Mera pehla pyaar (Part 7)

Hey guys moni is here again with my 2nd ff. Thank u for all your comments. I am glad that u people are interested in my ff. So i promise i will complete this ff for sure. So shall we start now.


We came to know about swara & swalak cute eye locks.


So all they have decided to sit on the floor in form of a circle & play truth or dare. Swara is wishing that her turn should not come with laksh.

Swara P.O.V

It was my turn. Gayu asked me “truth or dare?”

I thought for sometime because if i said true i have to tell all my secrets regarding my family so its better to take dare.

“Dare” i said with little more confident because i was drunk little. Laksh shot me an evil look lifted his eyebrow & gave me a hot, splitting smile across his face… oh no! What he was going to ask me to do!!

But before he could talk gayu had cut in before him,

Gayu: i dare you to kiss laksh on the lips for a full minute!! I pulled my angry gaze from laksh to gayu. Oh i hate her, but a part of me was… happy i would get to kiss laksh.

I stood up & walked to laksh, i sat on his lap & wrapped my hands around his neck & placed my lips on his. His lips were soft & tasted sweet i wanted more. His warmth is filling me & i couldn’t get enough of him.

I closed the little space there was between us by lifting my hand up to head & fisting some of his soft hair in my hands & he did the same to mine to make the kiss rougher. As we got closer & closer, i could feel laksh getting harder & harder & it made me happy to see that i had made some effect on him like he had on me…. and i was going to make him suffer.

To tease him i suddenly backed off from kissing & went to my place. I have seen few shocked looks from girls & open mouths from guys making my smile spread wide!! Haha revenge is sweet.

It was now laksh’s turn… and i had thought of a great idea.

Laksh: “Dare”. Oh laksh u are going to regret this!!

Swara: I dare u to kiss…. i looked around the circle & laughed “all the guys in this circle on the lips”

Laksh looked around the circle & stood up, giving them an apologetic look before giving them a wet peck on each members lips. It had all the girls on the floor laughing! ! He had finished & now he was serious… oh crap he was going to get me back.

“D…dare” i said now with no confident anymore. Laksh’s face lite up in excitement.

Laksh: I dare you to stay here tonight with me & i can do whatever I want. What!! He looked so please but there was no way i could let him do anything he wanted to do.

Swara: No there was no way. I shouted back trying to sound horrified.

Laksh: If u don’t then the penalty is… is to spend a night with every guy here.

I just looked at laksh frozen. I think he was joking but no he was serious by his face. Even though he said these but he was hurt by saying his own words. His eyebrows fell & i felt as though he was begging me to pick the 1st option which i was ready to take. It was better to spend one night with laksh than spending many nights with football team.

Swara: Fine i will go with the first option.

All guys sighed in disappointment at their missed opportunity to spend a night with me which upset a few of the girls.

Laksh was looking cool but inside he was so happy in full excitement.

A night with laksh its scaring.

Thats it guys see u all in next episode & please comment. Love u all.


  1. Astra


    |Registered Member

    They r indians or foreigners? I’m surprised, why swara has to do to whatever laksh says it’s just a game.. kissing and staying is too much.
    But, it’s very interesting…. I’m eager to see what laksh going to do..! Plz, nxt part soon… I’m sry if I’m rude….

    • Mounika

      Of course they are foreigners astra i already mentioned that swara is from india & laksh & remaining members are from us. Thanks for comment 😁😁😁

  2. Mariya


    |Registered Member

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ amazing superb game & thank god its just story & I think so it can’t happen in real ….right…. But really amazing , interesting & suspense chapter. While reading the chapter I was laughing like mad on the game hahaha. Eagerly waiting for next part plzz post asap.

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