Mera pehla pyaar (Part 3)


Hey guys. Moni is again here with my 3rd episode of 2nd ff. Love u all for your comments. So lets start now.


1st clash of swalak.

3rd episode

Swara likes him but a little bit of angry on laksh.

“He is thinking that i will fall for him but it is not that because its me swara bose. He doesn’t know me well”.

She turns back & shouted ” i will also see what u will do ”

He cutely smiles that says “challenge accepted”. I was actually scared. What could he do? Anyways i have to concentrate on my studies.

Laksh’s P.O.V

In corridor i was talking to my friend ayaan then a small but s*xy girl bumped into me. I was angry at first but after i saw her deep blue eyes checking me out i had…. i had fallen for her. When her eyes met mine i felt as like she is looking deep into my soul & i was just feeling relaxed around her. I have never felt this before. Is this called love at first sight?

When she had realised that i noticed her checking me out her cheeks turned red on her perfect face & her lips…. i just wanted to taste those lips. I have decided i was going to make her mine, and always i get what I want.

She said “watch while going” oh my god she is a fire brand & i like it.

I said “i was standing still u came onto me ” in some defensive mode. I couldn’t stop my smile seeing her. I know it was some rude but i want test how much dare she can or to see if she is like all other girls who falls for him by his looks or for his money.

“She said “whatever i have to go to class” . It disappointed me that she is giving up so easily. I guess she is just like others its disappointing me because she’s hot.

But wait ….. what is that accent? Is she from india. I love that accent. She tried to escape but i loved playing with her & i wanted to hear her talk more. So i hold her by her waist … this sent electric shocks through my body just from touching her… this is not me…

I said ” wait a sec little leopard r u from india ” & i smiled at her lovely by which many girls came to my feet but she fought to me back.

“Did u just call me leopard? ” she waved back & showed her finger on my face & even her fingers are attractive.

“You have gotten s*xier by this accent ” the words escaped from my mouth. I thought she will get angry on me but she calmed & escaped again. I tried to stop her but nicely ran away. I was frozed. That was a nice escape than most of the guys in my football team. I was impressed.

“Bye leopard ” i shouted at her to stop her. She stopped at some far & turned back . I didn’t expect what she is saying.

“Bye prick” she shouted back. I was right she is a fighter. She turned away.

“You will regret saying that leopard ” i said. I scolded myself stop talking. I doesn’t listened it because i wanted her back …. close to me.

She got anger & said “she will see” with full of confidence. Oh god, i like her. I stood there for a moment thinking only of her… until ayaan tapped me on the shoulder.

“Are u okay laksh? What was all that ? He asked me.

Laksh: I don’t know. Do you know who is she?

I don’t even know her name. How could I have forgot to ask her name.

Ayaan : oh she must be the new girl.

I thought “no wonder she didn’t behave like other girls that means she doesn’t know who i am…. or who my family is…. but still she should know about maheshwari’s as we have companies worth millions all around the world. I am going to enjoy spending more time with her.

“Its going to be fun” i laughed going to maths class thinking of her.

Thats it…. thats it…. thats it guys. Hope u like it. Please comment. Love u all.

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