Mera Pyaar (My Love) Chapter 4

The episode starts with Akshaya becomes so attached with susmi. They two laugh a lot and learns too. After lunch period manoj thinks I need to see Akshaya whether she is good in or crying. In the break hour he goes to see. In the class there are many girls and children, he can’t find so he asks mam where is Akshaya she says susmi is handling her. He can’t see susmi, he searches. At last he sees her and comes near her and calls susmi, she turns. Manoj surprisingly ask her you?????. Susmi ask ya I am susmi. He smiles at Akshaya and lifts her and cares her. Akshaya too becomes happy. Susmi is shocked, she ask manoj do you know her. He says ya I am her brother. She is surprised. There rachu comes and says susmi let’s go, the time is up. Susmi says bye to manoj and Akshaya and she goes.

Susmi goes and asks to rachna y u called me, rachna says our brother is getting worried, she says y Wat happen . Actually swetha said to karthik(he loves swetha one side) that he is nothing for her,he is burden for earth etc in a argument. Susmi hey y d where is swetha and also karthik I will see, rachna says yes karthik is crying my heart can’t see it my thambi(thambi means younger brother), he is good. Susmi says rachu u call swetha where karthik is. Rachu says ok. Susmi and rachu goes.

Susmi goes to karthi and ask Wat problem da, he says nothing akka(elder sister in tamil).susmi says I know that you are in a bad mood, I am ur sis I can understand
everything ok tell me. He cries and says akka swetha said that. …..says everything. She says I know that she just said in a angry and she doesn’t meant to hurt you, he says akka bt I am thinking that really I am, Rachu comes there and says thambi shutting ur mouth aa or I will kill you, don’t speak like this hear ur sister words r u will. ….He ask r I will and laughs. Susmi says this is spirit. Susmi asks rachna in actions where is swetha, she says she’s standing outside .Susmi ask what really, and sees outside. Swetha comes inside and says sorry karthi I didn’t mean to hurt you , it’s my mistake, forgive me. Karthi says no problem d. Swetha says Oei I said don’t call me d, or..He runs. She says karthi doesn’t have any sense. Rachna and susmi ask swetha Do you love
Karthi aa. Swetha sees them and says no d, he is my best buddy and smiles

Next Day morning, keerthi asks susmi where is my physics note, she says I don’t know, keerthi angrily tells stupid sister, god why you gave me a sister for that u can give me a book finder. Susmi says there is no book finder and u need to bear me in this birth so sister be
ready. Keerthi says shut and search my note. Susmi says I can’t, keerthi shouts Mom see this fellow , ask her to find my book. Mom says keerthi ur things u should need to keep correct not ur sister, keerthi says mom u r always supporting her and angrily searches.

Precap: All the students cheers for a name, and he give a entry and his face is not shown, rachu, swetha, susmi sees him and shocked.

Hi friends how’s today’s episode, I had xams so I can’t update, sorry and please update your comments, suggestions.

Credit to: susmitha shri

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