Mera Pyaar (My Love) Chapter 1


I am sorry guys I have written wrong that the heroine name is Susmi not Saranya. Forgive me guys. Now I am going to say about the love travel between susmi and manoj.

This story starts with a beautiful morning with Sunrise. Rashmi wake up at 6 0′ clock and she is studying. Susmi yet didn’t get from bed and she is dreaming. One voice comes shouting, `Susmi get up from the bed, the time is seven thirty, you need to go to school. If you didn’t wake up then you won’t catch the school bus and your father will leave you to the school, Then in evening u would get scold. So get up . The voice is her Amma(amma means mother in tamil).

She gets up from the bed. Then she prepare for her school. Today also she runs and catches the bus. In bus her friends Swetha and Rachna were sitting. They wishes each other. Then they gossip about their school mates. The school has came, they goes to their classes . Susmi says,`Wat yaar the school is so bore daily we need to see same face and same books, Muruga(he was the god prayed here) get me out from here I need a thrilling life. Rachna says Susmi don’t worry this is our fate and the prayer bell has rang so we need to go down r the sheila mam will sold . Swetha says yes rachna is telling right. Come on girls let’s go down.

Fazil says to his friends in our school any girls r not nice, his friend Manoj says Dei we came here for studying and we can njoy the beauty of girls but can’t love them , then we will get headache.Fazil says to him,`One day u will love someone at the time u will know, Manoj says never. Then they go for prayer. Actually this is the first day of 2016, ever students r excited bcoz school principal sir has going to give a announcent. So the students become very happy. The principal says that our school going to conduct a tour to Delhi after one month so be ready students and he also says this tour is only for 9,10,11,12 th students.

Susmi, Swetha, Rachna gets happy. They said wow it going to be superb , we would confirmly go there.

Susmi and Manoj see each other and A girl comes with a letter towards Manoj.

Credit to: susmitha shri

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  1. Hey susmitha,
    Very Gud story nd can I ask u in which class susmi read

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      Susmi is 9th and Manoj is 11th and thanks for the comment

  2. Good episode susmi

  3. Hey susmitha i think u knw Tamil …. So I will give the review in it ….. Hey stylish tamizachi un kathai thiraikathai elam dhool ….
    Neeyum skul dhana ??
    Nalla iruku oru Amma muruga ela voda story padika … Nandri …

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      Thanks devga

  4. Me too a tamilian guys….susmi semma story ma….nice storyline….keep rocking

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      Thanks harani

  5. Heyyy…. Susmita…. Dear… Nice one… Like it… But would you please tell me actually when did you post it??? I mean the time….

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      I posted it on 11 15

    2. Susmithaa Shri

      Thanks harani

  6. Hi susmi atory was nice… but school love… ?????

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      Hayathi actually most of the students get love in their school nd my story is that love which comes in school nd it develop into their college,office etc..,

  7. Nice goiņg…is this ur own story ;)…ur and heroin’s name is same..thts y i asked..srry if u felt bad

    1. Susmithaa Shri

      My dream story

  8. Hey sushmithaa !! Nice yaar !!

    So school love !! Wat normally happens in these days !!
    Jus lyk my cousin sis she is in 9th !! She lyks sm1 in her class !! So dis story reminds me of her !!

    Nywas love it !! Pls cntinu !!

    Hey so ur a tamilian ???

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