Mera pehla pyaar (Part 14)

Hey guys moni is here again with your fav ff. As u all know that i cannot update on weekends so it was the reason for not updating. And finally thanks for your comments. So shall we start now.


Laksh propsed swara & swara decided to test his love.


Swara’s p.o.v

Laksh saying me that he will drop me home. I have started to get shiver. My hands are sweating. What can i do?

In the end laksh forced to let him drive me home, but i did’nt mind because he is going to drive me in his silver BMW hybrid sports car. OMG…one i am going to drive this car.

I directed laksh all the way ubtil we came near a big & beautiful styled cottage… Gayu’s house. I cannot take him to my house…not at any cost. Not until i can fully trust him & let him into my life completely.

Laksh: Wow your house is so beautiful. I don’t know that you are living so close to college.

Swara: Erm…thanks. Bye.

I want to get out of here as soon as i can & wash away the horrible feeling of lying to laksh. But he pulled on my arm forcing me to turn & face him. He kissed me softly on my lips but it was too short.

Laksh: Bye see u tomorrow.

He looked hopeful as he is looking for my reply. He wants to see me tomorrow. Ahhh. I cannot believe that last weekend i had ran from him & now we are planning to fill our days with each other.

Swara: Yes definitely. Bye. I smiled & about to leave but he stopped me once more & pulled me into him…our lips are meeting passionately. Before it got deeper he pulled away making me feel bad.

Laksh: I love you.

Oh my! I love this man. I giggled at his actions.

Swara: I love you too.

I got out of car & went near front door & waved back to laksh. As he went i ran back to the drive way back to my actual house.

Laksh’s p.o.v

I leaned in & kissed her passionately & said “i love you” she smiled a little first but as it grew & reached her cheeks it turned red. Oh my god she is just so beautiful in blushing. In that moment she is everything i had ever hoped for, she was everything i would ever need.

“i love u too” she said. The three most magical words i could hope to hear from her mouth…you hear that guys…SHE IS MINE.

She got out of the car & made her way to her house…it was really a beautiful house for a beautiful woman. But for some reason i never thought swara would be this rich because she doesn’t across as some one who has money. I guess its true, you can never judge a book by its cover.

She waved goodbye as i droved off. I was already missing her, missing her warmth, the comfort she brought me & softness of her skin on mine. But she promised i could see her tomorrow & it was too far away.

Next day

College was going too slow. It must have known that i have another date with LAKSH MAHESHWARI.

Finally the bell rang & everyone rushed out of school for freedom. I am waiting near door the spot we had decided to meet until i saw laksh & his football team are coming near.

Laksh: Hi. He placed a soft kiss on my lips.

Swara: Hi laksh. Hi everyone.

“Hay” they all shouted back. I noticed jay at back.

“Hi jay” I ran towards & hugged him tight. Jay was one of the greatest friends i have & because of laksh i am hardly spending time with him.

Jay: Oh hi stranger. What are you upto?

We both laughed but i felt hurt that i was leaving my best friend out of my life.

*cough* laksh coughed bringing our attention back to the group who were all staring me & jay in silence & then stared back at laksh who just stared jay with a look that he could kill him. Was laksh jealous??…Over jay….

Swara: Well lets go.

I clapped my hands bringing everyone’s attention back & walked over to laksh & forced his gaze away from jay down to mine before placing a reassuring kiss on his lips, telling him that he was the only man for me “i love you”.

From my words i could see him relax, bringing his arms around my waist & coming close to mine …”i love you more”.

Thats it guys. Please comment. Love u all.

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