Mere Angne Mein 10th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 10th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Shanti shall we take Nimmi long. Shanti agrees and asks her to call Sarla too. Kaushalya calls Sarla and asks her to come and encourage them in competition. Sarla refuses and says you did not inform us about competition. She ends call. She does not care for Nirmala and talks to Rani. She asks Rani to practice and not make her lose. Shanti and Kaushalya practice. Shanti gets hurt and she shouts. Shivam laughs seeing Shanti and Kaushalya practicing. Nimmi gets sad and Shivam sees her. Nimmi goes.

Shanti falls down and scolds Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I can’t do this. Riya says they can win and asks them to practice. She ties Shanti and Kaushalya’s foot. Kaushalya prays. Shanti says if we win, Kaushalya will keep 5 day fast. They start practicing

again. Sarla whistles and asks Rani to run fast. She makes Rani practice again. Nirmala thinks to postpone her illness drama, Sarla won’t care, she is greedy woman. Sarla makes Rani practice hard and says if you don’t win, I will get another bahu.

Shivam sees Riya and hugs her. He says I was thinking something. She asks what. He says some idea. He makes her sit and holds her foot. She says don’t hold my feet. He ties her foot to his foot, and says I was thinking to take part in this race. She says you are thinking of romance. He says its simple, come. They walk together and laugh. music plays………….

She slips and he holds her in his arms. They see each other and smile. They fall over the bed. He says we need more practice and opens the rope. He says sorry and hugs her. They laugh.

Kaushalya is worried about Shanti’s wish to win and says Amma ji will not leave me if I fail. She starts practicing at night and says I can’t do all this. She prays that Shanti wins anyhow. Its morning, Sarla asks Rani to get ready, we have to leave. Sarla gets angry on Nirmala and says she has hurt my eye. Rani says you got one eye blind, how will you participate, I will take Nirmala with me. Sarla says shut up, I will do something, I m coming.

Riya makes Shanti and Kaushalya have curd, and say we will win. Shanti says yes, we will win. Kaushalya worries. Riya says we will win, don’t take tension. Kaushalya says if you say so. Shanti asks Shivam to take sack and rope. Theye all leave. Sarla comes looking a pirate and says now we will go and see how Kaushalya wins, I can’t bear her victory. Rani says you look horrific, Riya is also there with Kaushalya, Riya made Kaushalya practice well, she is smart. Sarla says you mean I m not smart, get sack and rope. They leave.

Everyone reaches the competition venue. Shanti greets everyone. The lady taunts on Nimmi, for coming here when her husband recently died. They all get shocked. Nimmi cries and says I m going home. Shanti stops Nimmi. She says everyone will say all this, till when will you run. She holds Nimmi’s hand and takes her back. She says Lord has done this, what will Nimmi do, you all are women and still becoming woman’s enemy. She asks the lady what happened with her two years ago, her daughter died and she got her younger daughter married to her son in law in 15 days, she was dancing in baraat.

They all are welcomed in the competition. All the participants are introduced. Sarla says even I m taking part, announce our name too. She says I m Sarla and this is my bahu Rani. Shanti asks what happened to her eye. Sarla says I got hurt. Shivam asks Riya what is she seeing. Riya says Rani is taking part and I m sitting here.

Rani asks Riya to take part with Kaushalya. Riya says Kaushalya and Shanti are the pair. Sarla says Shanti did not tell me anything, I would have practiced too. Shivam asks Riya why is she not jealous. Riya says I m not participating, don’t irritate me. He says you need a spare saas. She asks him to get spare saas then. Kaushalya asks what is he saying. He says nothing. She says I m worried Riya, I can’t do this. Riya asks her to concentrate, we will win, look at the gifts.

Kaushalya sees Shanti and Sarla. She says I will go now. Riya wishes her all the best. Shanti asks Sarla not to get nervous. Sarla says I went to temple, pandit said if any person dies then if last rites are not done right, soul wanders, Nimmi has to give up something for her husband’s soul peace, Nimmi has to eat simple food and do some rituals. Nimmi is very lucky as her husband died and she became widow, look at Pari. She cries and says Pari’s husband is in mental hospital, she can’t move on in her life even if she wants, you did not do right by getting Nimmi here. Pari wishes Shanti all the best.

Kaushalya says I got foot sprain. Shanti says Riya will take part instead Kaushalya. The lady says its saas bahu competition, how can this happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What happened to the so called father- husband of kousalya _ shanthi’s behkoof son the so called head of the house. He quit the show. So they will say that he went to Delhi and disappeared in the air/died. What is the purpose of that character just come and pamper his crooked mother and earn for his greedy sister? Worst useless character than Ashok in this show.

    1. TRUE!!!!

    2. hehe loved ur comment

  2. Plz change the script it’s really irritating

    1. the author of this update cant change this !!! only the people who works in mere angne mein !!!! da!!!

  3. Shivam and riya’s scene was superb. They r the perfect jodi. When will be dadi and sarala expose the way they troubled riya has to be revealed in front of shivam and everybody.

  4. Bring a handsome boy 4 nimmi.

  5. Hi JAZ Roz Noori And All The Members of MAM.
    NOW This SERIAL Crossed ALL The Limits of Tolerance Insanity.
    The SERIAL LOST it’s TRACK Way Back in The PAST
    NOW it Seems like A Headache for Viewers.
    Why The MAM staff Kept The Subject A Side
    Draging The SERIAL with No Story.

    At One TIME This SERIAL Used to Be My Favourite SERIAL NOW WORST SERIAL.

    Hi Swapna I forgot to Mention Your Name.

    1. Hai Adiiiiiiii…I don’t think that shanthi will ever get exposed,,,I’m now watching ishqbaaz,Shakthi,Bazigar e.t.c,.All wid diff story lines

      1. So true.. Shanthi will ever get exposed. And Sarala and Pori will continue the same. IF at all the useless Papa ji Kusi’s husband come back (!) he will give his salary to his amma and get out of the scene.

        I love Ishqbaaz.

    2. Yes JNDSD is indeed a superb serial. Specially Vikrams performance as Atharv and his super good characterizarion.

      He believes that everyone must have their own individuality ..self esteem …independant..must be focused in life..must have an aim in life.

      His bonding with his mother is top among all. No words to describe it.

      His respect towards woman and his attiude towards his life partner is amazing..awesome..fantabulous

      Finally it is. Serial extending some good values to the society..totally different from the senseless saas bahu nonsense serials.

      I guess MAM actors have also got bored of the story line and they all have quit the show.

      The directir anyways has got nothing to show other than toture and domination of the villans over the good ones.

      But shockingly this show has got the third highest TRPs in star plus.

  6. Ferzinkarbhari

    What happened to sharmili’s twin sister? Trapped behind the closed wall and forgotten . This is how our story writers write stories, abrupt end to sharmili’s character as read in news paper that she wasn’t satisfied by the side track she was getting.

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