Mera pehla pyaar (Part 11)

Hey guys moni is here again with another episode of my beautiful story. Thanq all for your comments. So we shall go now.


Swara & gayu getting ready for party.


Still Swara’s p.o.v

As we came to familiar road i opened window to view more clearly where we were. It is the same way to laksh’s house.

Swara: The party is at laksh’s house!!! I screamed at gayu for her answer.

Gayu: Oh…. didn’t i mention that …. haha.
I stared at her in complete disbelief.

Swara: Yes, you did forgot to mention that MAJOR detail.

I am completely frustrated.

We parked our car in yard. We could hear the music & the sound of teenagers having a good time, gayu began to get more & more excited but i was the complete opposite. She realised i was not going to get out she banged on window.

Gayu: Come on shona!! We need to put our plan in action!

Swara: No i can’t go in there.

Gayu: Do u really think if u went in there with this s*xy outfiton & started flirting with other guys that he would notice other girls!

She was right. And atleast if i fail i would get a few guys to flirt. Not bad.

I unenthusiastically got out of the car & we both made made our way to the party arm in arm.

As we stepped in i quickly searched for laksh. He was standing by the DJ, which had been placed next to the kitchen & surprise surprise, he was surrounded by girls. I wanted to make my presence know so i walked as s*xy as i could, swinging my hips towards the kitchen to get a drink. As i passed laksh, i quickly shot him a glance with no emotion to tell him that I don’t care about the many girls around him, when actually inside its killing me.

But when i looked at him, his eyes were filled with lust as he looked me up & down. Ha! Payback is sweet. His eyes were basically eye raping me and i did the same to him.

Stop swara! I needed to stop myself. I couldn’t think of him more until he can show me he wants me. But what if he doesn’t love me and never will… why heart? Why? That sudden thought sickened me and i had to fight the tears. Alcohol will solve this and i need lots of it.

After downing my fifth vodka shot my vision was becoming a little blurry and my speech was slurred. Good because i was also becoming numb… forgetting laksh… well atleast trying to…

A pair of arms snaked around my waist and for a moment i thought…. no i wished that should be laksh but no they are strange, nor i feel protected and safe in them.

Then i saw it was david… i guess flirting with someone known was better than with a stranger.

David: hay…

David’s vice was deep & seductive.. i guess that’show he gets the ladies. But i forgot to mention he was 6ft1 and had a well-toned physique. I smiled its time to flirt.

Swara: Hay you.

I sounded smoother, guess i am officially drunk.

David: wow someone is being drinking.
He smiled & his smile can melts hearts… but not the same as laksh. But i can’t keep comparing david with laksh, i needed laksh out of my mind.

David: Would you like to dance with me?

I put my hands in David’s thinking this was a good idea or not but before i start thinking i had been dragged into hall & dancing in David’s arms, grinding seductively up his body.

Laksh’s P.O.V

What’s wrong with me! I am having a party & i am surrounded by hot girls who would gladly give themselves to me, and yet i can’t get swara out of my mind. She had been blanking me all day & its killing me. I just want to hold her close in my arms & take away every worry of her.

A few of the girls around me were asking me to dance, but there was no way i could concentrate on what they are saying when swara walked in wearing the s*xy dress.

The dress was short showing how s*xy she is but it was still modest. It also hugged her body perfectly , showing off her every curve. All guys attention had turned to her just like eye raping her. I didn’t like the other guys seeing her like that. I just wanted her to only wear this dress when she is with me.

She looked lost until our eyes met and i had to swallow the lump in my throat from the lust i was feeling. I needed her.

She slowly made her way in my direction, s*xily swaying her hips, teasing me. Our eyes met once before she made her wsy into kitchen. I wanted to grab her & take her into my room & claim her as mine once & for all… so no other guy could touch her because they would all know she was mine. But some girls forced me to dance then i did one dance & went for search.

After dance, i was about to go to kitchen but swara & david emerged hand in hand & walking onto the dance floor. Swara was stumbling & leaning on david for support, she was completely drunk.

I had never been so angry. My hands curled into fists and contain some of the anger… how could david do this… to MY girl!!! I wanted to go & beat him for even to talking to her, let alone touch her.

When a song started to play, their bodies moved together grinding seductively on each other… i couldn’t take it anymore. She can only do that with me.

I don’t even remember how I got over to them but next thing i know david was on the floor under me & i kept punching his face over & over again until some blood was pouring from every where. He looked like shit! David was my best friend and I wanted to stop… but i couldn’t. So i kept beating him.

“Stop! What are u doing?” Was that swara shouting? Her soft and gentle voice was telling me to stop… and i did, only she could control me like this.

I got up & turned to find swara standing beside us, horror spread across her face. I never wanted her to look at me like that ever again. It made me so sad & angry at myself . I couldn’t takeit anymore so i swiftly picked up her on my shoulder … she didn’t resist as much as she did last time thanks to many drinks she had.

When we entered my room, i gently placed her down & leaned her to door. I closed the space between us wrapping my arm around her waist & using the other to lift her chin so our eyes could meet.

As i lifted her head slowly i could see swara closely… she was so s*xy. She was the hottest girl i had ever seen. When her eyes met mine, i couldn’t resist any more… i leaned in & placed a soft kiss on her lips.

I wanted to go deeper to taste her because it was driving me crazy not being together, not being touched by her all day. When i tried to go deeper i stopped by something wet on my face. I backed away slowly & i found swara was crying.

My body reacted on its own now thinking that first i have to out swara, to make my swara better. I hugged moving my arms to top on her soft hair to try & calm her and pushed her even closer into my chest.

After a while she seemed to calm down as her crying turned into a little whimper . I felt she lifted her arms & placed on my chest, at first i was excited because I thought finally she loved me back, but instead she used it to push us apart.

I didn’t want to move and i didn’t for a while , but when swara was starting to get uncomfortable around me, it hurt me more to be close with her. I took three steps back… i was away from her but not too far.

Thats it guys. Hope u eill enjoy it. Take care all please comment. Love u all.

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