Mera pehla pyaar (Part 5)


Hey guys i am back again with my 2nd ff. How r u all? I hope my ff is not getting bored for u guys. Because for my first ff i am getting nice response but not in 2nd y i don’t know. Anyways i will continue this for atleast some of them who are giving comments in my ff.

So shall we start now.


Laksh & swara meet at class & dining hall.


Swara, laksh, gayu & jay along with his football friends sitting in dining hall. Gayu have decided to arrange a party in her house & all agreed.

Swara was eating lunch but she is noticing two eyes observing her & she knows that is laksh but to her surprise it was not laksh but the girl who is sitting on his lap. She is full of jealous.

Swara thinks ” relax yar he is ur’s! ” but even i said it i am hurt i can’t believe that i am jealous. But what’s there to be jealous? He is a flirt & she is a sl*t made for each other.

To distract herself she started eating her food.

“Hungry b*t*h” that sl*t whispered thinking i didn’t listened to her.

Swara: Excuse me i hope u didn’t said that to me right.

First she was afraid but she started feel confident because she is in arms of laksh. But it seems like he is not even trying to protect her.

“And what if it was for u poor bit….” before she could complete swara stood up so fastly throwed her chair away & gave a tight slap to her & she fell down from laksh’s lap on to the floor. She was quite proud of doing it.

All cafeteria became silent & all are seeing me.

“I don’t want to do it but the word poor i hate it because it was my weak point. I agree that i am poor but we are getting through it anyhow.”

She stood up by cupping her face oh my god finger prints on her cheeks. She got ful angry but she know she cannot fight with her because of the history that swara had in football.

She went towards laksh holding his arm ” look baby what that botch did to me” laksh pulled his arm away from her.

Laksh: Don’t involve me this is your fight.

This made the smile grew wider on my face because no one is taking her side not even the one laksh whom i thought my enemy.

Now she realised no one is helping her & then she goes to table & threw all food of swara’s on the floor breaking plates.

Swara said nothing but looking at the floor. No one moved or said anything obviously sensing the anger of swara.

“Oh no…” jay whispered in horror.

Ayaan: Y are you so scared? He was confused that y swara got so angry because of food wasted on floor.

Because swara is poor & she belives that we should not waste single piece of food. We don’t know where & when we will get food but when we got we should not waste it.

Jay: there are two things where we should not mess with swara. One is we should not say other games are than football & second is not to mess with her food.

With the jay’s serious tone all thought he was serious & waiting for her reaction. Swara was so angry that she cannot control it & may do something big damage to her face.

Before she can do anything to her some one holds her tight by her waist & stopped her pulling her away. She thinks ” let me complete my fight yar” but she liked that protectiveness in that arms.

Taking this advantage she ran away from there to save her life. It take few minutes to calm down for me & noise again started in cafeteria but those arms never left my body.

Now after compltely relaxing i turned back to see who are unknown arms & i found laksh. He was close to me that i can the feel the heat from his body & i felt happy to be in his arms.

His cheecks turned red showing his embarrassment but he still close to me pulling me more closer. I love the warmth in his body & i wish never let him leave me. We were in our thoughts until the bell rang.

We pulled away from each other & set free ourselves.

Laksh: How about we have the party at my place. My parents are out of town & i have full of alcohol.

Gayu: Sure i don’t mind.

I ran towards gayu & holds her & asked ” what are u thinking to play? I am not coming.

Gayu: Y what happened?

Swara: Because its laksh’s place.

Gayu: Relax i will pick up u at 5.30 be ready wear something cute bye.

She leaves & i was amazed didn’t she listened what i said. Ughhhh what can i do.

Laksh’s P.O.V

Wow where did she got all that anger & power came in such a cute girl. I was impressed but when i hold her close to me i could feel her muscles on me.. did she like sports! She just keeps surprising me & getting hotter & hotter.

How was i going through the rest of the day thinking of her body, her close so close to me… and she was coming to my place today.

He smiled happily thinking of her.


Its all fun & games.

Thats it guys please comment. Love u all.

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