Mera pyaar tere liye hi (Episode 3)

Sorry guys for not updating for 2 days.actually I was busy in my assignments. Hope u guys don’t mind lets go.
At night.:
Twinkle was sending pics of the dresses she shopped for sangeet. Kunj was commenting for tat.for the first red nd blue lehenga he commented as” not bad”. For the next green lehenga he said ” good”. Then at last for a pink nd golden lehenga he said ” perfect “. She smiled reading it nd thinks ” kunj has the same ideas like me.I think we r made for each other.tanq babaji for giving me such a life.”
She goes to sleep.

Next day:
Twinkle was sleeping and it was 10 am.someone knocked the door.she woke up suddenly nd goes to open the door.she was overwhelmed to see tat person.
T: naitik bhai,,I missed u so much ( she hugs him). BT I’m very angry with u bhai.I know work is imp for u.BT u didn’t come for my roka,engagement nd holi too.very bad.ur London work is so imp for u than ur sister na?
N: nothing like tat my doll.I tried a lot but I couldn’t come.BT with abheer’s help I saw all the occasions in Skype.and BTW be happy tat I came to before it sangeet.
T: its OK bhai leave it.wait I ll get ready nd come.we have to talk a lot.
N: BT before tat I have a surprise for u.
Twinkle looks him in a confused look. He claps nd someone comes.twinkle is shocked.
T: aakash, u? Bhai this is the best surprise for me ever. She hugs Aakash.
A: hi baby, so r u happy?
T: not just ……I’m …..I’m… in a dream.
He pinches her in her hand.
T: ohh no its true.
She goes down wid him nd chats for a long time.
Suddenly kunj calls her.she attends his call.
T: haan kunj.( with a happy tone.)
K: seems tat u r so happy.
T: ya vry very now listen I have to introduce a person to u.
K: ohh too.
T: wow tats great.OK let’s see in the evening.bye.
Kunj is lil bit worried coz she didn’t talk to him properly.he thinks” who’s tat person for whom she is not talking to me properly. Let’s see”

Its evening.all the guests arrive.sarnas also arrive.the sangget starts.chinki is with twinkle.she says ” oh baby doll, u r really beautiful. I’m sure kunj is gng to open his mouth wide wen he sees u.oh my god,can’t wait to see his expression.” Twinkle blushes.
C: oh god Twinkie r u blushing.keep something remaining.I’m sure kunj is going to romance a lot today.
T : oh chinki, plzzz stop teasing me.
Aakash comes there nd says twinkle everyone is calling u down.
Chinki brings her down. While coming down her eyes were searching for kunj.suddenly she could see his back nd he was talking to someone.twinkle became sad nd tensed.she gets down. Naitik says ” twinkle has come”.kunj turns to see her.thn he sees someone who was standing at his back.the person comes forward nd smiles at him.kunj comes to twinkle.BT before kunj could start twinkle started.
T: kunj this is Aakash.he is my best frnd since we were in London.( kapoors were in London till twinkle was studying 5 th).he is my bestie.we are so close nd there r no secrets btwn us.our school colleagues who sees us used to think tat we had feelings for each other.
K: ohh nice.( he was smiling. BT he was burning inside.)
They shake hands.

K: oh sorry,I forgot.this is ankita.she is my aunt’s daughter.i have told u na twinkle.
T: ya.hi ankita nice to meet u.u know kunj its been 5 years i have met Aakash.BT still we r in touch.nd today naitik bhai gave me the biggest surprise by bringing him.
K: OK its time.let’s go nd sit.
He takes twinkle’s hands nd goes nd sits with her.Aakash nd ankita smile to each other.
The mehendi starts.the person keeps mehendi in twinkle’s hands.she asks for her husband’s name.she blushes says kunj.
Meanwhile kunj also calls a lady nd says something in her ears.after sometime he says perfect.twinkle peeks to him nd sees tat he has written her name in his hands.she eyes at him lovingly.sajnave plays.they share an eye lock.they break it wen they hear a song.
Naitik- akshara, mehbeer nd ishra dance for piya ke bazaar.
Then purabh nd yuvi,romi dance for Punjabi wedding song( hasee toh phasee)
Chinki nd ankita dance for bole chudiya.
Aakash dances for dum dum( BBB). He brings twinkle too nd dances with her.kunj fumes.he thinks ” even twinkle doesn’t want to take me with her nd dance with me.suddenly ankita comes nd takes kunj wth her nd dances with him.he gets happy.
The episode ends with their celebrating.

PRECAP: haldi function. Twinj at evening.

Sorry guys I could not present a perfect sangeet epi as there was no time.I’m very sorry. But the next epi ll be good.nd I hope u like this epi.plzzz comment nd keep showing ur love throo it.luv u all nd have a nice day ahead.

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