Mere Angne Mein 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shanti Prasad makes fun of Raghav saying he will be first husband who will see his wife getting married to someone else. Rani is doing mehendi in Kaushalya’s hands. Shanti Prasad asks everyone to dance. Only Sarla and Shanti Prasad’s other men dance. Nimmi sees the key of lock. She grabs it and while everyone is busy dancing / watching dance, she quietly goes to Raghav and opens his lock. The lock falls down and Shanti Prasad sees it. He asks Nimmi to go and dance and locks Raghav again. Shanti Prasad asks Rani to write Tillu’s name in Kaushalya’s hands, but she says she will commit suicide if she writes it. Tillu asks Shanti Prasad to leave, he can’t see Khushi sad. Kaushalya asks what Khushi? that’s not her name. Tillu says after marriage, he can’t call

her by name, so he kept a nickname for her. He shows a love letter that he wrote with his blood. He asks Nimmi to read it. Nimmi reads and beats Tillu asking how he can say I love you to his mum. Shanti Prasad raises his hand to slap Nimmi, but Tillu comes in between. He says she’s his daughter. She’s angry now, but she will accept him as she stays with him. Other Shanti Prasad’s man tells Sarla that Shanti Prasad had chosen her for Tillu, but then he changed his mind. Sarla says so that’s good for her. He says it’s good for him too. Their pair will look very good. Shanti Prasad said he will get him married to Sarla after Tillu’s marriage. Sarla gets tensed.

Ammaji and Pari manage to free up Shanti Prasad’s son from the goons, but then they screw up and he’s caught again. Ammaji and Pari manage to escape. They come to their hotel room and sees it all messed up. Ammaji says it’s good that they took money with them. They decide to change hotel room.

Riya tells Shivam that he has signed a death contract and now she will commit suicide as well. Shivam asks what she is saying. He doesn’t have any option. He has to pay his debt and maybe he will do something good for his family when leaving.

They come to their room. Riya is mad and says she doesn’t want any money, jewelries, clothes, etc.. he just wants him. Shivam says it’s too late, he can’t step back. Those people won’t let him go. Riya eventually convinces him to leave from there. But when they are leaving, some goons come in and hits on Riya’s head, she falls unconscious. They take Shivam away. After little while, Riya wakes up and recalls what happened. She then gets a call from a lady who tells her she knows where they took Shivam. She asks Riya to get out of room from bathroom window as her room is being monitored. Riya thinks she doesn’t have any option but to listen to this lady. If Shivam can show courage, then she can at least do this much.

Nimmi is trying to call someone, but no response. She then tells Shanti Prasad that he had given 3 days, then why he’s getting her mum married now. Shanti Prasad says Ammaji didn’t even care to give any update about his son, so he has to do this now. He tells her to go and get Kaushalya ready.

Precap: Shivam is in a cage. A tiger walks in. Riya, Ammaji, Pari all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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