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Mere Angne Mein 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Shivam not to take Riya along. Preeti calls Kaushalya. Rani sees the guy coming and lies in the balcony. The guy throws love letters and Rani screams. Amit reads the letter and goes to beat the guy. Sarla asks Amit to wait. Rani thinks he is fool to come on cycle, Amit will catch him. Amit catches the guy and beats him. Sarla beats Rani and asks who is this guy. Ashok, Prabha and Sonal also come there and ask Amit to leave that guy. Amit beats the guy a lot.

Prabha scolds Amit and says if you make your wife sleep in balcony, people will think she is junk. Sarla asks Rani who was that guy. Ashok says Rani should not sleep in balcony, tell Amit. The neighbor lady says Amit can’t do anything, why did he marry if he has to obey his mum always, is he

a man or a kid. She asks Sarla to keep Rani well. Sarla gets angry. Prabha says everyone knows you are a wall between your son and bahu. She asks Amit to do something, woman is not an animal to tie and keep. Ashok asks Sarla to explain Amit to understand, what will Sarla do when letter comes for Sonal.

Amit blames Ashok for not making good house. Ashok asks him to make and show. Amit says yes, I will make and show a big house. Doctor gives injection to Kaushalya and says I don’t know how she will react when she wakes up. Preeti messages Mohit about Raghav’s accident and asks his help. Rani cries and says they all made an issue of their life. The doctor asks everyone to make Kaushalya cry, it will make her fine. Shivam says I have to leave but how shall I leave mum here. Shanti says I m here, I m strong, I have faced many problems till now, I will take care of everyone, you go and bring your dad.

Riya tells Shivam that she will come with him. Shanti does Shivam’s aarti and makes him eat curd sugar. She says I don’t know how is Raghav, keep this money, get Raghav here soon. She asks Riya to get Raghav else she will not let her enter home. Riya says don’t worry, we will get Raghav. They leave.

Kaushalya wakes up and says she feels heaviness in head. She starts arranging Raghav’s belonging. Nimmi says Raghav is missing. Kaushalya does not listen anything and is talking about making food for Raghav. Shanti tells her that Raghav is missing. Kaushalya says Raghav is not missing, he will come, shall I call office. She sings and arranges clothes. Shanti stops her and slaps hard. Nimmi and Preeti cry. Shanti cries and says Raghav is missing. Kaushalya breaks down and cries. Shanti hugs Kaushalya and says Raghav is fine, my heart is saying, we will get him.

Amit goes in balcony and packs her bag. Rani says throw my bag, I will not stay in this house. She says you will not get a loving girl like me. Amit takes Rani to Sonal’s room and asks her to stay in room from today. Rani gets glad and hugs him. Amit asks her how can she hug like this infront of elders. She says I love you, and you proved you also love me. Ashok says Amit did right thing for the first time. Sarla calls Rani a problem. Rani says see my innocent face. Ashok is glad and Sarla worries as Amit is supporting Rani.

Shivam and Riya are on the way. His bike gets punctured and tells Riya that you are blamed, Raghav is missing, I m angry on situation, I hope Papa is fine. She pacifies him and they go to get punctured tyre repaired. Ashok says Rani should be at home. Rani asks Amit to ask Sarla once. Amit says I can’t bear anyone teasing Rani, I will kill that man, she will stay here. Sarla says you will be responsible if Sonal spoils by Rani. Ashok says leave it, it will be fine. He asks Rani to go to room.

Preeti hugs Kaushalya and consoles her. Kaushalya says I want to go to Raghav. Renu calls Preeti and says I will come there, I have seen the news. Mohit comes home and meets Preeti. He says your imp papers fell, I came to return it. Preeti thanks him. Shanti sees him. Mohit says I will leave. He asks why is aunty crying. Nimmi says Chunni ji, its big problem, Papa is railway guard, he has duty in train which met with big accident. Kaushalya asks him does he know anything. Mohit says we can find at railway station, they setup inquiry counter. Kaushalya runs out alone. Shanti runs after her and falls. They run after Shanti. Shanti asks them to bring Kaushalya. Mohit runs and stops Kaushalya.

Shivam and Riya push the bike. She gets thirsty. A car passes by. The men offer help in repairing bike. They take the keys and keep knife at Riya’s neck, asking for money and jewelry. Shivam and Riya give the money and jewelry. She says this is my mum’s chain, don’t take this. The man asks for it. Shivam beats him, the men run. Shivam says that’s why Shanti told you not to go with me. She asks what did I do.

Mohit brings Kaushalya home and says I will announce this on radio to find Raghav. Shanti asks do you work on radio. Nimmi says his friend works. Shanti says fine, call on radio. Sharmili asks Mama did he get it. He says yes, and gives her a packet. He asks why do you need this. She asks him not to use his mind and just see what she does.

Bindu calls Shanti and says she has heard about Raghav. Shanti asks why did she call. Bindu says I m really sad. Shanti says nothing happened to Raghav. Shanti thinks many people are calling, but Sarla does not care, the one who broke our relation, I will not leave Riya.

Prabha tells Sarla about the big accident. She asks are you not ashamed to be here, just go and support your family. She cries. Sarla asks what happened, who died. Prabha says yes, your brother. Sarla scolds her and asks what nonsense. Prabha asks her to see tv. Sarla and Ashok rush and see tv news. Amit comes. They all get shocked seeing the train accident news and Raghav’s name going missing. Sarla says all this is lie, this can’t happen with Raghav, and runs to Shanti.

Sarla asks the man to ask about Raghav. She runs to get rickshaw. Amit asks Sarla why is she worried, get happy, Mama is gone. Sarla slaps him and if Raghav dies, we will lose this house. Ashok stares at them. Sarla says we will go to Shanti and meet her, this is chance. Ashok says if you give wrong teaching, your son will be Raavan. Sarla cries and goes.

Sarla comes to Shanti Sadan. Shanti stops her at the door and asks her not to come inside the house, we don’t need your sympathy. Sarla asks what happened to Raghav, I was so worried, so I came. Shanti says Raghav is not your brother, you leave. Sarla says fine, but I will sit here in the lane till Raghav comes. She sits on the road infront of the house. Shanti asks Mohit to call his friend. Mohit talks to his friend and asks him to find out. His friends says rescue team said they did not find details of missing people. Ashok comes and sees Sarla. He tells Shanti that Sarla is bad, but she loves you and your family. He sits with her. Sarla asks Ashok to go and find Raghav. He asks how to find him. She says go railway station. He says you will fall ill sitting here, its cold. She says let me get unwell, you go and find Raghav. She says I m stubborn, I will sit here. Ashok leaves.

Its night, Mama asks Sharmili her plans. Sharmili says I won’t do anything today, as Sujeev is with Pari, it will be fun when Pari will be alone, then Pari won’t be able to do anything. Shanti sees Sarla sitting on the road in cold weather and covering herself with shawl. Shanti feels sad.

Shivam and Riya are tired. He takes lift from a Punjabi truck driver. Shivam keeps the bike inside the truck. Shivam asks Riya to go. Riya gets tensed and says I will come. She takes some stones and hides. They leave in the truck. Shanti worries for Sarla. Nimmi goes and covers Sarla with blanket. Sarla smiles.

Its morning, Pari makes juice for Sharmili and says its from rotten oranges. She backbites about Sharmili. Sharmili hears this and says she will teach Pari a lesson today. The driver drops Shivam and Riya. Shivam thanks him. Riya says sorry for these stones, I was so scared. The man says its fine, one should protect self.

Shivam goes and asks men about the railway guard. The men curse him and blames him for the accident. Shivam gets angry. Riya says Raghav can’t do this, we came to find him. The man asks what about the many lives gone. They fight. The guard stops them. Shivam shows Raghav’s pic. The guard says I did not see him, there is medical camp nearby, go and find out there. Shivam and Riya go and ask about Raghav. The man says there are dead bodies and train guard is also there. Shivam gets shocked. Riya says nothing happened to him.

Shivam cries seeing Raghav’s shoes. Riya sees the face of the person and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please don’t kill raghav he was only man in this serial thinking intelligent

    1. haha, Are you sure? Are you watching the same show!!! Raghav is gullible, brainwashed by his mom and sister and spineless. It is so frustrating and painful to watch him. He is not a bad guy in general but the way he deals with issues in the house and how blindly he believes his mom while always reprimanding his wife, it is just disgusting. He has 0 intelligence. I don’t want him to die either, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. Raghva ko Jab tak nahi marna jab tak uski ankhon sy uski behn serla oor amit ky andhay piyar ki Patti na uter jay

  3. If raghav dies serial will loose the tenderness pl dont kill snd riya has been proved wrong every time sn educated women can’t be so foolish

  4. It is Raghav who gives Shanti all the power, insisting on giving all monies to Shanti. Lets see what happens.

  5. This shivam is not suitable for Riya…..He just blames Riya for everything… should have a husband like Abeer and Sanskaar 😉

  6. I hate Santi she is so selfish she always think only sarala and self?

  7. Raghav will die or not????

  8. episodewatcher

    The serial is getting quiet predictable cos shanti keeps scolding Riya. There is no support for Riya in the house except her husband who has no balls to speak his mind and keeps blaming her. The fact that Riya was smart to expose sarla’s plans has not been appreciated by the family members. Shivam’s sisters are also dumb, they know how shanti and sarla are and still don’t support their sister in law. That is why in hindi there is a saying-ghar ki bahu sirf bahu hi hai who kabhi beti nahi ban sakti.

  9. Dont kill raghav in this show pls

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