to do something with sarla and pari around.


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