Mera Pyaar (My Love) Chapter 2


The episode starts with the Sheila mam class is going on. The students are in a sleep mode. Actually Susmi,Swetha,Rachna are always last bench students . Rachna says hey guys just one month more to go to tour to Delhi. I am eagerly awaiting for that. Swetha says Rachna don’t dream more then it doesn’t come true means you will get heart broken. Susmi says Rachu I think someone has experience about this and smiles while saying this. Swetha says not like that ya, just a feeling. Rachna says Ohhhhhhh……….feeling aa….Swetha says shut up guys let’s listen the class . Susmi says yes d Swetha is right if we not listen Swetha will be angry, Rachu says yes d come we can listen. Swetha sees angrily. They two laugh.

While these scenes are happening sheila mam see everything and shouts Susmi, Rachna, Swetha . They get up and mam says Am I teaching for the wall I am teaching to you but u were talking, just get out from my class . They three says Mam……….
Mam asks what go outside. They say Mam sorry mam hereafter we won’t do this, forgive us mam . Mam didn’t listen to them and dm starts to teach. They stand. After class finishes they ask excuse from mam, Mam says ok girls this is the last warning to you don’t do like this. The next class no teacher has come so the students started to make noise. The principal sir comes there and says 9th girls what are you doing, is this school or fish market. I need discipline if it is not there then I don’t know what will happen. Today u should not eat lunch and you don’t have classes for one week, got it and leaves angrily. Susmi says I think today is our punishment day and our unluckiest day. Swetha and Rachna says yes yaar.

Now the time is 2:30 . The girls get hungry. Sneha(friend of Swetha) says to Swetha,`hey I am getting hungry, Can we ask permission to Sir . Rachna says ya it’s a good idea, Come let’s go. Swetha says yes, Susmi get up we can go. Susmi says I can’t, I don’t like his face I can’t, you go guys. Swetha says come or we don’t with you, Susmi says emotional blackmail aa. Rachna says yes dear come. Susmi says ok I will come . They goes

They search the Sir at last they go to 11th class. Here is our hero. Susmi says hey come can ask permission I feel hungry, they see the sir in the 11th class and stands outside. Rachna says Sneha you go, Sneha says Swetha you go. They change like this and they afraid to go. Susmi says I will go and goes inside bravely. While principal sir asking question to Manoj she asks excuse me sir . Every one see her. Sir ask what girls do you need, Swetha starts to tell at the same Susmi see Manoj, he was standing, Manoj too sees her and he asks the answer to his friends. But Susmi didn’t break the seeing , She was continusly seeing him. This was noted by Rachna. After asking permission sir says ok girls and the usual words given by teacher when they give permission. While they going out of the class Susmi turns and see Manoj and he too sees her,She turns suddenly. The girls returned to the class and Sneha says guys we have got permission so we can eat and we will have classes after 2 days. The girls become happy. Susmi goes in a deep thinking about manoj. Rachna asks her susmi Wat r u doing, susmi says nothing. On the other side a beautiful girl than Susmi and the girl was so fit, she has a hidden love for Manoj, but she didn’t say to him . Her friends says to her go Anju(her name is anjana), she says I can’t. Her friend says at least give love letter. Anju says ya u r right, I will give it today.

Now the school was left so all students goes to their house and sports students will plays. Actually Manoj is a Basketball player. Anju prepares herself and goes towards Manoj……………..

Rachna asks Susmi do you love anyone. Swetha looks on Susmi and says ya rachna I too think like that and asks the same question. Susmi says…………

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Credit to: susmitha shri

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  1. Oh susmi dear.. u know meine aap ka story ko padtha hu na mere ko mera school days yaad aa rahi hein dear… i miss those days…. thank u so much dear

    1. susmitha shri

      Hayathi actually I don’t know hindi but I understood last line. Thank you for the coment

      1. Oh sorry dr…. what i am saying is…. when ever i am going to read ur story
        ….. i am going to rememberr my school days…. sorry yar.. next time i will write in eng only

      2. Oh i am so sorry susmi dr…. what i am saying is when ever i am going to read ur story… i am going to remember my school days…. very nice yaar… sorry next time i wiilll comment in eng only

    2. Susmithaa Shri

      No problem hayathi thanks for reading my story ??

  2. Heyyy…Susmita…. Loved it dear…. As I have said in all pages so … Here as well … Actually it’s my last comment till the third week of November… Cause of exams … Do pray for me all guys… FRIEND’S BLESSINGS ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT…,Will Miss you All…

    1. Of course all the best brity do well….. I will pray for u …

    2. susmitha shri

      Thanks britty for comment and I feel so sad bcoz till third week of November u won’t comment.i will pray for you

    3. Best of luck brity

  3. Gud dr:-) keep going. . .

    1. susmitha shri

      Thanks liya

  4. Nice dear continue …. Naan kathu kondiripen un varugaiku …. Hehehe I said abt ur story wait dear

  5. I had a frnd named susmitha in earlier schooling …. So wer r u from susmitha?

    1. susmitha shri

      I am from chennai u

  6. This is ur real story aa susmi

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      No dear

  7. Hey susmi grt yaar …nice story

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      Thanks harani

  8. Nice going dr…r u a student susmitha?

  9. Nice story yaar.luved it

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      Thanks aparna

  10. Hai susmitha I am from nilgiris ….. Dear … R u studying ?

    1. susmitha shri

      S I am studying eleventh std u

  11. Next chapter soon dear ….

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