Mere Angne Mein 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Shivam about the money. Shivam worries. Nimmi lies that Riya gave that money for Anupam’s medicines. Shivam says yes, Riya gave me. Shanti asks him to go, she will get money and give medicines to Anupam, she will meet them. She asks for prescription. He says maybe it fell outside. He goes. Shanti gets a call. The man says I m getting dead body there, are you ready. Shanti asks whose dead baby. The man asks is this not Shanti dhaaam, graveyard. Shanti scolds him and says its not graveyard, its Shanti Sadan, my house. Nimmi smiles hearing it. Shanti says the man is foolish, don’t laugh.

Shivam calls Riya and asks why are you not answering since long, did Dadi call you. She asks what happened. He says I had some money, Dadi took it, Nimmi made story

that you gave me money for Papa’s medicine, if Shanti calls you, tell her same. She asks why shall I lie, tell me how did you get money. He asks her not to ask him, you think I will not have any money, Maa gave me. She says fine, I just asked. He says just do what I said. She agrees and ends call. She says why is he irritated, is there anything fishy.

The man tells Pramod about Shanti Devi, and her family. He shows Shanti’s family hierarchy. Pramod asks why Sarla visits them. The man says she is greedy woman, just throw money, she will dance, this is her husband Ashok, he runs railway canteen. This is Amit, Sarla’s son, he is gambler, he is fixing in boxing. Pramod says then he is of use, take him to big ring. The man says he went and fixed match with Jagga. Pramod says what, he is advanced, great. The man shows Pari, Sarla’s daughter, she is little english speaking girl, she is married, she is Sinha’s bahu, beware of her, he traps rich guys. Pramod says she is of use.

The man shows Shivam. Pramod says I saw him at night. The man says he is useless, his father is Raghav, he is senior guard, and Shivam’s mother is Kaushalya, Riya is Shivam’s wife, she is very smart and modern. Rani is Amit’s wife. Pramod asks who is this. The man says she is Namita, elder sister is Preeti, who had many affairs, Preeti married Nandu, Namita is younger bahu of Sinha family, Namita and Pari dislike each other, if you hold any of Pari or Namita with love, then the house will come in hand. Pramod asks them to get Bua. A lady comes. Pramod greets Bua and asks her to find girl soon. Bua says don’t worry, think you got the girl.

Nandu gives tea to Preeti. Preeti says I was thinking to go out and take my bags from home, I will stay with all rituals. Nandu says I will take Lord’s blessings and then start the relation. She asks don’t you trust me. He says I don’t trust my fate, I was joking. She asks will you open door. He says no, I can’t do this, else people will come and trouble you. He does grah pravesh rituals and says I trust you, so I m leaving window open. He leaves.

Shanti asks Nimmi to get some food, were you cursing me in heart. Kaushalya gets Sarla and Pari home. Sarla cries. Kaushalya says see I convinced Sarla. Shanti asks did Kaushalya also scold you Sarla. Kaushalya says no, I folded hands and got her. Shanti asks her to get food. Sarla says I m also hungry, since Nimmi scolded me, I did not had food. She acts. Nimmi says I know no one will care if I say sorry, none believes me.

Shanti scolds Nimmi. Pari says I m missing my sasural, I will go to Preeti’s room and cry to lighten heart. Preeti calls Pari. Pari sits doing makeup. Pari answers call. She says I was missing you and came to your room, how is your house. Preeti says its very bad, Nandu is troubling me a lot. Pari asks her to come home right away. Preeti says none will let me come home. Pari says you have to prove Nandu is dangerous, I m here to help. Preeti thanks her and runs from the window.

Kaushalya gets snacks and sweets. Shanti asks her to put more sweets, get tea in new cups. Nandu is at home. Shanti says serve food well, talk with respect, he did many favors on us. Kaushalya agrees. Kaushalya gets the snacks for Nandu. Pari comes to tell Sarla and gets shocked seeing Nandu. Sarla asks what happened. Preeti comes home running and gets shocked seeing Nandu at home. Nandu smiles. He makes Preeti sit and says I was telling them about our shopping. Shanti says Nandu made your life good, see Preeti. Preeti worries. Nandu says leave all this, see the gifts I got for everyone. Shanti likes the saree. Nandu gives them sarees. He says I will buy something for Pari next month, money ended today. He thanks Kaushalya for all this, but we will leave now, as I can’t stay in sasural for much time, I stayed here for long, I will come later, come Preeti. Kaushalya says let Preeti be here for some time. Nandu feeds sweets to Preeti and asks Preeti to come.

Preeti makes story and tells everyone that Nandu threatened to kill her. Nandu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shamim

    This serial is becoming boring n where is riya

  2. It is surprising that ALL the Male members are depicted as good for nothing may it be Raghav,Shivam Ashok or Amit but only scheming and plottings done bySarla Pari but the so called Hoshiyar Shani Devi is unable to detect her own daughter”s misdoings

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