Mera Pyaar (My Love) Chapter 3


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The episode starts with anju goes, she goes near him but susmi comes in between them and calls manoj. Anju suddenly turns and goes. Manoj ask to susmi tell me pa. She says priya mam asked your tamil book .He says I doesn’t have. She says but mam said you have, and I need the note, or mam will scold me. Manoj says listen ma I doesn’t have tell to mam. She says ok fine, but if mam scolds you will be the responsibility. He ties his hand and funnily says ok ma fine I will speak you may go and he shows the hand . She goes. He thinks who is she, behaving like this and smiles. He goes to play. While playing he thinks about her and smiles, his friend ask hey manoj concentrate, where are you. He says nothing and shakes his headand starts to play. Susmi goes to rachna and Swetha and says hey guys I have spoken to Manoj. Her friends ask why are you behaving so weird, you just only spoke to him and he is a student and y r u behaving like other girls. Susmi thinks oh yes y I am reacting like this, oh I need to manage this situation and says not like that I mean to say priya miss asked note and start to tell the whole incident happen. Uma( classmate of them) comes in between and asks susmi did you talk to manoj, Swetha says no, y r u asking like this. Uma says I heard that you were talking about him. Rachna says Uma if we talked with him confirmly we will inform, Uma says ok guys.

Susmi in home thinks why am I changed, no never and talk to herself. Rashmi comes and says susmi I need ur pen, she says keerthi I can’t give u alone will give
aa . Keerthi says giving or not . susmi says no I Can’t. They two fights. Their mother comes and scolds them for the fighting. Then they two go for eating. Their father comes and says that I have a good news. They three including mother asks Wat. Father says I……..They ask Wat with full excitement. Father says I have got a car. They all get so much happy. Children ask their father really father. He says yes. They hug him. Mother cries seeing that and father and mother see each other. Susmi thinks tomorrow I need to go to school so I should sleep fast and after the enjoyment she says to her sister I will go and sleep. Her sister ask Susmi Wat happen to you the time is not yet 10`0 clock but u……. susmi says everyone gets sleep keerthi shut and go. Keerthi becomes angry and says you go and whatever else I don’t care ok. ..
Susmi goes to sleep. Tomorrow morning Susmi does all the work and readily waiting for school bus. Her mother can’t believe it. The bus driver asks today heavy rain going to come. Rachu and swetha asks susmi we can’t believe that u came on correct time , I can’t believe it. Susmi says just for fun na. They see her weirdly. She asks Wat can I sit aa. They says of course.

They arrives in school. Susmi searches Manoj. But didn’t see and gets sad. Rachna asks what happened. Susmi says nothing. They goes to class. There they didn’t find anyone they ask the teacher. She says your class has changed ma and you doesn’t have class for two days so till that you will be taken class for k.g students.
Then they goes to k.g block and gets happy because most of the people likes small children so that.
Then they goes to them and talk sometimes teaches them and sometimes play. Rachna asks Susmi do you love anyone, Swetha too joins her and ask , susmi ask guys y r u asking like this, they say just tell us. She says no. Susmi ask y u asked. They says actually kalpana said to us that….and Uma interrupts and says girls Manju mam is calling u three. They says ya we will come. Manju mam says susmi, swetha, Rachu u need to do
me a favour that collect the willing students who needs to go for the tour list bcoz I need it now sir asked, actually I have another work. They say mam it’s our pleasure to help you and goes. Swetha says we can go to different classes to get the list. Susmi says I am 11th, swetha says I am 12th, rachu says I am 10th, susmi says for nineth we can go samely ok girl and after our, swetha interrupts and says peepal tree near have to assemble, susmi says ya they smiles and goes to the classes. Swetha and rachna goes and get the list. Susmi goes to 11th class and there is no teacher there. So anju thinks to call manoj and tell the love secretly, she goes near him and manoj turns and asks what anju, anju tries to say but susmi comes in the class and says students listen actually mam asked the list of the students who are willing to come to the tour to Delhi. Manoj think know voice like have, I need to see and goes. He smiles seeing Susmi and everyone
Gives name but susmi think manoj not coming aa and becomes sad and says to students thanks friend. Manoj calls her Oei. She turns and smiles he comes to her and says I am willing to go to tour so write my name . She says of course. He asks you got scold aa .she says no. He says I said know she won’t scold. She asks ok leave it confirmly you coming to the tour aa. He says yes. She says ok and inside she tells susmi you got a nice chance use it. He says ok bye .she ok. They three give the list of the students to mam and mam thanks them. They goes to children. Anju thinks what’s this whenever I comes to talk with manoj, there are many disturbances, her friends says Susmi gang is doing overly,Swetha also joined her.Anju says don’t think about that tell how I will express my feelings, she thinks.

Here susmi gets attached to a small girl her name is Akshaya. She likes her so much they two become good friends.

While susmi teaches to Akshaya manoj comes and calls Susmi. Susmi is shocked

Hi guys thank you for the support and comment your suggestions. Thanks Swetha,Devga, Hayathi, Liya etc….I am sorry if I not mentioned anyone name.i need ur support tell me ur suggestions and mistakes I will correct it. Thanks for reading my story

Credit to: susmitha shri

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  1. Haaaa susmi dr….. nice one yaar…. u r tamilian…. i like the words lije… ma oye… so nice

    1. susmitha shri

      Thanks Hayathi

  2. Nice epi..keep it up..Susmitha..
    R u from Tamil Nadu ?…
    Waiting for next part..update soon..take care ? buddy..

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  3. romba nalla epi susmitha 🙂

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  4. Epi is very nice. Plz update daily.

    1. Cn any1 tell u wht is ma? I can’t understand

      1. it is just used to call girls in tamil..i think u r a north indian..thts y u got confused

    2. Susmithaa Shri

      Actually sometimes boys call girls caringly with the words like ma,it denotes that he respects the girl equal to mother

  5. Gud going dr:-)

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  6. This story is completely new and very nice ?

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  7. Episode was so nice susmi dr

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