Mera pehla pyaar (Part 4)

Hello everyone whats up. How r u all? I am so happy but has some cold. Thanks for your comments. So shall we start now.

Laksh & his friend ayaan are going to their class.

Swara went to her class. When she stood at the door step all students looked at her questionably. “Shit”. She slowly walked towards her teacher.

Teacher: First day u are late miss…. he checked some papers on his desk & found her name. Miss swara i am your maths teacher Mr John.

He is looking out dated fashionable & she already started hating him. He looked at class.

John: Class she is miss swara please welcome her & make her feel comfortable. They all said hi in response.

Mr. John showed me the desk where i have to sit & i followed to see who is next & its none other than same laksh. He is seen having smirk on his hot face. He was so s*xy but i was angry on him because of our fight in corridor.

” as i walked to the chair i sawed some guys lust in their looks & hatred in girls. May be i did wrong wearing this tank top because it is too sticky to my skin & visible to others. But its ok i am better when compared to other girls in class just looking like sl*ts with tihhts tops & mini skirts.

I sat on my desk its boring class. But my concentration is not on him but on the one who is sitting beside me. I can feel the heat that is from his eyes. I can’t handle & i looked at him with full of anger on my face.

When i saw him he had a mischievous smile on his face like he was planning something…. maybe about the revenge he had said before. But i will not give up do easily & raised my eye brow & smugly smiled at him back.

His smile grew more as he liked my bravery & challenge.

Maths class took so long & after bell rsngs i felt happy & thinks to leave. I have seen he is trying to talk to me but i am not interested & also one firty girl came near him to flirt. Thank god i can escape.

She was so so hot exposing her lady parts & can show thst she is such a sl*t woman seriously. I laughed at her. Does he flirts with every girl like this. I was little sad, was i jealous? No way he is not good he is a flirt prick.

During lunch me & gayu are together in cafeteria. I was feeding in my mouth thinking lies…. every one is lieing about cafeteria food is bad. But its delicious.

I have finished mine & started to look at gayu’s plate she grinned at me & gave her plate to me. Jay have seen us & started laughing at me. He came to table with his football friends along with him…. i ignored him & hugged jay as he sat beside me. They all sat around the table with their girl friends on their laps. Ewwww….

Jay introduced them all to me. But i am not so interested except on two ayaan & david because they are closest friends of laksh who always turn around him.

Ayaan has glowing green eyes & cute dimples. He was only cutest guy who looks decent among all. David has black eyes with a fitted personality. He is opposite to ayaan who is a too much flirt who never had a serious relationship.

Laksh sat next to me & girl sat on his lap. God i got irritated just go away from near me.

Laksh’s P.O.V

I couldn’t just get rid of this girl swara. I want to distract her thinking so i thought to use this girl named sophie. I tried to talk to swara but seeing this sophie around me she ignored me & went off.

I brought her near table because i felt jealous in swara eyes of us together. I will use sophie to get to vlose to swara. Wait…. does she likes me?

I made up with jay to get a chsnce to sit with her. I want to get close to her to know about her more.

I saw when she hugged jay i got so angry. Were they both are on date? She is looking more beautiful while eating. Hrr name is beautiful like her. Swara….. my swara.

Swara’s p.o.v

I was talking to gayu about the party she is thinking to give us all. All guys agreed as usual laksh also agreed. No way i will be out if he is in. I heard that when he plays truth or dare game he was so ruthless that he will reveal everyone’s secrets.

I saw at gayu with a pleading look to not call them but she winked at me & said ” sure guys party will be at 6 but its a small party with few games & little alcohol okay” i nodded in no but she just smiled at me.


Laksh will see new swara.

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