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Mere Angne Mein 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya thinking to get Kaushalya back home soon. Chanda slips and Shivam holds her. Riya sees them and scolds Chanda. Shivam asks why are you overreacting. Riya asks did you snatch this right from me. He says I did not fall, are you fine Chanda. Chanda says yes. He goes. Shanti asks Chanda are you fine. Chanda says yes and goes away to hear them. Shanti asks Riya when will you go. Chanda smiles. Nirmala comes home. Ashok asks what am I hearing, you are marrying, who is it. She asks did Rani tell you, don’t listen to her. Rani says no. Nirmala says Sarla was asking me to marry, and I told Rani. Rani says you told me that you are going to marry, you gave me 10000rs too. Nirmala says yes, I gave it to Rani to spend it, I was taking care of everyone. She says Sarla asked me to

take care of Ashok too. He asks why, why will you take my responsibility, if you are really marrying, make me meet the guy once. He goes. Rani smiles and goes. Nirmala worries.

Shivam goes to his room and looks for his diary. He asks Chanda about his diary. Chanda says I don’t know. He asks Preeti. Preeti talks rudely and asks him to find it, he has two wives now. He asks her to stop nonsense. Riya hears them and hides the diary. She thinks where to keep diary, I will be caught, I will hide this in Kaushalya’s room. Shanti comes there and Riya stops seeing her.

Shivam says where did my diary go. Shanti asks what happened, diary will be anywhere in room. He says its very imp. She asks did it go in Kaushalya’s room, whats in that diary that you are so restless. He looks at Riya and says there is some imp paper in it. Riya smiles. Shanti says I will see if its in my room. Vicky gives the letter to Nandu. Nandu says fine, tell Riya I will manage everything. Kaushalya does prayers. Nandu comes and asks Kaushalya to read the letter, congrats, its Shivam’s wedding card. She gets shocked. Nandu reads Shivam’s letter, that Shivam misses her and asking her to come back soon. She cries and checks Shivam’s handwriting. She says I have to talk to him. Nandu says he will be in office, we will go back and talk, check the car. She smiles seeing Shivam and Chanda’s wedding card. She thanks Lord.

Nandu calls Riya and says Kaushalya is going to call there, manage it somehow. She says get mummy ji here, I will manage. Kaushalya says I want to talk to Shivam once. Riya unplugs the landline wire and acts like talking to her dad. Shivam sees her and talks on his phone.

Shanti teaches cooking with gas savings to Chanda. Riya thinks what to do of Shanti’s phone. She goes and takes Shanti’s phone. Shivam looks at her. She turns and removes the battery. She thinks now just Shivam’s phone is remaining. She sees Preeti and goes to help her. She asks Preeti to go and rest, I will fill water. Preeti goes. Riya fills water in the bucket. Shivam is talking over phone. He ends call and keeps his phone there. She thinks sorry, I have no other way and have to do this. She slips and makes his phone fall in water. He asks her to see and walk, and gets angry as his phone got damaged. She says sorry, I slipped, it happened by mistake. He asks why does only you happen to do mistakes.

Kaushalya says call is not connecting. Nandu says maybe he is busy, we will go home. Shanti asks who will pay for this loss. Riya says Shivam can use my phone, sorry. He goes. Shanti checks her phone and says its not charging, check this Chanda. Riya thinks when to put battery back. Chanda says it was on charging since long. Shanti goes to see Preeti.

Riya puts the battery in Shanti’s phone. Shanti scolds Preeti for resting all day and not helping anyone in work. Chanda sees Riya with Shanti’s phone. Riya says Shanti’s phone is working, I was thinking why was it not working. Chanda thinks Riya is fooling me, I understand everything. Kaushalya packs her bag and says Shanti and Shivam’s phone are off. Nandu makes some excuse and says we will go there and surprise Shivam. She says fine, and asks Renu’s daughter to tell Renu that she had to leave soon. She leaves with Nandu.

Riya washes utensils. Chanda smiles and acts good offering help to Riya. She says I m doing what I m asked to, its not my mistake. Riya says I know its not your mistake, I should thank you that you agreed to marry Shivam. Shanti says it will be good if Kaushalya comes back. She sees a cigarette and cries saying Shivam started smoking. Riya thinks since when is Shivam smoking.

Kaushalya shows Shivam’s wedding card to Shanti. Shanti sees Riya talking to Nandu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode

    1. you must be an absolute moron to like this show, the way it is going and to like this episode.

      1. what is your problem miss whatever its not your business if I like the episode or not and if you don’t like the show don’t waste your time commenting here or abusing other who like the show because you have no rights to tell what to do or not so please mind your business

      2. Haha i lov ur reply for liking the show. They must be related to the director

    2. Strange,,,,why u ppl r after her,,,,respect others choice,,,,we didn’t force you to watch the show,,,,Y u ppl want others to thnk lyk u

  2. When are these dumb writers stop this cat and mouse chase. No one is getting any further with the story line with all the out doing games. Indian writers are pathetic same as other serials. I have stopped watching this since yesterday . I am sure it’s no loss to your trp’s if you were bothered then maybe story lines would not be dragged on and on for months or years. This is the 4 th serial I have stopped watching. Yrkkh, sans, Diya aur battid and this. My friends have done the same our time is too precious to waste on crap like this.

    1. You did better than me. I stopped ages ago

  3. Shivam… u

  4. The serial started so well and now it is shit, a well educated girl acting like a dumbo, what is the point of using that kind of language, its is fake and false, how can that solve anything? it is disrespectful to mimic daddi even if she is not nice. Also why should she live in the courtyard? the 6 months are given by the court to solve the problems and she has full right to stay in her own room. The illiterate producer plays with the emotions of ignorant audience and breaks, molds and change the laws according to their own suitability. If you had kept the story clean and modern according to the changing times and even if the serial finishes it would have been more liked and then you can move on to another good story. How much of a bad writer and producer can you become for the sake of TRP? just like our politicians

  5. I only watch this show and I like all character they do what they are told and they do really well but miss sushas iam not related to director I just love this show as much as you love other show

  6. really sorry for this serial

  7. Interesting episode.

  8. Even i like this show its just an entertaiment especially shantis games

  9. I even like this show and if someone is not happy about that I really don’t care. Vous pouvez aller vous faire voir

  10. Watch Jana nahin mere dil se door. It is some what refreshing with good acting by the leads. The hero has drop dead good looks. Intense.

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