Mera pyaar tere liye hi (Episode 5)


Hi guyssss.this is Anchali.after so much long time I’m coming back.I know u guyssss r very angry with me.actually I was lil busy in my brother’s engagement. U know how its hope u all forgive me.and I’m so happy for our comments and support.of course I get very less comments.BT I don’t bother abt satisfied tat at least there are some hearts to support m ff.and tanq silent readers.ur support via comments make me energetic.I think I’m blabbering a lot and making u to let me start the ” shaadi SPL” epi.

Everyone were busy in making the arrangements.chinki I’d making twinkle get ready in her room.
C: hey baby doll,u r looking very cute and hot.u know after seeing u I too feel like getting married.
Twinkle turns and gives a pity look to chinki.
T: ooohhhh chinku.BT u have to wait till purabh’s marriage.only after tat u and UV all get married.( yes,UV and chinki are in love)
Chinki has a puppy face.just then purabh and UV arrive.
C: hey tum dono yahaan kya kar rahe ho? Ye ladki ka kamra hain.chalo,baahar chalo.
UV: oyy ms is our sissy’s room.we have all right to come here.
He gives an angry BT naughty look to chinki.she turns her face.
P: arey,stop fighting UV.twinkle actually mamiji said to give this jewel yo u.its like pur traditional u have to wear it.OK we r leaving.there is lot of work to be done.
UV waves his hands as if trying to hit chinki BT actually not.he does it naughtily,stares her and leaves.

Twinkle gets ready.she s in red lehenga,wearing some stone jewels and was looking elegant and pretty as usual.abheer and naitik arrive.they see her and get teary eyed.she too cries.they hag and have a cute bro- sis moment.everyone joins them and were emotional.
Suddenly the band plays.everyone goes down to receive the groom’s family.sarnas arrive.kunj comes and gets down from the horse.he walks in pridely with semi white sherwani,pagri which r perfectly embroidered. He looks handsome.Priya does his aarti and puts tilak on his forehead.he takes her blessings and gets in.
As there was some time for the muhurat,pandit makes everything ready and the others were talking with each other.
Ankita feels some sort of irriration in her body and comes out for fresh air.she goes near a bush.suddenly someone pulls her and keeps something on her nose.she faints.yes its chloroform. Tat person tries to harrass her.
UV comes out to check for decorations. He sees some shadows near the bushes.wen he comes near it,the guy runs seeing him.he tries to stop,BT the guy vanishes in a fraction of second.he was shocked to see ankita in tat state.the shawl of her lehenga was off her body nd she was still unconscious. He removes his jacket and places it on her.he suddenly slips coz of a stone and falls on her.
Kunj sees this and shouts.actually he came out to attend a tat time he sees tis.
K: yuvraaaaj!!! How dre u.
He punches him hard and drags him in.e pushes him in front of everyone.he was so angry tat her eyes were ted and nerves were out.

UV: kunj plss listen to me.its nothing like wat ur thinking.I all tell u.wait.
Before he could complete kunj punches him.everyone tries to stop,BT he doesnt listen to anyone.twinkle and chinki listens some sound and comes down.
Ram: kunj beta,plzz listen to me.UV is not like tat.I know he s my sister’s son.BT wen my sister left for london,he was staying here only.he is like my own son.I have never brought him up in such a way nor my sister.
Purabh: yes kunj,I know very well abt him.he s my
brother .he s not such a character.
Kunj: shut up everyone.after seeing his cheap act, I ll not believe anyone.
Twinkle comes to know everything and comes forward to kunj.
T: kunj,I know well abt UV.he ll not do like tat.there’s some misunderstanding. We lll clear it.come sit we ll talk nd solve this.
She holds his hand bt he shrugs her away.
Twinkle is shocked.

K: I don’t wanna listen anymore.
T: kunj,plzzz understand.uv I’d in love wid chinki.he can’t think abt anyone else than her.
K: oho,so the whole family is like tis ahh.ur enjoying wid tat akash even after engaged to me.and now tat UV is trying to behave bad with my cousin.wat a family.everyone is the same.
Twinkle is shattered.she starts crying.
K: I don’t want this marriage.
Everyone r even more shocked.twinkle almost broke down.
Ishita: kunj, think before u take any decision.
K: I have thought thousand times bhabhi.I m firm in my decision.he walks out.sarnas also go out without any word.ram and Priya tries to stop them.
T: mom….dad…..plzzz don’t stop them.let them go.
She stares at kunj who was leaving angrily.
Tashan tashan tashan tashan…….ishq tashan tashan tashan tashan e ishq……plays in background.
Twinkle clears her tears and goes to her room.
The screen freezes with their angry faces.

PRECAP: twinj’s new decision.

I know guys u r lil bit sad abt their separation. BT I’m sure u all like it from now on.plzzz express ur views and ideas via comments.anytng do tat matter,positive or negative is welcomed.BT plzzz comment and as I said earlier ur comments make me strong and boosts me.and i ll try to pot regularly by seeing ur support.stay happy and keep people around u happy.have a great day ahead.

Credit to: Anchali singhania

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    1. Anchali singhania

      Tysm Sam.I’m glad tat u liked it

  1. Osm epi dear loved it so much………

    1. Anchali singhania

      Tanq zayb for ur supporting words

  2. oh.dnt do that..yaar unite them soon

    1. Anchali singhania

      Sure yaar,I ll fulfill ur wish soon

  3. Oho so sad I feel bad for twinj 🙁 but you r a very good writer 🙂

    1. Anchali singhania

      Tanq fatarajo.u ll soon feel happy for twinj.

  4. dnt seperate thm…u brought good twist..

    1. Anchali singhania

      Thanks riya.I am happy that u luvd the twist

  5. Anchali of course it was a bit emotional…
    But u write so fablously…
    Love u..

  6. don’t feel sad by getting less comments as there is many silent readers.

  7. point to be noticed of sonali episode was fantastic

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