Mera pehla pyaar (Part 9)

Hey guys moni is back. Sorry for the long late guys but believe me i was not well. I can’t explain but please try to understand my situation seriously i missed u all.

Anyways i will make it up everthing fine again. So shall we start now.


A beautiful night of swalak.


Next day it was a pleasant morning.

Swara’s p.o.v

I was awoken by a buzzing sound. No i don’t want to get up. I was having a lovely dream that i was with laksh and he had his arms wrapped around me , hugging me close to him…. wiping away all my worries.

Buzzzz buzzz….

What was that? I opened my eyes slightly & after slowly getting adjusted to the early morning sun i went in search for that annoying buzzing sound… Shit! ! Its my phone. I quickly came down from bed & picked it.

“Hello ” i answered the call. I know who is it.

“Where are u shona? ” my mom asked worriedly. What was she talking about? I am in my room. Then i fully opened my eyes & realised where i actually was.

“Swara? Where are you? “. My mom repeated.

“Mom i am at gayu house because of late night party”. Would she belive my lie?

“Oh ok but next time please inform me so that i won’t get heart attack when i found u are not at home.”

I love my mom. She was so kind & caring and always thinks about me first.

“Ok mom i am sorry i will be in home in 5 mins. Will u be there? ”

With the hours my mom working we hardly see each other. So when she had mornings or night off’s in her jobs we would spend each & every second with each other & i love it.

“Yes shona. I have off so hurry up. “By the word i am seeing my mom my heart lifted & i had completely forgotten about where i was! ! Wait where is laksh’s house exactly. Oh crap!!

I stood frozen trying to think of a plan. Could i get out of the house withoutbeing noticed?

I went to what i thought was the bedroom door but instead i found a beautiful wardrobe. On my next attempt i found a bathroom which is some what bigger than my room. Before i shut the door i saw a note on pile of clothes. I took it & read it…

“Swara u slept in your clothes , so i thought u need to change of clothes after hot shower. Breakfast is in downstairs once u are done”


His words made me to start to fall even more for him. He cared awwwww..

Wait! Stop this swara!! He probably got one of his maids to do this for him… dnt fall for it. So ignored it & went in search for exit. Then i slowly opened final door & looked both ways down the hall thankfully no one is there. I quickly shut the door & made my way to the stairs & down into the main hall. The front door was in my sight.

As i walked closer & closer i was more scared & my hands started sweating, my mouth went dry but y… its not like i was broken into the house or like i was robbing the place i was invited. But i was still quite.

I passed the kitchen & since door is little open i risked to see in & i saw laksh having coffee & other workers making breakfast. I stood staring at him…gazing at his muscular physique…was it really possible for a man to be this s*xy whislt wearing casual jeans and a grey top…just like a model.

“Hey swara” laksh called me forwarding his hand. He dragged me from my thoughts & i quickly turned away to run i have to leave.

“Swara” he shouted while i am running but i never seen back. When i came near gate but before than me laksh came front of me & stopped. I was tired of running & same laksh too.

Laksh’s P.O.V

When i caught up her she was so tired. Wow she is a fast runner. Why was she running away from me? And she is still in her own clothes , did she not read the note? Or she just not want to be with me at all? Oh my god i needed her.

“Where are u going?” I finally said. I am thinking to happily pull her over my shoulder, take her back into my house & lock her in my room forever & no one could take her away from me.

“Home” it was a blunt answer & she is not making eye contact with me. What i have done wrong.

She never answered & instead pushed me & going. ‘Dnt let her leave’. My subconscious is screamed at me. I never want to be away from her.

I grabbed her hand forcing her to face to me.. anger now showing more on her beautiful face but i still found her so irresistible ! How could she do this to me?

“What!” She shouted.

I was shocked by her outburst. I wanted to tell her not to leave me but by seeing her angry i asked,

“Atleast let me take u home”

She looked at me for a while thinking. Why? Doesn’t she wants me to know where she lives or something?

Swara’s p.o.v

“Atleast let me take u home” he asked me… what? No! I can’t let the richest & most powerful guy in my college see where i live, see my poor house.

I pulled my arm from his strong gasp.. he didn’t want to let me go. I only wish he wanted me to stay because he loved me…

“No i will make my own way home” i turned & made my way. I just wanted to get home & spend time with my mom & forget this weekend altogether.



Sorry for late guys omce again please comment. Love u all.

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