Mera pehla pyaar (Part 12)

Hey guys moni is here. So thanks to u all for comments. So shall we start now.


Party & swara drunken state.


Swara’s p.o.v

I pushed him away. I couldn’t take this anymore. My heart can’t take anymore beatings. My heart keeps feeling like it being smashed everytime i am around laksh… and its killing me. The way he comforts me when i was upset… wouldn’t you fall for his charm too?

At first he didn’t moved… no matter how hard i pushed against his muscular body, he didn’t moved. I started to feel uncomfortable with laksh’s arms around me as i thought about every other girl had tricked by his these moves. After a while he took few steps back. .. but was close to me.

Swara: Stop y are u doing this to me? I don’t want to be one of your many women .
Wow where did this confidence came from. .. oh the many shots of vodka… well this is going to be fun.

“What?” Laksh asked both angry & confused. He looked at me for a while & says ” is that the reason u were angry on me? Swara no…” he came towards me but i took a step back.

Swara: please don’t. .. i whispered. All my energy had left my body through tears. Before i could say him something his arms gently wrapped around me. I felt comforted and warm, the electric sparks flying through my body… but i have to stick on my ground.

Swara: No! Get of me. No!

I was now waving my arms every where & kicking my legs to try & get laksh away from , but instead his hug got tighter calming me down until i was relaxed.

He lifted me & took me over to his bed. I was expecting to be thrown but instead laksh placed by softly. He followed me down and used his body to stop me from escaping, his hands on either side of me & he had saddled my body… making me feel his lust. Was he going to rape me?

How could he? I began to push him & said ” don’t touch me u pervert”.

Laksh did nothing, but sit there laughing. His deep s*xy laugh warmed me & i stopped my unsuccessful attempt to hurt him. Oh his lips… so pink & full… i just wanted to kiss him & never stop.

He grabbed my wrist & pushed them to bed. I couldn’t move at all. He leaned in closer so that his lips brushed my ear.

“I love u” he whispered… well that stopped me from fighting. I shot my face with shock & confusion painted on my face. I didn’t speak… i couldn’t.

Thats it guys. Thanq all & i am sorry yar its short but i am in urgent. Sorry but sure i will update next part long. Please comment love u all.

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  1. Astra

    Awesome dear…. and ya, i will be disappearing from tu for a week yar… I may miss your ff in those days… so, i will surely comment when i return… ok dear… bye..take care…

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    Awesome dear…waiting for nxt update…Loved it…

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  5. Omg ” l Love U ” I read it so many times with my widen eyes . woww lucky nice.
    Awesome chapter yaar plzz update next part asap plzz.
    & I am eagerly waiting for Swara’s reaction after gaining conscious & laksh’s after knowing about swara’s living.

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    the confession ? oh god

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