Mera pyaar tere liye hi (Episode 1)

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Kapoor mansion:
Alarm rings.twinkle wakes up and says” good mrng happy”(its her teddy).she bathes and gets ready.
T: I have to b careful today.if anyone sees me I ll b finished.babaji plsss save me
She goes down silently and sees no one at the hall.she takes a deep breath in sigh. Suddenly everyone comes and throws something on her and says “happy holi”.twinkle is hell shockd and sees herself up and down.all laughs seeing her reaction.
Purabh: every year u make us run behind u to throw colours on u.
Abheer: tats y we playd a small hide and seek game to make it simple.
UV: and we succeeded too.they give a hi5 to each other.twinkle gets naughty and throws colours on their faces. Just then akshara comes.
Aksh: oh god wat r u all dng if dadi sees this she ll get angry.everything is ready outside go and enjoy der.I all ask robin( servent) to clean this.

Everyone goes out.just then sarna family enters.kunj sees twinkle’s avatar and giggles. He signs” superb”. Twinkle looks at him angrily BT in a funny way.elders go inside.the three guys taunt twinkle.kunj also joins them.
UV: abheer bhai,u do one thing.get a pic of twinkle in this avatar and hang it in the gate.
Purabh: and give a caption like “beware of dracullas”.
Abheer: haan and so tat no bad evils ll enter our house,right?
Kunj laughs heartily and says ” exactly!!! ”
Twinkle stares at him angrily and leaves.

Kunj: hey u shouldn’t have teased her like would have hurtd her badly.
They started to pull his legs.
UV: it seems tat luv had tied ur eyes buddy.
Purabh:not jzt eyes bro,brain,hands,legs etc…
Kunj thinks: oh god if I stand here for 1 more sec and try to save twinkle they ll start taunting me.kunj sarna jzt run if u want ur life.
Kunj silently goes from there.twinkle is in her room changing her clothes.kunj comes from behind nd hugs her.twinkle takes off his hand.kunj hugs her agn.twinkle does d same agn.
Kunj: hope she s angry wid me.wat s this kunj,u did a mistake nd its u who is responsible for tat.come on u have to convince her.
Kunj says” I’m sorry baby,I did a mistake.BT I promise u I ll nt do it agn.nd I ll buy gol gappas for u.”

T: kunj do u thnk u can convince me by saying a childish thing for such a big mistake.
Kunj holds her hand and says” OK sorry na.I ll put sit-ups OK” nd he starts to put sit ups holding his ears.
Twinkle smiles nd says” OK OK stop.I hav forgiven u”.they smile and hug each other passionately.
The epi ends them in tat position.

PRECAP: twinkle drinks bhaang.some naughty,funny nd romantic moments btwn twinj.

Hope u guys like it.plzzz do comment frnds.I all post the next one tmrw.bye nd take care everyone.

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  1. Awesome start anchali… Hope it cud me a lil longer…but srsly luvd it

  2. nyc strt anchali…. gd going

  3. Anchali singhania

    Tanq aakanksha nd panchi.sure di I ll post d next one longer.

  4. Muskan{News reporter}

    Cute and funny episode with lovely Precap.

    1. Anchali singhania

      Tanq nd I hope d next epi ll satisfy u

    1. Anchali singhania

      Tanq u sanu for ur appreciation

  5. Oh wow bhaang..maza ayega

    1. Anchali singhania

      Tanx aarti.BTW waiting 4 ur ff too.

  6. Muah muah muah?

  7. Wow it’s fantastic twinkle and kunj nok jhok is wonderfull and twinkle cousins holi drama is also amazing superb anchali…..

  8. wow twinj being lovely couple

  9. awesome….episode I love twinj alot my favorite couple…..

  10. Ops my late
    Well it’s just so fab
    Eagerly waiting for the next 🙂

  11. Woww Awesome start!! Waiting eagerly fr nxt epi??????????????

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