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The Episode starts with Shanti crying and talking to her husband’s pic. She says she lost her respect and was insulted. She could not meet Kaushalya’s eyes now. Sarla comes and asks what happened. Shanti says she covered up Sarla’s act and made her marry Ashok, but what Pari did, Kaushalya and her daughters will taunt me and I have to hear them, I can’t face them. Shanti shows the saree and card she chose for Pari’s marriage. Sarla defends Pari and cries. Kaushalya comes there and they stop talking seeing her.

Sharmili taunts Pari for the cheap ring her family gave. She says servants wear such rings in our home. Mama asks Sharmili to talk to Sujeev. Sharmili talks to Sujeev and asks is he fine. Sujeev asks Sharmili what happened here, he does not remember, why is all this broken,

who has hurt Mama. Sharmili says your inlaws came and gifted these wounds. Sujeev says this is wrong, why did Pari not stop them. Pari worries. Sharmili asks Pari not to make Sujeev more worried. She says she managed everything and sent them, everything is fine now, don’t take tension.

Kaushalya asks Sarla why is she crying. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and asks did she come to taunt her about Pari. Kaushalya says why will I say this. Shanti says I know you are very happy. Kaushalya says its not your mistake if Pari did mistake. Shanti asks why did you not say, Pari did good to marry in rich home, you wanted that guy for your daughters. Kaushalya says I did not think this. Shanti says the secret is that I told Pari to run away and marry Sujeev, Pari did not run on her own.

Sharmili tells Pari that she wants her to meet someone. Pari asks who. Sharmili says I hate messy things, your family has spoiled everything. Pari says she does not like dirty things. Sharmili asks Pari to explain the work to the new maid, she is very arrogant. Pari says I m tired, I will go to my room, you talk to maid and send green tea or milkshake. Sharmili says I m so happy and will make Chappan bhog, I want you to manage home. Pari says fine, but how to order maid, I m also new. Sharmili says yes, its big problem, come to meet someone. Pari is excited.

Sarla nods to Shanti’s lies. Kaushalya thinks. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to think, I did not wish Pari’s marriage to have hurdle like Amit’s marriage, I wanted to tell everyone on right time, Sharmili came here for Pari’s proposal, then Sujeev and Pari liked each other, kundlis matched, Sharmilu got these sarees and card designs. Sarla gets shocked seeing Shanti cleanly lying and smiles.

Shanti says Sharmili then refused, she has sent pandit and then changed mind, now she is saying Pari run away and married. She throws the sarees. She says she got angry and told Pari about marriage getting cancelled. Pari cried and said she regarded Sujeev as her husband, she will become his Jogan. She says Sujeev also regarded her as his wife in heart, I told Pari to marry Sujeev in temple, I gave her permission. Kaushalya asks what.

Shanti lies. Kaushalya says everything happened right. Shanti continues the drama. Sharmili brings Pari to servant room and says this is your mu dikhai. Pari says she did not understand. Sharmili shows her face in the mirror and says this is our new maid. Pari gets shocked. Sharmili asks Pari to start working, she hates garbage. Pari asks Sharmili is she joking, she did not come to do this. Sharmili asks her to stop drama and start working, else she will kick her out of Sinha mansion. Your parents will not let you come back, you have to work, I ill give you good sweepstick of your choice. Pari cries. Sharmili scolds Pari. She gives her simple clothes and asks Pari to return the gold jewelry to her.

Shanti says Pari is innocent, I m thinking it was Lord’s fate. I can’t make people quiet, but you are Pari’s mum, don’t think Pari has run away and married. Kaushalya says I agree Pari did not elope. Shanti gives Kaushalya and Sarla the sarees and lies that Sharmili gave it. Kaushalya congratulates Sarla.

Lali Bua talks to Riya at Anupam’s home. Riya says she missed Bua. Bua says she ended her work in her village and came back. She hugs Riya. Anupam asks them to talk and goes to get tea. Bua asks Riya why is she worried. Riya says nothing. Bua says Anupam told me everything, you are feeling tough to adjust in Shanti’s house, is Shanti troubling you, tell me. Riya says no, I have problem with myself. Riya says when I try to do good, I do wrong with them. Bua asks Riya to understand them. Anupam gets tea. Riya says I will try. Anupam asks Riya did she feel bad he told this to Bua. Riya says you are my Papa, you will be tensed about me, I m happy and have no problem there.

Kaushalya says Shanti’s decision is always right, Pari is mature and everything went fine at end. Shanti asks her to make sweets. Shanti says they will talk to neighbors and tell them that wedding happened by our wish. Kaushalya goes. Sarla shuts the door. Sarla says Shanti is great, she changed sin to good in 10 mins. Sarla thanks her. Shanti says I saved my respect, not yours, I show your children in good light infront of Raghav. Sarla you really change, you do mistakes always and I have to rectify it, if Preeti and Nimmi did this, you would have taunted me, if water goes above my head, no one will come to save you. Riya comes home and Nimmi tells her about Pari eloping and marrying. Riya says this is big thing, I will go and talk to Shanti. Preeti stops Riya. Nimmi says Riya likes just truth, so I told her. Preeti asks Riya to get fresh and talk later, as Shanti is with Sarla.

Pari cleans the floor. Sharmili asks Pari to clean well. Pari thinks to talk to Sujeev, she has come to become Rani, not maid. Shivam tells everything to Riya. He tells about Pari marrying Sujeev, she has ruined our respect, what will happen when dad knows this. Riya says Pari did wrong, Raghav will feel much bad. Ashok cries as he could not find Pari. Sarla calls Ashok. He asks about Pari. Sarla says Pari is in Sinha house.

Ashok asks what. Sarla says Pari has married Sinha’s elder son Sujeev, he is a nice guy. He gets shocked and asks how did she marry like this, why did you not beat Pari. She says we all have beaten Pari, Shanti asked me to accept the marriage. I did her Kanyadaan there. Ashok cries. He says father is needed for kanyadaan, you did not think I can do this, if you feel Pari did right, then you are mistaken, one day she will not identify you, don’t go to beg Pari for money. She ends call being angry.

Sharmili brings Pari to kitchen. She asks Pari to grind red chillies on grinding stone, instead mixer. Pari asks how can I grind chillies. Sharmili asks her to grind, else she will fill chillies in her mouth. Pari beats the chillies to make them powder. Sarla asks Rani to go home. Riya talks to Shanti about Pari’s marriage, the way she married. Sarla says you are blaming Pari. Shanti says Pari got married, and sweets have to be given. Riya says but lying to people. Shanti asks what lie, Pari did not run, we made her marry. She reminds Riya how she married Shivam and ruined their respect. She asks Riya to learn from Kaushalya.

Pari shows her hands to Sujeev and says Sharmili made her work a lot. Sujeev asks did she come to complain about Sharmili, just work and do as Sharmili says. He goes. Sharmili says Pari you are thinking right that you came in wrong house. Pari says no, I love Sujeev. Sharmili coughs and says if you really love, then shut up, I will show the way to love, grind the chillies, come.

Sarla says Pari’s marriage has happened, we should give some jewelry and nek. Shanti says she will not give nek to run away girl. Sarla apologizes. Shanti says its mistake of fate and is angry.

Riya asks Shanti will she stop Preeti from working, thinks she will also do mistake. Shanti asks Riya will she come if anything wrong happens. Riya says yes, I will come. Preeti looks at Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Senseless serial…always evil ppl dominating on good ppl…senseless..and the worst charecter among all is Kaushalya..who believes all nonsense of shanti…now Shivam also in same line…always shouting on riya…good now going forward..Shanti will not let Preeti marry mohit and she wil make preeti marry someone else…so no expectations on their love story line….

  2. kaushalya is the most dumb and worthless character ever.

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