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Mere Angne Mein 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Sarla talking to goons. They say that they have taken Shivam along. Sarla asks them to hide Shivam and keep him captivated. Nimmi comes to Riya and is about to talk about Priya. Pari comes running there and asks Nimmi to come. Sarla informs Amit that Shivam reached the right place. Shanti observes her and asks why is she scared, what did she do. Sarla denies and says they should keep jaimala soon. Shanti says how so soon, is there anything she has done. Sarla says nothing and goes.

Pari tells Amit that she has managed everything. Sarla’s sister in law ask Sarla for money and threatens him. Sarla starts scolding him. Shanti and Nimmi have a talk. Shanti tells Amit that she will see the bride. Preeti says she did not know anything. Shanti asks them to go. Sarla starts

crying and says she will not beat any drama. Sarla argyes with her. Nimmi says she is worried for Shivam. Preeti says I m sure he will make hero entry. Shanti asks whats going on in between them. Nimmi says she is saying arrangements are good. Shanti asks them to take her to bride. Nimmi says I will take you and tells Preeti that she will find out about Riya and Priya.

Shanti asks Amit to keep an eye on the shagun. Anupam pampers Riya and Riya teases Bunty that she is jealous. Bunty says Shivam is looking very tall, maybe he has worn heels. Riya says he came to meet me, he did not wear heels. Bunty says I will call him. Riya stops her. Shivam is unconscious and the men drink wine sitting there. The wine ends and they go to bring out.

Preeti calls Shivam. Kaushalya worries and thinks where did Shivam go. Sarla talks to Pari. Pari says Nimmi took Shanti to Riya. Sarla says now we won’t be saved. Her sister in law stops Sarla and asks for nek. Sarla asks her to leave. Sarla gets worried. Shivam gets conscious by the phone ringing. He turns and the call gets answered. Kaushalya asks him to come soon, and asks him where is he, why is he not talking. Shivam looks around and sees the godown. Shivam sees phone and tries taking it. The men come and take it. They end the call.

Kaushalya says he did not talk. Preeti asks her not to worry. Kaushalya says its something wrong, something happened to him, shall we tell Raghav? Shivam asks the men who are they and where did they take him. The men says they kidnapped him to stop him from attending marriage. Shivam scolds them. They laugh and leave.

Shivam says I don’t have anything, someone fooled you both. The men asks him to keep money and till then they will go out and come. Shivam shouts and they laugh. They go out and Shivam tries to free himself. Amit asks pandit to end puja soon. Raghav asks Amit to sit silently, why is he worried. Kaushalya asks about Shivam. Shivam burns the rope by the candle and recalls Riya. Nimmi tries Shivam and does not connect. Shanti asks her to come.

Shanti asks a lady about Riya’s room and takes Nimmi, arguing with her. Pari comes and smiles seeing envelops. She says she will help Kaushalya and thinks to take money. The men ask Shivam to lie down. Shivam sees a glass piece there on the table. Bua says puja is going to end now. Riya poses for the pics. Shanti and Nimmi and hear Bua. Pari steals money from envelops. Amit calls Pari and asks him to see Sarla. Pari says Bindu Bua has stopped mummy. Amit asks her to manage drama. Nimmi thinks where is Riya, if this is Priya.

Nimmi goes to talk to Riya. Bua and Shanti argue. Pari comes and takes Nimmi with her again, and does not let her talk to Riya. Sarla comes and asks Shanti to come along, jaimala has to be done now. Bua asks Riya to scare Shanti after marriage and they laugh. Sarla tells Shanti that Kaushalya and her daughter’s sight are bad, don’t let them be close to Riya. Shanti says Nimmi was complimenting Riya and Pari took Nimmi all of a sudden. Sarla says its good.

Amit is worried. Raghav says it looks he is much tensed. Anupam asks Sahil to call Riya for Jaimala. Anupam goes to see food arrangements. Nimmi tells Preeti that Pari dragged her when she was talking to Riya, there is something fishy, I m scared. Kaushalya worries and Shanti hears them talking that Shivam is not here. She gets angry and tells Raghav. The pandit says groom’s brother is needed for ritual. Sarla says we can skip it. Shanti says why, and asks pandit for alternate solution. The pandit asks groom’s sister to come. Pari does the ritual. Sarla asks Amit not to worry. He says Shivam should not come here.

Shivam cuts the rope with the glass piece and frees himself. Sarla calls the men and asks them not to do anything wrong, else she will not leave him. Shivam takes his phone and tries breaking the door. The men see this. Shivam asks them to open the door. They ask did he open the rope. Shivam breaks the window and goes out. The men run seeing him. Sahil asks Riya to come first. Bunty asks him to send Bhabhi.

Shivam tries getting lift and sees Moghal Sarai 20kms away. He sees the time and says its mahurat in some time. No one gives him lift.

Shivam calls Nimmi and says his phone fell somewhere. She asks him to come soon. He says there is no Priya there, Amit is marrying Riya. Nimmi says then they have to stop this marriage. Shivam tells her everything. Nimmi is shocked. Sarla looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  8. Shivam knows it is riya because she spoke to him n she showed him her mehendi which had his name n if it was not riya then she would not have opened the door

  9. I hope on tomorrow and day after tomorrow’s episodes everything will be clear..

  10. this drama needs to end soon for the truth to come out, loosing interest in this show

  11. Lovely episode.

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  15. Wow!! Everything’s just getting too intense. Nimmi you have to stop this marriage from happening. I hope shivam gets there on time. Cause I really want to see the look on sarla’s face. LOL!!!!!!!! Ha. You’re goin down ? sucker.?

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