Mera pehla pyaar (Part 6)


Hey guys moni is here again in my 2nd ff. How are u all? Really sorry yar i am not able to give comments to u all but i know u all will understand my situation and in previous comments one reader said to continue this ff for his sake. Atleast one person is liking my ff & for him i will continue this ff for sure.

So shall we go on.


Laksh have seen new angry swara who is also


Swara’s p.o.v

As promised gayu arrived at my house sharp at
5.30. I am living in the poorer part of the city & in our street there are few people who are staying without any house. Infact i am better right!!

I am staying in a house which need a lot of improvements if only we could afford for it. A small cute family is mine with poor furniture. Due to temperature we will always feel cold & due to heavy prices we cannot afford to fire & i am being used to cold.

I live with my mom who is doing two jobs to provide me atleast these facilities. We very less will face each other & she sacrifices many things for my happiness & i am so great full to her.

Only gayu & jay knew where i am living. But i hide many things from them because i don’t want them to know that i am sleeping on layers of clothes to get warm & i know even servants in their are living better than me.

“Swara…” gayu screamed as i opened the door. I had decided to wear skinny black jeans & white smart top. Gayu stepped just near the door covering the fact that she is feeling cold but she never mention it because she know my condition.

She liked my dress & then we started in her black beatle car. It was a good car but not as rich as laksh’s cars. During ride gayu turned on radio & we enjoyed our ride by singing songs.

Gayu: Here we are. She shouted excitedly. She loves parties. It was a big house which has a long drive way & long amount of land surrounding the house. Actually a football field in front yard.

Already many guests arrived there. As we get closer to the house i have realised it was not just a house but a mansion very big mansion. I was amazed & opened my mouth seeing such a big mansion for the first time. Then i heard a laughter coming from the front door & i saw laksh laughing at me. I quickly shot him evil looks to stop my embarrassment.

As we walked in , inside was more beautiful than out. There were chandeliers hung from high ceiling lighting up the huge hall where we are. At front us a big stair case leading to many floors above. To our right there is kitchen which was the actual size of my house. We went through a big room which was actually called a living room, with long couches facing 80 inches tv that i thought unnecessary but still i am jealous.

Every one are in the hall. All are from football team along with their girl friends. I gave them a disgusted look & then i found ayaan & jay & i smiled at them.

As there was no place to sit i decided to sit on someone’s lap. Laksh coughed behind me by giving hint to sit on his lap but i avoided him & sat on jay’s lap close to his chest. Dnt take me wrong we are purely friends.

Jay suddenly became stiff & removed his hands around my waist. I looked at him confused, why was he feeling so uncomfortable all of a sudden? But jay didn’t look at me back, all his focus was on laksh. Laksh was sending death glares to jay fire was filling from laksh’s eyes. Is he jealous?

Thats it guys. Hope u will like it. Please comment. Take care love u all.

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  1. Awesome . continue soon. & give some masti fun with games. & plzzzzz don’t think about comments yaar , u r going superb.

  2. Sana27

    Superb episode..but short update…plz update next episode soon..:(

  3. Astra

    Yar, you have explained the scenes very awesome… but, I didn’t like swara sitting in someone’s lap..hehe, she is heroin right..! and update soon and regular…

  4. Sparkle

    A new reader of your story. I am a swalak fan and your story made my day. It was really good.

  5. Nice continue

  6. I like your story very much but I can’t comment everyday because now my exam is going on so.

  7. it was soo good and i loved it plzz continue .dont stop in middle plzzzzz

  8. Inu

    Superb epi

  9. Sanswa

    Amazing dea

  10. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Aww ….super dear.. Sry for the late comment. .. Continue

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