Mera pehla pyaar (Part 8)


Hello friends how are u all missed my ff right. See i am back with a superb episode for which u guys are waiting eagerly. And one more thing guys this story is going in US so all situations will be seen according to foreign in some
scenes so please tolerate it. We will start now.


Truth or dare game & some daring decisions.


Swara was feeling uncomfortable to stay alone with laksh. She pleaded her friends gayu & jay to help her but they just flashed smile & says “you will be fine go to him”. I hate her & love her so much. Ughhh y do friends do this.

Knowing that there is no way i turned to face laksh. He was standing near the stairs & with handsome smile almost making me weak. What he was thinking to do?

He showed me the direction to stairs signalling that he wanted me to follow him upstairs. But no way i am not going to follow him. Upto now i just can’t believe that i kissed him. So i refused & quickly ran to the front door to escape.

Before i could even touch the door knob he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist & easily pulled me over his shoulders. I screamed to leave & after some time he left me on floor & we are in his bedroom.

To my confusion he smiled again & i rush towards the door but once again he stopped me by grabbing my wrist. He pulled me so strong that for one movement he turned me around & close to his hard chest.

He gently placed his hand on my lower back pulling closer to him & he placed his finger under my chin & slowly lifted my head to met his lustful eyes then he pushed his pink lips into mine & now we are kissing roughly & passionately. I loved it.

I lifted my hands & brushed them into his soft hair. He tasted so sweet & i never wanted him to leave me. Our kiss is going more rougher & rougher even if we are things that comes between us we are not going apart.

No. This is too soon. And i don’t want a video of us around whole college. And i don’t want to be another one of his sl*ts that he just sleeps with & then throws away.

A tear fall from my cheek. I want laksh to love me but i know he doesn’t want me as much i want him. I was just another s*x doll for him. Wow !! When did i start to feel so much for laksh.

I put my hand on his hard chest & regrettably pushed him away from the kiss i have ever had & it was with a player who didn’t want me. I swung my head down in shame for doing this.

Laksh’s P.O.V

I was so happy when swara chose to spend the night with me instead of every other guy. And now we were passionately kissing. She taste so sweet & warm. I needed more of her.

But instead of wanting more she stopped & moved her hands down to my chest & pushed me away. What!!! No. I needed her… i wanted her only her.

Being pushed away i could see the tears in her eyes & it showed me that it was my fault that i did this to her.

Swara’s p.o.v

“No” i whispered barely audible , “stop i don’t want this” & i wiped my tears. He lifted my chin up but i still didn’t give him eye contact.

He slowly let me down to sit & gently rubbed my tears, even a little touch of him sent sparks through my body. I already missed the warmth & protection his body gave me.

He took a few steps back, he looked so hurt. I wanted to take back what I said. But i couldn’t because it would end badly for me. He cleared his throat.

Laksh: You can take my bed i will take one of the guest rooms in the hall.

Was laksh upset? Did he really want me that much?

He said nothing else & quickly left the room. I was alone. I felt so cold without him so i shuffled to his bed but when i wrapped myself in his bed covers, it smelled like him, his perfume & i was comforted.

Laksh’s P.O.V

Didn’t she want me? Was i wrong? No i wasn’t i could feel it when we shared the kiss, in the looks she gave me, from the way her body reacts…. she wanted me but she didn’t admit it.

I turned away from her . If i looked at her i couldn’t be able to control myself. Upset there was a lump in my throat. I don’t want to show her i was weak. I gave her my bed & i rushed to guest room. I slumped on bed already missing her touch… the sparks i got from touching her.


A very good morning.

So guys how is it ? Am i crossing limits? If so please inform me. And comment please. Thank you all love u.

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    Superb epi

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