Mera pehla pyaar (Part 16)

Hey guys moni is back. Thanks for the comments. Shall we start now.

Swara’s p.o.v continues.

We all walked out onto laksh’s huge front yard & upto his football field. Laksh & his chosen 3 players who i had forgotten their names as soon as they had told me walked to the left & my team walked to the right.

On the way i looked at laksh & he was staring at me, giving me a cheeky smile… confident that he was going to win, but there was no way i could let him.

To show i wasn’t shaken by his smile , i blew him a kiss & winked at him. His face brightened up as a smile spread across his face…wow!i love that man yar.

“Ok guys lets huddle!” i shouted to my team & turned to join them, leaning down to join the huddle. “ita 4 on 4 so we are having 2 in attack & 2 in defense. I am takimg the attack”. I got a few judgemental looks from david & ayaan.

“Shouldn’t one of us take the attack…i mean we are stronger & are against laksh . We will need that”.

“Trust her guys…she could take on laksh” Jay reassured them, we had played many times & i had beat him so easily. Haha.

“David i need yours & ayaan’s strength in defense if they do get past me or jay i need you two to do whatever u can to stop them. You got it.” Being able to control these guys…this power, now i knoe y laksh loved it so much.

“yeah” they all shouted back as we began to walk into position.

“And when we i will let you all have a go riding laksh’s car” i said it just loud enough laksh to hear…and my cutie pie was so angry. The look of horror spread across his face. But after a moment he changed to an evil smile raising an eyebrow.

“Oh and when we win maybe we can pick up from where we left off” as i remembered the night of his party, the night we almost had s*x…my cheeks turned bright red from embarassement & my head shot down to the ground because all the guys turned to me, smiling and nodding their heads. Some even patted laksh on his shoulder appraising him…thats it. I am winning this game & driving his car into the river just to see him cry.

I walked over & stood infront of laksh who was the attacker of his team & quickly tied my long hair into a cute pony tail.

I bent down infront of jay placing the ball infront of me…although there are some rules & regulations different between american football & rugby, american football is quiet similar to rugby so we compromised that we would start the game off in the style of american football but guys will not wear protective gear like rugby.

I looked up at laksh who was crouching in front of me in preparation for the game to start but he is not concentrating on the ball, instead he was red with anger….no it was jealousy. Because i was so close to jay in this way.

Haha. i can use this jealousy as a distraction in my favour to win this. I closed my eyes & bite my lip & moaned … take that laksh.

Laksh’s p.o.v

I wanted her more & if i win i finally get to call her as my girlfriend. When i saw swara was bent down infront of jay. I couldn’t help but get jealousy & angry. I wanted to punch the life out of jay for standing so close to MY SWARA.

I looked at swara & she is having a beautiful smile & then i realised that she got to know my jealousy & her smile grew & she raised an eyebrow.

I was confused at first but when she closed her eyes & bit her lip…i knew what she is thinking.

She moaned a s*xy sound, that travelled down my body. I couldn’t control myself , i couldn’t control the jealousy & i began to sake with rage. I know she is playing with me…but her trick is working. She had this hold on me…and she now knew how to use it.

Thats it guys. Have patience. Please comment. Love u all.

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    patience..?? how can we have patience after this much happened… update soon…. this was awesome part as always…

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  3. Awesome part & nice jealousy ……continue soon

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